TMI and Conan O’Brien


This week’s questions were inspired by Conan O’Brien. I have to admit that I am not particularly familiar with Conan O’Brien, most of those styles are shown on television quite late at night so I don’t really watch them but I do like the questions.

As always make sure you check out the TMI page for more TMI goodness.

1. One thing I will never comprehend is ____ .
Why people get their children’s names tattooed on their body. I admit I am a ‘cleanskin’ and don’t have any tattoos of my own but I do admire that style of art. But I just don’t understand the need to get your children’s names permanently written on you. It’s not like you are going to forget them nor is anyone else who matters to you. So why? I just don’t get it.

2. My blood type is ____ .
The most common type; O positive. I have been a blood donor for several years. Because of my blood type I now donate plasma as it is a much more useful donation to the Australian Blood Service as in Australia we are not able to collect enough plasma locally to make all the products our health system requires while we do collect enough whole blood.

3. I am pretty healthy for ____ .
A forty two year old working mother.
Last year was my first year of high school teaching. The school I was teaching at was very full on and so I had a lot of stress related health issues. This year I am working in a much better environment and I am on top of things much more and I feel my basic health is much improved. Pole dancing is my main form of exercise and it has huge health benefits including improved strength and flexibility.

4. When I really cannot sleep I ____ .
Get up and do the ironing. It is a fabulous way to zone out and stop your mind from ticking over.

5. You never forget ____ .
The side of your car that the petrol cap is on. At a recent family gathering I was reminded very strongly exactly how ditsy one of my nephew’s wife is through a conversation about this topic. I was stunned at the way that some people struggle with this basic concept. For me it is one of those things you never really forget, like remembering which foot your shoe goes on.

6. As a child my favorite pet was ____ .
I grew up on a farm surrounded by animals. I had one particular pet, a tabby cat who was called Sam. Interestingly a tabby has made his way into my house recently and like my childhood friend, stolen my heart.


Bonus: This week’s question comes from The Late Phoenix – “Why was fuck chosen as the ultimate swear word? It coulda easily been duck.”
I don’t think that duck would have ever become the ultimate swear word because fuck has always, since it’s earliest use in the English language, referred to the act of sexual intercourse. I think that the word did not become a swear word as such, rather it became less socially acceptable to discuss sex openly and so words used to refer to sex have become taboo.


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