TMI Tuesday – A Few Random Questions

This week is a collection of randomness with no real theme. As always head on over to the TMI Page to check out the other entries.

1. When you first skied down the slopes of love with your significant other were you a:

  • a. bunny hill beginner
  • b. a seasoned ski bum
  • c. black diamond risk-taker pulling out all the tricks and inversions

I would like to say that I was a black diamond risk-taker but I don’t think I ever was a black diamond anything. But I was definitely seasoned enough to know the difference between a fling and the real deal. As far as tricks I was determined not to play any mind games. It has worked well for 17 years 

2. If you had a sexual encounter in a taxi cab and the meter was running, costing you $1 per minute. How much would that cab ride cost you?

How long is a piece of string? There are some sexual partners I can think of who would cost me $5 and others who would end up costing me about $60 or possibly even more.

3. Who has the better sense of humor, you or your significant other?
That probably depends on who you ask. Mr Jones thinks he is hilarious but if you don’t know him well it can be difficult to tell when he is joking and when he is serious. I have been known to have flashes of comedic genius but my most enthusiastic audience at the ese moments were five year olds so I guess you need to wonder if it really was comedic genius.

4. What is the weirdest part of your nightly bedtime routine?

I don’t really know. I don’t consider anything I do before I go to bed weird. The only possibility is texting good night to Pet and sometimes to another male friend who I have known for several years but never met in person. Actually the texting good night is not the weirdest part of that relationship. The weirdest part of that relationship is that it exists in the first place. Someone I met on a facebook flirting app has had a sustained Internet and texting relationship over about four years and neither of us is ever intending to meet in person. That is just a little weird. 

5. Fill in the blank: I can’t stand to be called ______ .

In the interests of protecting my identity I can’t really say it but during my tormented high school boarding experience I had a nick name that I hated then and have not come to terms with yet. It was a play on my name and not really unflattering but it reminds me of a time I would rather forget. Recently a colleague unknowingly used the same name for me and was mortified when I informed her of my experiences. She is nothing like the girls who made my life miserable all those years ago but it didn’t stop some of the emotions that came back when I heArd those words. 

6. What household item do you use and never put back where it belongs?

Mr Jones complains that I never put the milk back in the fridge after I have used it but I think he is imagining that. Otherwise I am the ‘put shit back where you found it’ Nazi. Because as the Mother of the household I spend a large chunk of my life locating lost items for people. 

In a post script that come to mind as I was editing this post I remembered that I am appealing at putting my sex toys away. They often get slipped under my pillow after use and stay there for several days before I clean them and put them back. 

Bonus: The first bed you ever had sex in, was it twin, double, queen, king -sized or some other size?

I lost my virginity in a double bed that belonged to the guy I was with. That story in itself is a sad tale of approval seeking  which I may tell at another time. I will say that the majority of my earlier sexual experiences involved many scenarios that weren’t beds. Mainly because as a teenager you don’t exactly live in your own home furnished with adult sized furniture. Nor do you have a lot of privacy in the homes that you DO inhabit. 

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