Sunday Selfie

It has been a while since I posted a Sunday selfie. My life has been crazy and the aftermath of Term 4 has meant I have spent a lot of time asleep or in some comatose state playing games on my iPad. One of my goals for the holidays is to post more frequently on this page and to get back into the habit of writing. I have made some progress towards both of these goals but probably not as much as I would like. If only term time went as fast as holiday time!!!!!

While I was sitting in bed working on the writing part of this goal I was distracted, yes I have the attention span of a goldfish, by the early morning sun creating a shadow pattern on my breast. This is not an angle seen very often but it is th angle I see my own breasts from.  One thing that I did notice in the photo is the stretch marks on my breast.  Even after studying the image and then comparing with the real thing I still can’t notice them from my own angle. Strange. 

In any case my breasts still remain the part of my body that I like the most so I am very happy to share my view with you. 


The Washing Basket – Part 1

The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday is “Ode to your favourite sex toy”. I started out to write a piece of erotica based around a toy I recently used for the first time and have become quite enamoured with but I got a little caught up in a fantasy shared with me and the story has grown quite large. My submission this week is the first instalment of the story. 

As usual make sure you visit the Wicked Wednesday page to peruse all of the other fantastic entries. 

As he turned the key in the lock Howard was gripped by the feeling that he was doing something wrong. It didn’t deter him; instead it enticed him further. The door swung open and he stepped over the threshold. His hear pounded in his ears as he made his way through the living area towards her bedroom. Around him were signs of ordinary life, a stray breakfast bowl in the sink of the kitchen, and an open homework book lay beside an iPad on the kitchen table. For a fleeting moment he was reminded that this was where she did all the ordinary things every day with her family: cooking meals, supervising homework, discussing bills and dentist appointments with her husband. But these thoughts flitted out of his head as quickly as they had come. His visit wasn’t about that, the everyday version was not the version he was here to see, when he saw her she wasn’t that person, she was someone else entirely.

He paused in the open bedroom door taking a moment to savour the feeling of anticipation building in him. Like the kitchen the bedroom held traces of ordinary life, hastily pulled up bedcovers, a pair of shoes beside the bed, a dress thrown across the bed perhaps discarded in favour of another one as she dressed that morning. His eye travelled to the corner of her bedroom, beside the doorway to her bathroom. Here stood the laundry basket, the goal of his mission. For long minutes he stood there unable to move. He wanted so badly to rush across the room to kneel beside the basket and shove his face into it. But something stopped him: Maybe it was the feeling that he was intruding on her private space because she wasn’t there to invite him in, maybe it was just the disbelief that he was here doing this after fantasising about it for so long

Eventually the spell was broken and he was able to move towards the object of so many fantasies. As he moved closer he was rewarded with the sight of pink lace peeking at him from the top of the clothes piled in the hamper. One large stride and then he was on his knees in front of the basket; like a pilgrim kneeling at the entrance to the shrine they had sought all their life. Almost reverently he reached in an picked up the satiny garment. He had never seen these knickers before, she had never sent him a photo of her wearing them, nor had she ever worn them when they had met but as he lifted them to his face and inhaled the scent of them, they were unmistakably hers. 

His mind filled with the thought of the cotton gusset nestled against her cunt as she went about her day, dealing with mundane, ordinary things all the while secreting sweet juice that left the residue he now inhaled. The tightness in his jeans reminded him of his cock that had been hard the moment he had stepped off his bike and made his way up the front steps to her door. Now it throbbed painfully demanding to be released from its constraints. Slowly he stood up and made his way over to the bed where laid out the panties neatly so that he could look at them while he undressed. Teasing himself he slipped his shirt over his head and folded it neatly before reaching for the clasp of his jeans. The feeling of relief barely registered as he slid his jeans down over his knees, his eyes remained fixed on the knickers on the bed. The thought of them wrapped around his cock filled his mind, obliterating every other thought. 

His jeans added to the neatly folded pile, followed by his boxers before he allowed himself to reach down and pick up the thin, silky lace garment. Slowly, using all of his restraint he lifted the soft pink fabric to his face again. He inhaled deeply, letting the smell of her fill his senses. Automatically his hand wrapped around his cock gripping the hardness, stroking automatically in a slow steady rhythm. He had forgotten all of his fears about being caught or trespassing in someone’s private space, he was completely lost in the moment and feeling of his fantasy. After a while he took her panties away from his face and turned back to the basket. With his cock jutting out in front of him he bent down and rummaged through the clothing, a flash of white cotton caught his eye and he extracted a pair of soft white cotton knickers from the basket. The aroma he inhaled was older and more musky than the first pair.

