TMI Tuesday – Some Sexy Stuff 

A bit of a mixed bag this week but mostly sexy none the less. As always make sure you visit the TMI site for more revelations. 

1. Tell us something you have dreamed of doing for a long time, why have you not done it?

I have wanted to travel to Canada for many years. At first the thing that was stopping me was fear and indecisiveness. Then I got married and had children. At this point in time the things that are stopping me are time, money and children. It costs a lot to take four people to the other side of the globe so I guess Mr Jones and I are just marking time until the children are old enough to fend for themselves, at least for a few weeks.

2. Would you take advice from a porn star? If yes, what type of advice would you like to hear.

I think the only thing I would like advice on from a porn star is deep throating. I have a facination with giving head and I have been very slowly working my way towards being able to deep throat properly especially those gentlemen like Mr Jones who have a significant girth. 


3. What is the sexiest thing about your boss?

I considered this question for quite a while and I have to honestly say that I don’t find any part of her sexy. There is a co-worker however who I do find very sexy. He is a very fit individual and I do find myself admiring his body when the opportunity arises. 

4. Name something you need for a foursome (and I’m not talking about golf).

Three men. I can’t believe you even had to ask that question! 

5. What is the brand of condoms currently in your possession (in your home or on your person)?

I find that latex seems to irritate me if I use it for an extended length of time so I carry “Skyns” which are made by Ansell. Due to sizing issues Mr Jones prefers “Naked”  which are made by Four Seasons. 



Bonus: Tell us a sex act/behavior that you simply will not do. Why?

Anything to do with scat. I think my reasons would be fairly self explanatory but in case you are wondering I spend a large part of my career educating people about hygiene and cleanliness. In my very firm opinion faeces is not for playing with AT ALL. 

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Wife, swinger, blogger. An ordinary woman living life one day at a time dealing with the complications of moonlighting as a sex goddess.

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