TMI Tuesday – The Final Countdown

I tried to insert the video to Europe’s “The Final Countdown” but the iPad is not cooperating. Anywhoo on to the questions;

In 2019 did you;

1. Get a new job?

Not really. I am still teaching pretty much the same subjects at the same school. I did take on a new role supporting indigenous students which is not as glamorous or as hard hitting as it sounds but it was interesting nonetheless. I hope I made a small difference to at least one student and will build on that in the coming year.

2. Get s new haircut?

My hair is still long as it has always been but this year I inserted an undercut and a small section on the side of my head is now shaved as well. I also changed colour. For many years I have had red or sometimes violet but earlier this year I changed to black. I actually liked it however I am currently growing out all of the colour I have going on because I am planning to be travelling for most of 2021 and need a hairstyle that doesn’t require maintenance. So bye bye colour.

3. Get a new car?

No. There has been much discussion relating to cars in our house over the last few years. “My” car is a Mazda RX8 that is relatively expensive to run (although it is fun to drive 😁). I also have a car that I share with my son that is considerably cheaper to run. The day is coming when he will buy me out and I will no longer have access to this one, then we may have to actually make a decision about getting a car for me to drive that is not so expensive.

4. Move?

No. Our current house is pretty much perfect for us. Good location, very big back yard and quite comfortable in size. That and some other financial reasons mean we will be staying here for the foreseeable future.

5. Get a new romantic partner?

I am in a marriage that has chalked up 21 years of life and is still going strong. I can’t see myself going anywhere soon.

6. Have a kid?

Nope, nope, NOPE!!!

One of the things I seem to say a lot these days when I am observing other people struggling with their younger children is “I am glad I don’t have little kids anymore” and I am. I didn’t hate having my own children as babies, toddlers or otherwise. I have been fortunate that adolescence was relatively peaceful in our house but that doesn’t mean I want to do it again.

7. Take up a new hobby?

I did take up an extension of my beloved pole dancing, exotic floorplay which looks something like this;

It is challenging and sometimes quite painful but I hope to continue with it in 2020

In 2020 will you;

1. Get a new job?

No. My daughter attends the school I teach at so I will be there until she graduates at the end of 2020. After that I may have a look around at other opportunities.

2. Get a new car?

Probably not given the situation I already spoke about. But you never know.

3. Take a risk?

I asked Mr Jones about this as I couldn’t think of anything. He says that I take a risk every time I tweet or write here. I am careful about my work colleagues stumbling across this blog or probably worse, finding me on a dating website or a club. While we are living in the 21st century there are probably a lot of parents out there who would not be happy that a person teaching their child does not have the same ideas about monogamy that they do.

Bonus: What will be important to you in 2020, that wasn’t important in 2019?

This sounds like an alternative question to “what is your New Year’s resolution?” Something I suck at. So I don’t really have an answer to this one either.

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Holiday Wri Mo

Many years ago when Erotic Adventures was in full swing I thought about completing NaNoWriMo. I never quite managed it as my first attempt happened the year I was completing my teaching qualifications. Right when I had my last block of practical experience. Since then I have had a very off and on relationship with writing altogether partly due to my new career and I think also due to struggles with medication.

Several years on, my career is not so new. I wouldn’t say I have more time but work is not as all consuming as it was. More importantly I seem to have addressed the medication/ libido issues which means I think more about stuff to entertain you all with.

However, for a teacher in Australia November is the WORST month to embark on a project that requires sustained creative output. For us it is the end of the school year; we are tired, the kids are tired, everyone except us and the kids wants to see some assessment and data and so personal projects get out on hold. I am proud of the small amount of blogging I managed to sustain through all this but a part of me wanted to do MORE.

Now that I am on holidays until the end of January I have some time. I have used the last couple of weeks to relax, recharge and deal with Christmas so now I plan to write something every day. I don’t have a novel planned, this is more of a spontaneous thing but there will be some fiction. Not just rambling blog posts like this one. I am thinking of entering the Smut Marathon for 2020 but of course I am lacking confidence. So please some feedback on the posts would be great!

So now I guess it is time to put my money where my mouth is and write something!

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The Gift of Giving

I have a long term friend who had told me on multiple occasions that I have the “disease to please”. By this she means that I am driven to make the people around me happy often at my own expense even when this is detrimental to me.

Of course there are times when this inclination is a good thing. It makes me conscious of other people and their feelings and needs in a way that others often aren’t.But it can also be extremely unhealthy. It means that I put other’s wants and perceived needs well ahead of my own basic needs.

When it comes to my Gemma life I am less inclined to sacrifice myself to please others. This is not the way it has always been. In the past I have taken one for the team to make Mr Jones happy and I have tolerated some bad behaviour from play mates without so much as a whimper. But those days are in the past.

I have three basic rules that all play friends must abide by;

1. No lies, to myself or your partner. If you aren’t upfront with them about who else you are fucking then we are going nowhere fast.

2. No dicking around. That means no making a plan and then not following through either by not turning up or contacting at the last minute to change time/ venue etc. Also no contacting to ask for pics/ sex chat when you are horny or bored and then ghosting off when can’t be bothered to make an effort.

