The Morning After

The morning after a night out is always a time to reflect and muse over the people I met and their stories. This morning is no different in that regard. What is different about this morning is that my musings are not about sexy naked people and skin on skin contact but more confusion and a little irritation at what goes through some people’s heads. 

Last night was one of those nights when everyone is new and no body seemed to want to talk or socialise that much. Well at least not with us. We did meet a lovely couple and some sexy fun was had but as usual you have to work your way through the chaff to find the good grain. In this instance the chaff was a couple who presented as new, married for 25 years and seemingly very nervous. Pretty stock standard until asked what they were looking for. Their reply was a little confusing,

“I am just here to look after him.” Said by Mrs 25 year marraige.

A bit of a weird response. It made a lot more sense as the conversation progressed and we learned that they had indeed been married for 25 years but were in the process of a ‘conscious uncoupling‘. Yes that is a weird concept but really it is the only way I could rationalise a couple who were in their minds separated but sitting in a swinger’s club seeking a sexual experience together. 

Well of course there was more to it than that. She had found a ‘new partner’ and now out of some weird sense of duty or compassion she was now at a swinger’s club with her soon to be ex husband trying to get him a shag. Because of course she didn’t want to shag him so there would surely be some unsuspecting swinger woman around who would do the job. 

This was a lot to process and my poker face failed me. They asked if I was shocked. The answer to the question was probably yes although I was trying to be supportive and positive and so of course I said no. Everyone’s relationship was different. Essentially I was just trying to process what I had just been told. Once some of the processing had come to pass I started to get annoyed. Even this morning processing is still happening and my irritation at these people’s misconceptions and disrespect for other relationships is growing. 

My irritation is on so many different levels it is hard to express coherently. I did manage to express some of my concerns before we parted company with these people. I told Mrs 25 year marraige that if her husband was here just because he thought it was an easy place to get sex and he wasn’t actually interested in being part of our lifestyle then he was showing a massive disrespect for what we were about. I would have told Mr 25 year marraige the same thing but he was incapable of focussing on a conversation. At least with me. 

So we have a socially inept guy who was basically perving as much as he possibly could and waiting around for his ex wife who gave up her Saturday night to fulfil a promise made in a dead marraige to get him some sex. I started to have a very clear picture of why he was having trouble getting laid. I was also certain that I WASN’T going to be the one to shag him. 

But what got me really going was the complete lack of consideration of both of these people. Swinging is a big deal. For many couples it is incredibly challenging and it often takes months or years to get the courage to take that first step to invite other people into their most private of spaces, their bedroom. Consensual sex outside a marraige goes against the grain of our culture so strongly that swinging is never portrayed in mainstream media in a positive light, ever. And here were two people invading the space of this lifestyle and selfishly, thoughtlessly expecting that they would be able to put tab B into slot A as it suited them. Relevant questions like “what are you looking for?” And “do you intend to be part of this lifestyle on an ongoing basis?” Were greeted with blank looks like I had just asked them did they want a second head. 

Seriously! Words fail me. This is the problem with a lot of singles in the scene, especially males. The traditional definition for swinging is ‘wife swapping’ it happens between COUPLES. The reason why so many couples are cautious about singles is that many of them have almost zero respect for the relationship of the couple. In this case it went even further. These guys seemed to think that not only were our relationships weird and irrelevant, but as people we were just there to be used as their personal play things. Their idea of coming to a swing club to get sex for Mr did not take into account that the women that he was seeking came as part of a package and he needed to ensure that the whole package was on board with what was happening.  If this guy needed sex that badly and was completely incapable of getting it through regular channels then perhaps he should be looking up brothels. 

I could rant for hours about the idiocy of these people but I am sure you all get the point. Take home message for me from that evening; social awkwardness is not always a sign that a person is misunderstood. Sometimes a person is socially awkward because he or she is a genuine arsehole. 

TMI – Sexy is as Sexy Does

1. What is your kissing technique?

Erm….. You put your lips on the lips of the other person and then stuff happens???? I don’t really have a specified technique. It depends a fair bit on the other person. 

2. When do you feel most sexy? 

When I am fucking and there are other people standing around watching me. It is one of my guilty pleasures that I am a terrible exhibitionist and I really get off on knowing that other people are watching me and getting turned on by what I am doing.

