TMI Tuesday – Starting the Year off Sexy

One of the discussions in my first Pole Dancing class for 2015 was identifying a mantra for 2015 such as “2015 the year to be green” my personal favourite and the mantra that I plan to adopt is “2015 the year to be obscene”. In light of this the TMI questions for this week are definitely right up my alley. As always make sure you check out the TMI Tuesday page for other racy confessions.

1) What book or magazine have you read recently that turned you on?
I am going to admit that most of the material that I read these days is online magazine articles. A lot of them are not really all that erotic but I did stumble accross something that fuelled my imagination on a science website of all things. I won’t give any details here but make sure you check out the attached picture. I really would like a night with this man!

2) What sort of porn do you watch to get aroused?
I am not a huge fan of porn but in the last couple of years I have become very interested in watching men masturbate in chat rooms like Chaturbate. I don’t really visit these rooms to talk to the participants it is just a voyeristic activity for me.

3) What is the sexiest song?
There are a lot of sexy songs around. I don’t have one that I think is particularly a stand out because it really depends on the situation and on what is happening at the time. But a few tracks that spring to mind are;
Gett Off by Prince
Another Way to Die by Jack Whyte and Alicia Keys
Russian Roulette by Rihana

4) What music do you like to have on while having sex?
I don’t actually have music playing most of the time when I am having sex. It isn’t something that I ever really think about. I generally have other things on my mind,

5) When masturbating do you prefer
A) reading smut
B) imagination
C) watching porn
D) I don’t masturbate

A mixture between C and B. Although as I said earlier i don’t really watch mainstream porn. The images that get me going are men masturbating and strangely some gay pornographic images. Although generally imagining situations that I have discussed with partners or reliving situations that were particularly sexy is something that I prefer.

Bonus: What is the sweetest sexy song?
Well I struggled with this one a little. I am not one of these people who has extensively well organised play lists on my iPod and generally I just listen to the radio. A quick flick through my unorganised play list reminded me of Waving my Dick in the Wind which I am sure that a lot of you haven’t heard before. It isn’t particularly sexy but I really like the lyrics and it is funny. As Pet says if you can’t laugh when you are having sex then you aren’t having very good sex.


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