This Teacher Life

So it is Friday afternoon at the end of the second last week of the last term of the school year. Senior students have graduated and the rest of the school is well and truly into assessment mode. Today I supervised an exam and collected two classes of assignments. Admittedly one of the classes has only six students in it but meh. On Monday I will supervise a second exam and collect another class of assignments.

Over the next week and a half I will wade my way through. About 120 pieces of assessment and participate in at least three meetings moderating my marking. Suffice to say driving home on the last day knowing that I have seven weeks of not doing any school related work is going to feel really good.

Really fucking good.

Something to really look forward to this week is a planned meeting with my John Barrowman lookalike. This is really an unexpected experience. I didn’t expect to meet him that night at the club, I didn’t expect that he would want to continue seeing me and mostly I didn’t anticipate how much I would enjoy fucking him.

During our last meeting I took a video of myself giving him a head job. Mostly for Mr Jones’ benefit. Over the last week or so I have listened to it many times. The sound of a man totally lost in pleasure and being comfortable enough to vocalize is so stimulating for me. I cannot explain the visceral reaction I have to the sound of an orgasm that I helped to create. I am definitely looking forward to the encore.

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