3. Which of these most resembles you? 

  1. I exude male sexiness
  2. He-man, think sexy lumberjack
  3. Call me the ladies man
  4. Curvy sexy and all woman
  5. Tomboy, kitten with a whip type
  6. Girl next-door
  7. Sexy nerd

Definitely curvy, sexy and all woman. There are times when I fantasise about being the kitten with the whip type but in all honesty I am just all about being a sex goddess and being worshipped. 

4 What makes for a sexy meal?

I love food. There are not many cuisine types that I don’t enjoy. As far as sexy food? Anything that looks good on the plate and doesn’t dissapoint when eaten is sexy. A sexy meal? Something like this is pretty hot.


5. What are some of your seduction techniques?

I like to wear clothing that I think looks hot. Read that as short, revealing and if you are that way inclined, slutty. I am slowly acquiring a collection of what vanilla people would refer to as stripper shoes. Some men who I have met have given very positive feedback on my clothing although some have commented that their first impression of me is that I am ‘out of their league’ which I find a bit weird. Several women have commented that they find me a bit intimidating. Sometimes I think maybe I should tone it down a little but when I do feel fake. So I guess I am not for the faint hearted. Neither am I a man eater. I only bite if you ask me to.

6. What’s sexier and why? 

  1. Beer
  2. Wine
  3. Mixed alcoholic beverage
  4. Iced tea.

Sexy is not really about what you are drinking as such. Sexy is about the way you hold yourself and like true beauty it comes from within.a person can be drinking beer and be sexy and the same applies to all of the beverages listed above. On the flip side a person can be drinking all of the above beverages and come accross as a complete loser. 

Bonus: Are you hot as in sexy? How can you share your sexiness with the world?

Without sounding egotistical I have been told by a number of people that I am hot. I don’t always believe this feedback but I am working on accepting compliments more. 

As for sharing my sexiness with the world, I think that this blog is a big part of that. As is my Twitter feed. There are a small number of people who I totally enjoy swapping sexiness with. I don’t feel the need to share with an excessive number of people but I am very much enjoying the experiences that I do have. 

As always you can check out more TMI goodness on the TMI site. 

The Corruption of Mrs Jones – The TMI Post I Thought I had Lost!!!

I have been off the radar for a couple of weeks. But as I was bumming around on the internet enjoying a celebratory Friday beverage I decided to check out this week’s TMI. The topic appealed to me and so here is a sleep deprived, Friday evening attempt at a sexual biography. 

I was a late starter. I made entirely through high school without losing my virginity. This was probably due to a lack of opportunity rather than a lack of interest or a particularly strong desire to be virtuous. Looking back now with the wisdom of age and hindsight I think being a ‘brain’, as we referred to them, with coke bottle glasses and absolutely no social skills that was locked in a boarding school probably saved me from being ‘that girl’ that everyone talked about with apparent disdain but secret awe. 

In a lot of ways I have been making up for it ever since. I am not the owner of a particularly high sex drive but I have always been open minded about sex and things sexual. This has led me to have some adventures that make a lot of Vanilla people’s eyes pop out. Especially when living as my alter ego, Gemma. The journey from 17 year old virgin to 42 year old part-time sex goddess has been long and involved a stop along the way to birth and refer to school age two children. For a couple of years I was a stay at home mum to school age children and a full time Sex Goddess. That was when my adventures peaked. Mostly in the form of meeting various men, some of them strangers, for adventures in change rooms, parks, at swinger’s parties and the like. I have ticked off many ‘standard’ fantasies; group sex (with as many as 20 people in the ‘group’), jelly wrestling (that was a bit weird), sex with multiple women, sex with multiple men, double penetration, blindfold sex, BDSM parties and sex with people that I never actually introduced myself to. 

I have sold used underwear, been the recipient of ‘tribute photos’ with said underwear, tied up men, spanked men, fisted women and men, experienced double penetration both double vaginal and anal / vaginal, enjoyed more spit roasts than I can count and attended parties where I fucked every single person at the party, both male and female including my husband. I have laid on a bar and let everyone in the club eat cream and choloclate sauce off me and probably a bunch of stuff that has slipped my mind. 

I love giving head and thanks to the attentions of Pet and another friend I have recently discovered the joys of rimming. At the moment my favourite things are; watching Mr Jones eat other men’s cum off me while he is fucking me, teasing Pet in any way that comes to mind, exploring the boundary between pleasure and pain (Pet’s pain my pleasure ) and giving head to random people in swinger’s clubs. 

