I have made a few recent mentions about a man I am seeing that has a passing resemblance to John Barrowman. The last time I met up with him I was watching him walk towards me across the car park and I thought to myself how attractive he was. Something about him just floats my boat. Imagine my surprise when later that night during a rest break he comments to me about feeling that he was “too old, too fat and too hairy to be successful in the modern internet dating world.

Firstly he is the same age as me. So if he is too old then I must be as well. I am fairly flexible when it comes to the age of my playmates. The only age related line I have drawn recently has been to refuse a very young man on the basis that he is the same age as my son! Toyboys are nice and all but I just can’t go there. In terms of JB he is fine. Age is just a number and too old is more about attitude than anything else.

Too fat? Well health is more important that a waist measurement. I am forcing myself to come to terms with my own waist measurement that is larger than I would like. When it comes to men something that really, truly gets me going is someone who is strong enough to manhandle me. I believe that JB has that. Note to self; discuss this as a part of our play sometime very soon

The thing that I really wanted to talk about in this post is the hairy comment. In our culture body hair is something that is not really celebrated. Whilst beards are extremely fashionable at the moment our images of sexy men typically don’t include large amounts of body hair. Personally I don’t have a preference. Mr Jones is fairly hairless and I enjoy a smooth skinned man but there is something very masculine about male body hair. A long term twitter friend of mine @jackandjillcpl kindly shared some images of his to help me make my point.

Jack is what I would consider an exceptionally sexy man. He is definitely not smooth skinned but his photos show a man who is comfortable with himself and confident in his sexiness.

I love how proud he is in this image. The mat of hair on his chest announces his masculinity. So fucking sexy

When I look at this one I just want to snuggle in there. One of the things I love about hairy guys is the texture of the hair when I put my hands on their body. Feeling that texture on my hands is sexy. It makes me want to bury my face against his chest and explore how he responds to my touch.

This one is just fucking sexy. I want to put my hands down there and feel what he has to offer before I reveal him to cover his cock with my lips.

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate smooth skin and would explore a smooth body if the chemistry between us is right and the opportunity arises. But a man with hair definitely has appeal. Something I don’t particularly like is a hairy man who shaves his body hair. Body hair gives texture but it is soft. When it is shaved it goes all prickly and irritates my skin. If you have hair, own it. Sexiness is about confidence and the conviction that you are attractive.

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6 thoughts on “Hairy

  1. I am totally with you on body hair – I don’t have a preference at all. My husband has a beard, and it looks good on him. Sometimes people say he should shave it, and then look at me to agree and I never do. He doesn’t have a lot of body hair, but I have been with men who do, and that was as nice as you describe above. And yes, Jack IS a sexy man 🙂

    Rebel xox

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  2. I used to think I didn’t like body hair…until I met my own partner, who’s covered in it and SO cuddly. I don’t think anyone’s too old, fat, or hairy to date…it’s just a matter of meeting the right person. 🙂


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