TMI Tuesday – Fantasy

It is TMI Tuesday time again. For more TMI goodness you should really visit the blog here.

1. You have a new career as a Dom or Dominatrix are you in it for money or enjoyment?

Hmmm let me think about that….

Pleasure of course. I love the rush of having power over someone. I love being able to give pleasure with a slight twist of pain.

Despite the turn on of giving pleasure and some pain I don’t think I would be a very good professional Dominatrix. I am not hard ass enough or fully committed to inflicting pain and shame. So it absolutely would be a bad career choice for me.

2. Do you have a favorite spanking scenario? Do tell.

I do like a spank when I am being fucked from behind. There is something so tittilating about a man’s firm hand on my arse while his cock is being buried deep in my cunt.

Although I have never been restrained and had my arse exposed for spanking at the leisure of my keeper it is something I think I would like to experience. Maybe at some time in the future I may have an opportunity at the hands of a certain Silver Fox I met recently

3. Would you rather go topless to work or bottomless to a family dinner?

What a conundrum. I am proud of my breasts. In the right environment I will get them out with very little encouragement. At work? I think it would be a great way to not only get fired but also probably lose my license and be one of those famous cases trotted out to demonstrate to student teachers the importance of proper behaviour.

So I guess I am going to family dinner with no pants. Maybe I can bend the rules and wear a skirt with no panties.

4. Tell us your doctor-patient fantasy?

This is not one that I have ever really thought about. I guess doctors don’t really do it for me.

5. Tie me up and _____ my _____ .

Carrying on from number 2;

Bend me over the end of the bed. My skirt will be short so that my arse will be exposed. Pull down my panties so that you will have unfettered access to my arse for your pleasure. Tie me so that I cannot move. I won’t like being restrained and I may fight it, but I need you to prove to me that you are trustworthy.

I want you to take your pleasure from my exposed arse. What ever that may be. I hope it will involve some speaking but I also hope that it will involve you spreading my legs and splurging my cunt with your fingers, your tongue and finally with your cock.

Bonus: What is the last act of kindness you did for your partner, friend or family member?

Tonight I made my husband a drink, yesterday I made him a special breakfast for him. I found this question really difficult because these things come naturally and are just part of what we do in our family

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