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I have been a long time contributor to TMI Tuesday as Gemma Jones, posting my contributions on my other blog. Recently I have felt that the questions have not really fitted with my idea of what that blog is about. They do, however, sit nicely with what I would like this page to become. And so, here is the first post TMI post from Corrupting Mrs Jones.


For each of the categories listed below, imagine that a new business or event of that type opened in your area. Tell us whether you would check it out or attend; and, whether you would go alone, with friends of your gender, or with a significant other/lover. Expound on your answer as much as you’d like.

1. Sports Bar: never, alone, with friends, with your SO?
I am a little unsure just what exactly a Sports Bar is. I feel that the Australian definition of Sports Bar is a little different from the US one. In Aus Sports Bars are the section of a hotel that does play sports on a television in the corner but the focus of the action is often the pool tables and or the topless waitresses that are known to work there on Friday afternoons. Generally these places attract yobbo type guys and aren’t the best places for women to hang out alone. The only time that I can imagine myself going to one of those places would be to meet a potential playmate as a prelude to more adult entertainment.

2. Brew pub or beer hall: never, alone, with friends, with your SO?
Again I am not really sure of exactly what Hedone and Virtual Sin are meaning by this kind of thing so I am going to pass on this one. I will comment, pubs and beer really aren’t my kind of thing and therefore I am unlikely to want to go to something like this either with myself or anyone else,

3. Wine Festival: never, alone, with friends, with your SO?
This is more like it! I can see myself heading along to something like this with friends and or my significant other or even both of them together. Nothing like a glass of good wine to lubricate your conversation. Although I would be very careful to avoid the wine snobs. Even after a few glasses of wine that kind of person still annoys me the difference being that after a few glasses I am more likely to say something that will leave them in no doubt about what is on my mind.

4. Tanning Salon: never, alone, with friends, with your SO?
I am starting to think I don’t have a lot in common with our esteemed authors. Again this is not a place I would consider visiting. I live in sunny Australia. I don’t have a need to tan in a studio. Besides like all good Australians I have been well educated about the long term dangers of tanning in relation to skin cancer.

5. Sex/kink event (e.g. Dark Odyssey, Sexapalooza, Leather conferences, fetish ball, kinky salon): never, alone, with friends, with your SO?
This is definitely the kind of place that I would take Mr Jones to!!! If I had a play friend who was into the same things as me then I might take them along as well. Either that or make some new ones at the event.

6. Strip club: never, alone, with friends, with your SO?
I have never visited a strip club, alone or with others. It is however a place I am infinitely curious about. I have never worked up the nerve to visit one but I think I may make a resolution to pay a visit to one at my upcoming birthday celebrations. Besides they say that strippers are more likely to hook up with women. I think I should do some personal research into that theory


7. Sex toy store: never, alone, with friends, with your SO?
I actually love poking around in sex toy stores either alone or with Mr Jones. I can’t think of a single friend, vanilla or otherwise that I wouldn’t feel a bit weird about taking to a place like this.

8. Upscale Spa: never, alone, with friends, with your SO?
I am not a person who has a lot of girly friends that I hang out with regularly. So I can’t imagine the two besties chatting at a spa scenario for me. I think I would feel the most comfortable about visiting something like this alone.

9. Adult Sex education conference (e.g. Eroticon, CatalystCon): never, alone, with friends, with your SO?
In the interests of not driving another person completely nuts with my enthusiasm sex education ideas and passion about getting reliable factual information into people’s heads I think I would probably attend this event alone. Besides, when you are alone at a conference you are more likely to network and meet other people with the same passion and enthusiasm.

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One thought on “TMI Tuesday”

  1. This is so beautiful. I’ve been thinking a lot about acceptance and forgiveness these days. Your post shines with both. My child too has been hurt by the choices I’ve made..ones I don’t regret making, but facing and sitting with the truth that these choices have been hurtful to otot.s.r.wiehhut making anyone else bad or wrong…that’s hard. Thank you.


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