When I Say No

In most areas of my life I am incredibly incompetent st saying no. If someone asks me to do something for them I will struggle to say no even if I really don’t have time, really don’t like that task and really don’t think it is helpful. I have a chronic cas of the the “disease to please”. When it comes to my extra marital sex life I am fairly on board with the concept of no and take pride in my direct and open conversations with men. I try extremely hard to be polite, friendly but definite with my no. In return I expect a question free response. No doesn’t mean anything except no. I doesn’t come with some hidden agenda or some inference that you are less than adequate. It just means no and my reasons for my response are entirely my business. Which I don’t need to discuss with you. 

At the club that Mr Jones and I frequent there is a gentleman who seems to have problems with this concept. I have known him for quite some time during which he has both been in serious relationships and a single person. Socially awkward would be one way to describe this guy but that would be a little unfair. He is the guy however who always seems to do and say things that are a little bit odd, a little bit sleazy and and that make you wonder what he was thinking. He is not backwards in coming forwards and he seems to be one of those guys who works on the premise that if you ask everyone for sex then you are going to score more often than not. In a swinger’s club this strategy works fairly well. However, combining this with his other traits means that many of the more choosy amongst us tend to avoid him. I am a firm believer that quantity is not a substitute for quality. Wogboy does not seem to think so. 

The other part of Wogboy’s way of operating is his inability to accept no. I will admit I flirt with him. Flirting is something everyone enjoys. Having someone interested in you is a great ego boost and flirting is a great way to enhance this. However when push comes to shove I have declined the request to go further. To be completely honest the main reason I have not gone there is Mr Jones. If anyone is more fussy about who has sex with me than me it is Mr Jones and he is adamant that Wog boy is not going to be one of the people with the key to the kingdom, so to speak. Maybe Wogboy senses this, but for whatever reason he always finds a way to mention to me that he has asked, I have said no, and he thinks I should say yes. So this is what I what I really would like to say to him, even though I don’t think he would listen.

When I say not it is with reluctance. There are parts of your personality that I find intriguing. Of course you have a reputation for having a large cock and that intrigues me. There is also something else about you that I can’t quite put my finger on, something that my gut tells me could lead to experiences that are dark, enticing and sexy. But the decision is not entirely my own. You must know that my husband is my priority and he has the right to veto any of my desires. You also need to understand and respect that, even though your intentions are above board an intense connection between me and anyone else is threatening to him. 

If you are serious about pursuing me you have a twofold task. On the one hand you have to convince him that you are trustworthy. I am the most precious thing in his life. He will not tolerate men treating me like a cum bucket. On your other hand you need to convince me that you are that dark and enticing experience of my fantasies. Complaining about my refusal every time we meet is not the way to do that. I don’t do high maintenance, needy and negative people. If you are not prepared to take on the task then you need to let it go. I don’t do sympathy sex.

Like I said I doubt that I would ever get the chance to say that and if I did I doubt he would listen. 

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