TMI Tuesday – What’s in Your Car

This week’s questions are a really fun quirky bunch and I enjoyed answering them. The image I posted below is of Pro Hart’s Rolls Royce which is on display at his house in Broken Hill. Pro is one of my favourite artists and I would one day love to actually be able to display one of his original paintings in my house.


1. What CD is in your Cd player?
I have a CD stacker in my car and currently in my stacker is a bunch of CDs that include; Cake – ‘Prolonging the Magic’, Powder Finger – ‘Odyssey Number Five’, Cold Chisel – ‘East’ and Paul Simon – ‘Graceland’. Most of my CD collection is relatively dated as I haven’t purchased an actual CD since I started being an iPhone owner and iTunes user sometime around 2009. Luckily for me my car also has an iPod jack and so when I am feeling more modern I can plug in my phone.

2. Turn on your car radio, what station is it tuned to?
Probably a little in line with the CD listing above I usually listen to 97.3. Although there are songs in my CD player that wouldn’t be on the regular play list at 97.3.

3. What is in your glove box?
My glove box is fairly small and is pretty boring its contents include; the manual for my car, registration papers, deodorant, hand sanitiser gel, disposable toothbrush and maybe a pen. Definitely no gloves!

4. Are there any stickers on your bumper? What? (You can post photos too).
I drive a Mazda RX8


I don’t really want to spoil the look of my beautiful car and so I generally avoid bumper stickers.

5. What stickers or car magnets are on your car? (You can post photos too).

In line with my bumper sticker policy I avoid other decorations on my car as well. I have made one allowance and on my rear window I have on sticker promoting my children’s school.

6. When you drive do you have a favorite beverage? What?
When I purchased my car I had relatively young children and I enforced a very strict no food and beverages in the car policy. I also enforced a very strict don’t leave your junk in my car policy. A few years on both of those policies have relaxed slightly or more correctly my children have worked out ways to avoid my eagle eye. The food and beverage policy still remains pretty much intact with occasional relaxations for water.

If our family has to travel any kind of distance we will go in my husband’s car. On these occasions the food an beverage policy is quite different and our choice of road trip snacks includes, chips (crisps for non Australians), nuts and Coke.

7. What is the most unique thing about your car?
Writing this I have come to realise that my car is a little bit boring. I haven’t really done a lot to customise it. It is silver, the same colour it was when it rolled out of the factory. Although I do have hopes to get a custom paint job one day probably a purple or magenta type colour,

Bonus: What is the sexiest thing in your car?
That is a bit of a no brainer really, me of course!!!!!!!

Bonus, Bonus: What does your choice of personal or regular mode of transportation say about you?
I am capable of going from 0-60 in about 7 seconds
I am sleek and damned sexy
You can fit the weekly grocery shopping in my boot but there isn’t any room for extra baggage.

As always you can have a bigger fix of TMI Tuesday goodness from the TMI Tuesday page.

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