 Acting completely on impulse he bent down and stepped into them and pulled them up over his ass. His cock strained against the cotton fabric, creating a wet spot of its own above the yellow stain of hers. He moved back to the bed, noting carefully how the fabric moved against him, restricting his erection while the elastic around the legs cut into his thighs. The dress discarded on the bed caught his eye. Suddenly the temptation was too great, he picked it up and slipped it over his head pulling it down over his body. He twisted his body back and forth focussing on the sensation of the skirt playing over his erection. This was a whole new realm of experience, nothing like anything he had ever done or felt. In the mirror on the other side of the room he caught a glimpse of his reflection. It seemed as if the person he saw there was a complete stranger, a weird clashing mix of man and woman. Not attractive in a classical sense but alluring and strangely enticing. Completely absorbed in his own thoughts he twisted this way and that noting how the skirt of his dress caught on his erection and how badly the bodice fitted over his chest, stretching at the shoulders and sagging where her breasts would normally be.


Pushing the Boundaries

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt was “boundaries”. Due to a condition known to Australian teachers as “term 4” which translates for the rest of the world as “the six weeks before the end of the school year”. I have not participated in Wicked Wednesday or really blogging at all for quite a while. This prompt seemed an easy way to get back into the swing of things, so to speak. 

One of the defining characteristics of my play sessions with Pet has been pushing boundaries, for both of us. I never asked for a submissive, even in the loosest sense of the word. In my heart of hearts I think I knew that I was capable of dominating someone but it wasn’t something I sought out. 

There are other aspects of our interactions that are much more out there than a standard Miss / pet relationship. Things that go beyond what many people would think are OK. The more I speak to him the more my eyes are opened to situations being sexually alluring. Situations that are not what most people would call decent. 

One of these situations I recently explored a little with him was the idea of menstration. As a rule I avoid playing when I am menstrating but the nature of Pet’s schedule has meant that it isn’t always avoidable. However I recently sent an image to him that was kind of a joke. 

My prudish and religiously affected upbringing has taught me to be uncomfortable with menstration. I was always made to feel ashamed of leaving any trace of blood anywhere. I know that many other women feel the same way. I really have no idea of the general consensus of men about it. I have read a few forums discussing period sex and I was surprised to note that a lot of men really don’t care. I guess a vagina is a vagina. I know Mr Jones doesn’t seem to bother about having sex with a woman on her period but he is generally pretty keen to get in the shower afterwards. I guess when it is feeling good and he can’t actually see blood he is fine. 

Pet however is a completely different kettle of fish. The image I sent him was alluring and seductive. He asked directly for a photo of my naked menstrating vagina. Of course I hesitated a little but he assured me nothing would make him happier. This act is a great example of how this relationship is expanding my boundaries, the fact that I could take said photo and send it is testimony to how having a person like this in my life is encouraging me to be more comfortable with myself and my body. Previously something like this would never have entered my head. Now I am happily comfortable to provide photos and can see the allure for him. That is not saying that I find the act itself a turn on but I am definitely turned on by his pleasure. 

There are many things I have done with pet that I would never have imagined myself doing two or three years ago but I am quite comfortable with them now. Growing so much in comfort with my body and how other people see it has been something that has empowered me more than I could have imagined. 

TMI Tuesday Snooping


If I were to come to your home…1. And look in your refrigerator what would I see?

Nothing terribly exciting really. About four dozen eggs – I have about 20 chickens so pre birds accumulate really quickly in our house; milk, sauces, condiments, cat meat, salad vegetables and a couple of cans of Coke. If you look really hard you might find a block of chocolate. 

2. And open your front room closet or hall closet, what would I see?

That is something to be done at your own peril. The holder for the ducted vacuum hose has fallen off the wall so opening the door could result in being attacked by an 11m ducted vacuum hose! 

3. And open the top left drawer of your dresser, what would I see?

Again a whole bunch of boring stuff, prescriptions, costume jewellery, matches and a few knick knacks. If you are interested, the sex toys are in the second drawer. 

4. And go to your bedroom and look under the bed, what would I see?

I spent the weekend rearranging my bedroom so under the bed is relatively clean right now. There is a plastic storage box containing my boots and another with most of my sexy dress up clothes in it including my corset collection. 

5. And look under your basement stairs, what would I find?

Australian houses don typically have basements. I live in a single level house that doesn’t have an attic or a basement. In our back pergola / entertaining area we have a kind of trapdoor that covers the grease trap for the kitchen sink. This door causes a few comments from people not used to living in houses that are not connected to sewerage and the standard joke that we tell unsuspecting guests is that we bury the bodies of our enemies there. 
Bonus: When visiting other people’s homes and using the bathroom–friends, relatives, parties–do you look in their medicine chest?

As a rule no. I am fairly respectful of other people’s privacy. In the vague hope that they will return the favour. Unfortunately most people don’t feel the same way and are more than happy to pry into everyone else’s private life. 

In our house the toilet is separate from the bathroom and the builder of the house very thoughtfully put a hand washing sink in the toilet, removing the temptation for people to pry.