I could go on but I think I have well and truly exceeded the 250 word limit. I tend to use this blog as a bit of a confessional booth so if you stay tuned there is a good chance that I will be sharing stories of my exploits as they happen in the future. 

As for the BONUS question: I haven’t frequented public transport much since I got my first car at age 21. So despite my varied exploits I have to say no. However now that I think about it I may have to add this to the Fucket list and give it a go at some time in the future. 

Make sure you hop along to the TMI page and check out the other confessions… Erm I mean Biographies! 

Panty Sniffing

One of the first things Pet did before we fucked for the first time was out his face against my mound and take a deep breath. We had talked about panties beforehand and I had a pair neatly packed away in a plastic zip lock bag for him to take away with him afterwards but I was entirely un-prepared for that first sniff. I really had not ever thought about or encountered first hand this kind of thing before. In the situation as it was I was nervous and a little unsettled. In effect we had both been waiting for this moment for two years and finally he was here in my kitchen, drinking coffee. 
Then he was on his knees, putting his face against my crotch smelling me. My upbringing, and a whole raft of other social cues made me self conscious of everything about my body including my own scent. In my mind my scent is an unpleasant thing and needs to be minimised. It wasn’t something that I had ever considered alluring. 
Pet felt very differently about it. That first sniff was a landmark in our relationship. It started off a whole dimension to our play and communication that was enticing, liberating and downright sexy for both of us. My eyes were opened to a whole new range of experiences, ideas and fantasies that I have shared since then with both Pet and other men. 
Recently I read an article about panty sniffing written by Girl on the Net about panty sniffing that clarified my thoughts and feelings about this topic. In the article she describes using the scent left on her panties as a tool of dominance. In the midst of fucking she shoves her panties into the face of her partner, forcing him to inhale her smell. This description immediately brought back memories of doing the same thing to Pet. Although at the time it was not a way for me to dominate him just something I did to completely smother him in sex as he fucked me. Thinking back now though I feel that it was more of a way of completely smothering him in me, my juice, my smell, my body and the sound of my voice. Very narcissistic and Sex Goddess – like really. 
Girl on the Net goes on in her article to describe watching a man masturbate with her panties. This description brought to mind another experience. A man I have been seeing occasionally was introduced to the delights of panty sniffing by some of the tales of my escapades and he very shyly and respectfully asked for a pair of my panties to take with him as a memento. This particular guy is a FIFO worker and so I obliged, thinking instantly of him spending nights in his room at camp with the pink cotton of me draped over his face and his hand around his cock. On his most recent stint at home he contacted me and asked for another pair. We had been unable to make the planets align for a proper fucking session and so we met for coffee at McDonalds. It was very sexy watching his face as I passed the little plastic bag containing white lace embroidered with flowers over the table.
He took it, a little worried that an onlooker would see what we were doing but then the temptation to open the packet and inhale the scent was almost too much for him. It took a great deal of restraint on his part to put them away in his bag unopened. Later, when the coffee was finished we stole a few moments in a car to fondle each other and for me to suck his cock. In a crowded car park it was ultimately unsatisfying and we were forced to part ways. As I fully expected he went home to enjoy my smell in the privacy of his bedroom. He sent me photos. Needless to say I am very much looking forward to his next visit home. 
All of this has changed the way I think about that part of my body. I am not longer as obsessive about keeping the aroma to a minimum. On top of that I have noticed myself sniffing my own smell almost whenever I can. More often than not I find myself bending down as I sit on the toilet for a surreptitious sniff. Before I know it I will be masturbating in the bathroom at work. But that will take me into a whole different realm of fantasy.  

Sunday Selfie

Several weeks ago I had the brainwave to start posting a selfie on Sunday because like about 99% of the western world under 40 I am egotistical enough to think that everyone likes to look at photos of me. But instead of the usual duck mouth and above the head shots of me with a celebrity or my friends dolled up for a night out I like to play with angles that you don’t usually see on Instagram. I don’t do Instagram by the way. Twitter is so yesterday that most of my students don’t hang out there so it suits me just fine to hang out there. From time to time I post selfies. All the photos of me on my Twitter feed are selfies. 

I apologise for the lack of Sunday selfies, or any other series for that matter, but the end of term is here and my time is a little more flexible again. So enjoy a pic I took a few months ago when holidaying at the beach. It is almost summer in the Southern Hemisphere and I am very much looking forward to cracking out the bikini again very soon.