TMI Tuesday – Three is a Charm

Hello and welcome to Tuesday. I liked these questions and somehow I managed to find some time to actually sit down and answer them!

As always make sure you head over to the TMI page for more TMI revelations 

1. You are interviewing someone to be your lover, what are the 3 most important questions you will ask?

Funnily enough I have been involved in a large number of coffee dates that would equate to an interview for a lover. So here goes;

a) What exactly are you looking for? 

This is pretty important. It is also important to have confidence that the interviewee is being honest and up front.

b) How do you feel about being naked and potentially in close proximity to another man (my husband)?

This is a deal breaker. If a man is not comfortable being naked in the same bed as my husband they are not going to get past the coffee date 

c) How do you feel about public or semi public sex? 

This is not necessarily a deal breaker but someone who is comfortable in perusing opportunities for public sex is definitely going to have a higher chance of success. 

2. You are interviewing people to be your personal servant/valet. What are the 3 most important questions you will ask?
This was an interesting one. Initially I could only think of things that I don’t really need to ask about like what their ass looks like etc but after considering it more I did come up with a few things.

a) What is your opinion on non-Monogamy? 

b) Are you open to the idea of being involved in a less professional interaction? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, 😉😉

c) How do you feel about being naked and in close proximity to me and my husband? 

3. You are selecting a pet for you or your family. What are the 3 most important criteria?

a) Do we already have one of them? 

b) How will the new pet’s presence affect all of the other animals that live with us. 

Chickens, guinea pigs, geese, cats, budgies and fish in case you were wondering.

c) How will the potential new pet affect the garden around our house.

We live on acreage and I have vetoed getting a pet pig because I don’t want my landscaping destroyed any more than it already has been by the poultry. I will also mention that historically our pet selection has also been influenced strongly by coming accross an orphan or discarded animal.

4. Name 3 good things you did yesterday.

I must be a terrible person because I can’t think of even one good thing I did yesterday.  

5. Name 3 bad things you ate yesterday.

Chocolate, I keep a bag of Freddo Frogs in my desk ostensibly as prizes for classroom competitions but it does come in handy sometimes.

 For dinner I had two minute noodles at 10pm which is when I got home from pole dancing class. This was washed down with a Jack Daniels and coke. Technically that is not something bad to eat but it is TMI Tuesday so I am allowed to bend the rules a little. 

Bonus: It is said that bad these happen in threes. What was your last episode of 3 bad things?

Much like the good deeds question I don’t really keep tabs on the bad things that happen to me. So I don’t really notice patterns on bad luck or bad things that happen to me. 

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