This is the third instalment of this series and follows on from Spank, which I posted a couple of weeks ago.

If you have missed the two lead up posts to this story you can catch up on them at these links; Shave and Spank

Still with his ass tingling from her hand, Howard was flipped onto his back. He looked up at his Miss kneeling on the bed beside his face. The aroma of her wet cunt filled his nostrils making his cock harden and his tongue ache for the taste of her.

“Please Miss,” he asked in his sweetest voice, “May I taste you?”

Her eyes darkened slightly as she smiled at him sending the familiar ache to the pit of his stomach, “Of course,” she moved so that she was kneeling over his chest. Her folds were open just out of reach of his mouth sending her delicious aroma wafting over his face. He tilted his chin trying to taste her but she moved out of his reach, teasing him. Her eyes bored into his, dark and hot with desire and that strange intensity that hit him the first time he had met her. Her cunt was spread out in front of his face like a glistening feast but, frustratingly, it was just out of his reach. Her hand descended over her mound and her fingers spread her lips open a little further sending another wave of moist musk smell over his face. She dipped her finger into her opening and brought it out covered with her juice. With a playful smile she placed it on his lips. Like a starving man he licked it away but it just made his hunger stronger.

She watched him for a while the way a cat considers its prey. He waited, hoping, aching. He considered begging but he was afraid that begging would make her take his feast away so he waited. His patience was rewarded, she tilted her hips forward and lowered herself down onto his mouth, the smell of her almost suffocating him in the most divine way. He opened his lips and ran his tongue around her focussing all of his attention on that first taste. It filled his mouth and his nostrils more than anything he had fantasised about in the weeks of anticipation. The hunger for her hit him like a physical blow and it took all of his concentration to stop himself from devouring her like a starving man.

Above his face she rotated her hips, inviting him to explore her. He obliged, sliding his tongue around her silken wet cunt, tasting, enjoying more than any meal he had ever had. He slipped his tongue into her opening, exploring, feeling the different skin textures and noting her gasps of pleasure as he dipped and probed. Finally he allowed himself to loop his tongue around her hard, swollen node teasing gently as he remembered how extraordinarily sensitive she was.

He was rewarded with a jet of liquid shooting down over his face. Excitedly he opened his mouth further, trying to catch it all so that he could drink the sweet, salty taste of her. Nothing he had ever tasted satisfied him like this and yet he still craved more. She could saturate his whole body with her juice, squirting it out until she was shrivelled up like a prune and it would still not be enough.

Before he felt ready she pulled herself away from him, returning to her spot, kneeling beside him on the bed. Like a puppy, denied his mother’s teat he wanted to whimper but he restrained himself instead lying on his side taking in the glory of her naked body. Her curves and softness fascinated him drawing his eyes upwards to her full breasts capped by dark pink, hardened nipples.

“Roll over,” she commanded.

He obeyed quickly, his ass quivering in anticipation and curiosity.

“What are you going to do to me Miss?” He asked not sure what he was hoping for but excited by the possibilities.

She smiled enigmatically. He could see her mind working behind her eyes but as always she refrained from sharing her thoughts with him.

“What would you like?” She asked

His mind flooded with possibilities but he wasn’t able to focus on just one. “I am your plaything Miss,” he replied. A tingle of anticipation went through him as she moved downwards towards his ass. Tentatively her fingers touched his arse and for a moment he tensed thinking she would spank him again but she seemed more intent on exploring. She pushed his thighs apart, exposing his balls clearly to her view. It surprised him how much he was stimulated by being so exposed. In this position she could cause him great pain, or on the opposite side of the coin, great pleasure. For a moment his mind spun off on a tangent, considering the connection between pain and pleasure.


A warm wet sensation on his balls jerked his mind back to what was happening to his body as she slid her tongue slid upwards over his balls and the base of his cock towards his arse, for a moment he wondered if she would but she stopped short of his twitching hole. He willed her onwards despite his knowledge of how she felt about that particular pleasure. Her fingers pulled his arse cheeks apart so that she could inspect his butt hole. Hardly daring to breathe, he waited for her pleasure.

Tentatively she stroked the skin around the opening with the tip of her fingernail. Tingles of pleasure and anticipation shot through his belly pushing the breath out of his mouth. The tip of her finger entered his eager hole raising his hopes even more. He resisted the urge to push back against her exploring fingers too eagerly, he wanted her inspection but he knew that making his wants too obvious would make her withdraw.

She continued to explore his butt for a few minutes every now and then dipping her finger into his hole as if she was testing him. Each time she dipped a little deeper and he felt himself being opened a little more. He dared a look back at her. She looked straight back at him taking in every detail of his face watching as she explored.

Cool wet lube dripped down over his arse signalling that things were getting more serious. He wanted to be filled to the point where it was a physical ache deep in the pit of his stomach, sitting right beside the pleasure that built as she slid her fingers deeper into him. She pressed her thumb against the skin between his balls and his arsehole making him moan in pleasure. A smile of satisfaction crossed her face, and she slid her finger deeper inside him so that she could press her finger and thumb together causing him to moan louder and move uncontrollably.

A second finger slid in beside the first stretching him slightly. He wondered for a moment at her intent but reminded himself of her firm denial of being interested in that act. Only a very few people had stretched and filled him in the way he had been able to explore by himself with his collection of toys and implements. He was quite skilled at pleasuring himself but feeling that pleasure at the hands of another person took everything to another level.

This time when he looked back at her their eyes locked together. He could see how she drew pleasure from his pleasure. His moan as she slid a third finger into him sent a shiver of pleasure through her. Her face changed slightly as he easily accommodated a fourth finger? Curiosity replaced desire as he opened to easily accommodate her hand. There was a pause as she considered her next move.

Still rested at the opening of his arse her hand changed shape slightly as she folded her thumb against her palm and pressed Asher knuckles against him stretching him even further. This time he helped her a little giving in to the urge to push back against her hand. The whole scene took on a surreal feeling as she committed to doing something that she had assured him not 30 minutes earlier that she would never do.

Her knuckles buried into his arse slowly opening him before her hand slipped inside him, filling him exactly as he had ached for. For a few minutes she allowed her hand to rest there, flexing her fist getting used to the feeling. The tiny movements of her hand sent shivers of pleasure through him. Gradually she increased the movement of her hand twisting her fist inside his arse, hitting pleasure spots and sending lots of pleasure sizzling through him. The room filled with groans of pleasure from both of them. Looking back over his shoulder he watched the pleasure passing over her face in waves in response to his own moans and shudders.
He could feel himself close to climax. It would have been easy to give in to the temptation right then and there and allow the shudder of orgasm wash over him but he wasn’t ready for that yet. He needed to repay Miss in kindness and in full.

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