TMI Tuesday – Can You Handle the Truth?

1. Can you handle the truth?
One of the absolute rules that Mr Jones and I have in our relationship is honesty at all costs. Even about putting cold beer in the cupboard. Which of course any self respecting wife of a beer lover would not do because once beer is cold it must stay that way.

Seriously though. The truth is important. Trust in a relationship is vital. When you open your bedroom to other people it becomes even more critical. Without honesty there can be no trust. Sometimes it means making admissions you aren’t comfortable with. Sometimes it means hearing things you don’t want to. But time has proven that yes I can handle the truth both in the telling and the hearing.

2. A couple of October holidays are coming up. Do you participate in Halloween or Dia de los Muertos? How?

Halloween is not a widely celebrated in Australia as in the United States. It is becoming more popular being driven by retailers. Trick or treating does happen here in some areas but as I live on acreage we tend not to get too many visitors because the houses are too far apart. The most celebrating of Halloween I get involved with is dressing up for a costume party.

3. Do your parents/parent like your significant other?

For the most part yes. It wasn’t always the case but these days things are pretty good.

4. Right now! What do you need most love or validation?

From a mental health point of view 2019 has been a struggle. Without going in to too much detail changing antidepressant medication at the same time as going through menopause was a very bad idea. So I definitely need more love than validation.

5. You are singing in the shower. What song do you want to belt out?

I am not much of a shower singer. I am more into belting out tunes while I am driving. My children will attest that the music in my phone is a bit unusual but my song of choice to belt out at the moment is “Prairie Hotel Parachilna” by John Williamson.

Bonus: What’s your damage?

This question stumped me. I resorted to the wisdom of Urban dictionary to get my head around it. I will say that I have had various aspects of Heathers explained to me by my teenage daughter but not this one.

Continuing from my answer to question 4, I visited a psychologist for the first time ever last week. His assessment of the situation is that I need to learn to slow down, say no to people and not spend so much time working or doing work like things. Since then I have felt like I have permission to sit on the couch and watch Netflix. It has been quite liberating.

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