The End of an Era

I have blogged about my pole dance hobby here and here. Pole dance has been part of my life for about nine years. I started out with my friend learning on a pole installed in s woman’s apartment. My friend dropped out after about eight weeks. I kept going for some reason. Eventually my instructor established a studio and I started classes there.

As I have explained before pole studios can be a little bit intimidating. Often they are filled with younger, thinner, more flexible women in tiny shorts. Sometimes the way classes are structured means that if you can’t nail a particular move you have to say good bye to classmates and new friendships as they graduate to new classes while you are stuck at the same level battling with your nemesis move.

My first instructor’s studio worked that way. Because I struggled to invert I was labelled a beginner and I watched younger women sail past me into intermediate classes to learn new and exciting things while I was stuck struggling to invert. Then I found my new studio. I was welcomed and nurtured and encouraged to do something I struggled with in a way that I had never been in my life ever. I was chided for speaking negatively to myself and I was convinced, for the first time, that my arse was a beautiful thing.

For about six years I have been existing in this bubble. I have fallen and terrified my teacher, I have had triumphs and almost successes. I have learned about dance and made some amazing friends. I have some amazing photos. Some that I can, and have shared here. Just for good measure here are some;

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. My teacher recently announced that she is taking a break from teaching and is closing her studio. This year has been hard for her and she is taking some well earned time to get her heart and her life in order. I am happy for her that she is taking time to recharge her battery because she needs a super strong one to keep shining out positivity and love every day the way she does.

For myself and many of her students we are all feeling a little orphaned and lost right now. I think I have shed more tears about this turn of events than almost anything else in my life. These days I seem to have a leak in my tear ducts. Which is not at all like me. But I digress.

Will I keep pole dancing? I don’t know. I am looking around for other classes and other studios. One of my teachers will perhaps be re-inventing herself and I look forward to that. One thing is for certain, all of those classes in that little studio will forever hold a place in my heart.

9 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. You are so amazing! I’m not sure I could ever even attempt to try it! I love your moves! And the photos! I walk and swim but the idea of pole dancing looks like performing to me. Too hard! Only in private I think!
    A lovely post. Sad how only the young get the attention and encouragement….


    • Part of it is performing I guess. And this is where all of these images come from. A very large part of the loss associated with this is that the studio owner created a safe, loving environment where women of all shapes and sizes could come, learn to appreciate their bodies and express a more taboo side of themselves to their friends and partners if they chose to. Public performance was not really part of the experience unless you chose to pursue it.


      • Yes…I can see that! We as women all struggle with our body image. I sure do! When I first met Rex, OMG!!! there was NO WAY I was going to let him see me NAKED!!!!! He changed my view of myself, although I’m still very sensitive about how others see me…especially other women!

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