Big Hands I know Your the One

Before I start today I want to share one of my all time favourite songs with you

This song is symbolic of rebellion against the rules of the Catholic Boarding school I spent my teenage years in and also of drunk times in pubs as a uni student. It also sports one of the lines that has become a slight obsession of late.

“Big hands I know your’e the one”


Does hand size have anything to do with penis size? I have no idea. But lately, when I am forced to endure meetings it has become a guilty pleasure to observe hand size of the men around me and speculate. Is it workplace appropriate. Probably not. Will I ever act on it? definitely not. Will I ever share my thinking outside the confessional booth that is this blog. Nope. So you lot and I get to smirk secretly to our heart’s content.

And so the idea of big hands = big cock has led to some interesting ideas and endless entertainment both at work and in other places. Of course I have absolutely no intention of embarking on an actual research project about this. Even though as a scientist I instinctively want to prove a theory. The problem I have is that when I am in a position to observe penis size I don’t really think too much about hand size. When I am observing hand size there is usually NO FUCKING WAY I am going to ask the subject of my observations about his penis size.

Case in point. My current principal has big meaty hands. When we shake hands they swallow mine. He is a big man. Tall, broad and an ex football player. Probably attractive in his own way but I have cultivated this filter in my brain that does not allow inappropriate thoughts to get too out of hand when I am at school. We are never going to have a conversation about my lifestyle. EVER. So I am left to speculate when he goes on a bit too much in staff meetings.

Sometimes amusing yourself with your own twisted mind is enough.


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9 thoughts on “Big Hands I know Your the One

  1. Definitely no correlation in my experience. The biggest penis I ever encountered and it was BIG belonged to a man with fairly average hands and very slim fingers

    But like you I always check out mens hands


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  2. I LOVE that song! It is so good! As for hands, for some reasons I tend to look slightly higher, forearms are the thing that draw me in! Especially if accompanied by a long-sleeved shirt that has been folded up to reveal some hot arm action, lol. Maybe I should start with the hands though, make my moments last a bit longer :p

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  3. I absolutely loved your irreverent thought process. That’s the IDEAL way to while away meetings!

    I can’t offer any research advice, but I did have one b/f who had very ‘capable’ or workmanlike hands and he was epic at sex (medium sized dick though). I am personally turned off by too delicate a hand – it can’t be more feminine in appearance than mine!

    Thanks for sharing & linking to #WickedWednesda, & loved the music link.

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  5. I grinned so much at this. I always remember the saying “you know what big feet means, right?” (I have huge feet, and hands) – and I always reply “big socks?” lol

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