TMI Tuesday – What’s in Your Car

This week’s questions are a really fun quirky bunch and I enjoyed answering them. The image I posted below is of Pro Hart’s Rolls Royce which is on display at his house in Broken Hill. Pro is one of my favourite artists and I would one day love to actually be able to display one of his original paintings in my house.


1. What CD is in your Cd player?
I have a CD stacker in my car and currently in my stacker is a bunch of CDs that include; Cake – ‘Prolonging the Magic’, Powder Finger – ‘Odyssey Number Five’, Cold Chisel – ‘East’ and Paul Simon – ‘Graceland’. Most of my CD collection is relatively dated as I haven’t purchased an actual CD since I started being an iPhone owner and iTunes user sometime around 2009. Luckily for me my car also has an iPod jack and so when I am feeling more modern I can plug in my phone.

2. Turn on your car radio, what station is it tuned to?
Probably a little in line with the CD listing above I usually listen to 97.3. Although there are songs in my CD player that wouldn’t be on the regular play list at 97.3.

3. What is in your glove box?
My glove box is fairly small and is pretty boring its contents include; the manual for my car, registration papers, deodorant, hand sanitiser gel, disposable toothbrush and maybe a pen. Definitely no gloves!

4. Are there any stickers on your bumper? What? (You can post photos too).
I drive a Mazda RX8


I don’t really want to spoil the look of my beautiful car and so I generally avoid bumper stickers.

5. What stickers or car magnets are on your car? (You can post photos too).

In line with my bumper sticker policy I avoid other decorations on my car as well. I have made one allowance and on my rear window I have on sticker promoting my children’s school.

6. When you drive do you have a favorite beverage? What?
When I purchased my car I had relatively young children and I enforced a very strict no food and beverages in the car policy. I also enforced a very strict don’t leave your junk in my car policy. A few years on both of those policies have relaxed slightly or more correctly my children have worked out ways to avoid my eagle eye. The food and beverage policy still remains pretty much intact with occasional relaxations for water.

If our family has to travel any kind of distance we will go in my husband’s car. On these occasions the food an beverage policy is quite different and our choice of road trip snacks includes, chips (crisps for non Australians), nuts and Coke.

7. What is the most unique thing about your car?
Writing this I have come to realise that my car is a little bit boring. I haven’t really done a lot to customise it. It is silver, the same colour it was when it rolled out of the factory. Although I do have hopes to get a custom paint job one day probably a purple or magenta type colour,

Bonus: What is the sexiest thing in your car?
That is a bit of a no brainer really, me of course!!!!!!!

Bonus, Bonus: What does your choice of personal or regular mode of transportation say about you?
I am capable of going from 0-60 in about 7 seconds
I am sleek and damned sexy
You can fit the weekly grocery shopping in my boot but there isn’t any room for extra baggage.

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TMI Tuesday – All the Colours of the Rainbow


This week’s questions were provided by Virtual Sin

From your life, tell us about an object, experience or idea related to each of the colors of the spectrum:

1. Red
Recently one of my students made the astute observation that red must be one of my favourite colours because I wear so much of it. I wasn’t aware of wearing red that often but clearly this young man was more observant than I thought. I think his ideas were slightly biased by a pair of bright red boots that I was wearing during winter that drew many comments from more than one of my students.


2. Orange
The first thing that comes into my mind when I think of the colour orange is the soft drink Fanta. It isn’t a drink that I particularly drink very often but as it is a sister product to Coca Cola it has had some pretty good television ads in the past.

3. Yellow
When my son was around four years old his favourite colour was yellow. I remember once during a meditation at the end of a Yoga class we were asked to visualise a person who made us happy and then to visualise the colour that reminded us of them. Without any conscious effort my son came to mind and I associated him with the colour yellow. He is a happy soul and even now, ten years later, he takes great delight in making people happy.

4. Green
When my husband and I purchased our first house together we found a property that ticked a lot of boxes. The house was twice the size of the house we were living in at the time and it was quite new. In addition it had a fantastic swimming pool. The drawback, the entire interior was painted a very attractive cucumber green. To emphasise their choice of wall colour the owners had furnished their house with blue and green furniture. We did end up buying the house on the condition that the interior would be repainted as soon as possible. To this day I am thankful that the floor coverings and bathroom tiles were not green as well.

5. Blue
One of my favourite places to be is near the ocean, particularly when the water is crystal clear and has that blue colour that you see, particularly around the Pacific. There is just something magical about white sand and deep blue water that makes me think of holidays and fantastic snorkelling.

6. Violet
I am currently working on a story line and background story for my 2014 NaNoWriMo attempt. One of the things I have problems with when I am writing is coming up with names for my characters. However after reading this I am thinking that this year’s main character will be named Violet.

Bonus: What is the color of sex?
In my mind I sex has sounds, smells, a multitude of images, tastes and of course a wide range of sensations. However I have never really considered sex having a colour.

