TMI Tuesday – Sexy is as Sexy Does

This week I have been painting a room in my house which is a surprisingly good opportunity for meditation. One of the things in my mind is something I have blogged about a few times this year, the change in my life that has meant the demise of “Gemma Time”. When I saw the questions for this week’s TMI I thought it was a good opportunity to get my mind back into a more Gemma space. 

What is sexier….

1. Arms or shoulders? 

A few months ago I found that my arms and shoulders no longer fit into some of my clothes. It is one of the things that happens if you spend too much time on a pole. Not that I would say I am by any means a super advanced poler. However if you spend a couple of 90 minute sessions a week hefting 80 or so kilos around then I guess that is what is going to happen. 

So given all that I would have to say shoulders are definitely sexier. 

2. Ass or legs

I am without question an ass woman. There is nothing more alluring than a gorgeous piece of ass. Male or female, but especially male. I have an endless facination with Pet’s ass. I could spank, mutilate and pleasure it for hours. 

3. Pussy or dick

OMFG dicks! I know that almost all heterosexual men and most women I have spoken to think that dicks are not that attractive; but seriously? How can people not see the allure of a penis. It is one of the most spectacular things, and they all have their charms. I could tantalise, inspect, tease, pleasure and sometimes torture penises all night. 

4. Feet or hands

An interesting choice. On a woman definitely feet. Especially if they have painted toenails and are wearing scrappy sandals or serious heels. On a man though hands are definitely way sexier. I have always had a weak spot for men who are good with their hands. Watching a man tinker with something that is broken and make it work again gives me a warm feeling between my legs. If he can take a piece of junk and turn it into something functional then imagine what else he could do with those fingers…

5. Muscles or Brains.

Pardon the pun but this is a bit of a no brainer. Muscles are great to look at but I have had too many experiences of meeting someone who has it all going on and then then open their mouth. We have all met them. 

On the other hand meeting someone who has an imagination and can put more than two words together and the sparks can definitely fly! 

Bonus: Do you think you are sexy?

Interesting question. I don’t think that Mrs Jones is particularly sexy. She is a forty something, school teacher. Gemma, on the other, hand is definitely sexy. Of course they are really the one and same person. But somehow in my mind it makes my life easier if I am able to separate the two extremes of my life into two separate sections. When I am in ‘Gemma’ mode I am absolutely 100% sex on legs. Just ask anyone. 

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What is sexier