TMI Tuesday – Blankety Blanks

I love TMI Tuesday Blanks Questions! In the past I have not really got the point of the challenge but I am aiming to make this set as sexy and corny as possible. Let me know what you think of my efforts!


1. My best friend is Mr Jones of course. I believe very strongly that the substance that makes up a marriage is very different from the romantic images that are promoted in popular culture. I can’t imagine being in a situation with a person that requires you to manage mortgages, child raising and careers and NOT be friends with them..

2. A whole posse of kinky, dirty, affectionate lovers is all I need to satisfy my deepest, darkest fantasy

3. If you only know one thing about me it should be that once I start squirting it is very difficult for me to stop. For most guys that is a massive turn on and trust me it feels amazing but it gets very, very, very messy. If you are going to keep on pressing that button make sure you have a stack of towels on hand or a set of rubber sheets.__ .

4. Being naked on the deck of a sailing ship and basking in the sun is the best feeling in the world.

5. A man and his wife walk into a bar and start chatting with the barman. While they are chatting a fit young man comes up and starts flirting with the wife. The barman and the husband are deep in conversation and they don’t even turn a hair while the young man bends the wife over the bar lifts up her dress. The wife starts to moan as the man spreads her legs and buries his face between her legs. When the wife’s moans become too loud the husband and the barman turn to watch. After a while the barman says to the husband, “do you mind?”

“Go for it,” the husband smiles as the barman unzips his pants and kneels on the bar so the wife can suck his cock.

Sometime around three the barman remembered he had to close. The husband had to carry his wife out of the bar. She had been fucked and eaten out so many times that she couldn’t stand up._____ .

6. I like to eat sausages in fall. In fact I will eat sausages any time. I do like them in all shapes and sizes.

Bonus: I can’t dry my washingif it rains but I can walk around naked in the rain which feels good once you get wet.

As always make sure you check out more TMI goodness at the TMI Tuesday page.

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