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This is NOT Bookclub

For the people out there who have not been following me for long and for those of you who have been living under a rock here are a couple of facts about me that you may or may not be aware of;
1. I am a massive exhibitionist
2. I love to suck cock
So, now that we have that straight I will continue with my story.

Last Saturday evening Mr Jones and myself decided to visit a swingers club that we frequent. The evening started out in the usual way, we had some drinks, we chatted with some people and played some pool. As is the way in venues like this the evening started out fairly awkward with couples all sitting around huddled next to each other looking at the crowd around them. Once everyone had a few drinks the more outgoing folk started to make themselves known to the folks they were interested in.

Standing at the bar I became part of a conversation with an attractive but slightly inebriated young lady who was unhappy with the state of affairs downstairs in the main play area. This area is a large lounge like room furnished with couches that is away from the main bar, smoking and traffic areas and often becomes the site of a fair bit of action. My new friend was proclaiming that tonight, however, it was like being at book club. In her opinion there was not enough nudity and adult action.

She went on to explain that it was her boyfriend’s birthday after midnight and that he was to be subjected to as much stimulation as possible without any chance of climax. She also went on to boast about his size and challenged any woman within earshot to get more than an inch of his cock into her mouth. Immediately I was up for the challenge.

And so a group led by the Pocket Rocket invaded the “book club”. Under instruction from Pocket Rocket several of us lost clothing and she proceeded to tease her lover. Once his pants were off I was keen to see the large member she boasted of, I was a little disappointed, but he turned out to be a bit of a grower.

Eventually I was able to take her up on her challenge. He did have rather a nice cock and it was hair free which is always a good thing. Another good feature was his head, the smaller one, which was kind of pointy which serves well for deep throating. Considering it was his birthday I took my time with him and encouraged him to a good size and hardness which can be hard for a guy when he has had a few drinks and has a large audience. I then proceeded to take the bulk of his cock into my mouth which shocked Pocket Rocket a little.

As I said earlier, I love sucking cock. I love teasing a completely flaccid guy into a full blown throbbing hard on using only my mouth. I love you engulfing a shy cock with my lips and holding it until it forces its way out of my mouth with its excitement. And I love, love, love, looking into a man’s eyes as I fuck his cock with my mouth. I also love doing this in front of a live audience. The thought of other men touching themselves while watching me is one of my biggest turn ons. So I was in my element.

It turned out that Pocket Rocket had the attention span of a goldfish and despite how impressed she was by my ability she was soon off in search of another audience and some more stimulation. Which suited me fine. I would very much have liked to follow such an impressive head job with a damn good fucking from the cock I had just sucked so well but I also had other fish to fry.

Did I mention that I am sometimes into women, awkward guys and oddly, of late, the occasional hairy chest? And so the night progressed. Yes Pocket Rocket was right. It is definitely NOT Book Club.

If you either live in Brisbane or are visiting Mr Jones and I would recommend that you check out Mikes Place, unless of course you are looking for a real book club.


Hot on the heels of a TMI post from a couple of weeks back I had a conversation with a prospective play partner who I will refer to as “Army Guy” in this and future posts. I hope things pan out with this one (unlike some others in recent times) but I digress. Army Guy is in his own words “single and loving it” and “Couldn’t think of anything worse” than being married. Once I met him in person he went on to explain that his job requires him to deal with relationship issues of the people around him and that he had certain ambitions he wanted to fulfil in life. In his opinion having a relationship is simply going to hinder him achieving his goals.

I was a little saddened by his attitude and found it a bit a confronting. Afterwards I reflected on his words and I realised that he was, in some ways at least, right. I wouldn’t be lying to say that being married and having children certainly prevented me from achieving certain ambitions that I had earlier in my life. But failing to reach these ambitions has opened the door to a whole other range of possibilities that I would not have considered as a young single person.

Some of these possibilities are things that I probably wouldn’t have been able to achieve as a single person. Between 2008 and now I have explored some of the most iconic parts of Australia with my family. I had experiences that will live with me forever and I learned through experience and first hand observation a lot of things that I find sharing with my students now.

Other achievements include amassing an investment portfolio that is not hugely impressive but certainly will allow Mr Jones and I to live comfortably for many years into our retirement. This is not something I would ever had a hope of achieving as a single person. It is also something that Mr Jones would not have been able to achieve as a single person either. Building our life together has been one of the great achievements of my life.

Of course my prospective fuckbuddy is a very independent kind of person. For him the idea of being reliant on someone else for his success is possibly quite foreign if not a little frightening. And of course that is fine for him. The thing that I find unacceptable is when people insist on achieving their goals their own way and still being in a marriage. In our world today people seem to forget that marraige is not the White wedding, perfect house and 2.3 perfectly behaved children. For me marriage is two people building their lives together. In the process they hold each other up and work as a team so that in the end the sum becomes much greater than any of the individual parts could ever be.

I think we don’t celebrate that enough in our culture. We have become so obsessed with self that we have forgotten that we are part of the world. One of the great strengths of the human race is the ability to network and form relationships. But the true value of these relationships is only realised when we forget what we can get out of the relationship but instead focus on what we can give to the other person.