3. Perform according to advertised standards. Don’t be three minute wonder or a wombat (eat shoot and leaves). If I am not satisfied at the end of the night your chances of getting a return invitation are greatly reduced.

I am guilty of not enforcing the rules from time to time but I am training myself to be firmer with them. It is paying off.

My recent exploits with JB have been a clear demonstration that the rules work. He has never actually been informed of the rules but like the gentleman and amazing lover he is he abides by all of them all of the time. I am more than satisfied with things and have a justifiable means to turn down other prospective partners like the IT guy.

However during my last play session I recognised the pure joy I can get from giving pleasure. One of the sexiest things about this man is the look on his face when he greets me and takes away the robe I like to wear when I meet him, to see what is underneath.

During our last meeting I laid him down on the bed and teased his nipples first with my nails and then with my teeth. He loves it. As I sat astride him and teased him by touching his lips with my juice covered finger he smiled with such contentment and pleasure it gave me a thrill.

He had the same look as I lowered my wet, aroused cunt onto his face. Before he began to work his magic and drink as much of the liquid I squirted into his hungry eager mouth. When he licks me it is the most pleasurable thing. At first I am restrained but it doesn’t last forever. Before long I find myself wrapping my hand around the back of his head and grinding myself into his face.

It is a strange thing. I love to please him with scratches, bites and sucking and biting his cock but he gets almost as much pleasure from licking me and drinking my juice. It is as if both of us get more out of pleasing each other than pleasing ourselves.

One of the most erotic things I have always enjoyed is listening to and feeling my partners climax. JB is no different. I have a video
I took of him cumming in my mouth. I can hear the sounds he makes as he orgasms in the background. I have listened to this on repeat as I masturbate. It is one of the sexiest fucking things. For me there will always be a gift for myself in giving pleasure to other people.

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Crossing the Line

It has been a long while since I have added to the story I started as part of the Journey to Now page. During our recent cruise I had a fair bit of down time and I worked on some posts to add to the story. Now back in the land of the living I will hopefully be continuing to complete this. For those who are new to the blog please visit the “Journey to Now” page to catch up on the story.

Mr Jones has always been very clear about emotional ties with our play partners. He likes the friendship aspect of things but he is very much a one woman man. He has never been interested in having more than one romantic relationship. I never really gave the topic much thought but as time went on and we continued our relationship with Sheree and Wes I began to consider the idea of polyamory to something more than just a fantasy. Mr Jones described his feelings about Sheree in this way; “My dick likes having sex with her but I am not really in to her as a person that much.” In the beginning we spent a lot of time together as a foursome. Mostly we swapped partners and occasionally Sheree and I would have girl time together. I had visited Ladies night a few times by this stage and my desire to have sex with women was waning a little. Slowly I was coming to the realisation that what I really liked was cock. Nice, dare I say it, thick above average sized cock.

In contrast to Mr Jones’ feelings about Sheree, Wes and myself began realising that some feelings were beginning to develop between us. It was never really defined and Mr Jones and I seemed to talk about it sometimes but never in a really direct way. Certainly WES and I had several conversations about it. Some were vague and about the idea of polyamory in general, some were more direct and related to managing our feelings and relationship so as not to hire the other stakeholders.

Over Mr Jones and I became aware that all was not well in the Wes and Sheree household. Sheree had several mental health issues which they were quite open with us about but looking back I realise how naive I was about just how much Wes contributed to them and possibly used them as an excuse for some very bad behaviour. In any case circumstances led to Mr Jones engaging in his first experience of playing solo. We had never really discussed it but I had always stated that I was OK with him enjoying himself. Unlike him I was confident that he had no intention of running off with someone else and so I was, and still am, comfortable with him getting enjoyment from any experiences that come his way.

When he came home one day and told me that he and Sheree had taken advantage of a situation and engaged in a hot and heavy tryst in a park I was excited for him. I felt I was a much needed boost to his confidence. For myself I wasn’t particularly interested in solo play with Wes despite my growing feelings for him.

What did grow out of that first foray into playing without their partner in the room for Wes and Sheree was my first MMF. I requested this with some nervousness. I knew that Mr Jones was aware of how I felt about Wes and I had an inkling that he wasn’t entirely happy about what was happening. I guess looking back now he didn’t know how to stop what he may have seen as a runaway train. His confidence in my devotion to him was not as strong as mine in his and to be completely honest I was not as settled in my relationship as I could have been. Some of the issues that plagued our marriage earlier still lingered. At this time I had been forced to resign from my job and ultimately had to turn my back on a career I loved as a result of circumstances that stemmed largely from the trials and tribulations of adjusting to life with children. I felt strongly that this turn of events was due to some failings on Mr Jones’ part and even though I was working towards it I had by no means forgiven him.

In any case I found myself in a bed sandwiched for the first time between two men. Both Mr Jones and Wes had what I regarded as particularly nice cocks. I loved both of them, in my hand, in my mouth and in my pussy. At this time anal sex and I were still not really friends. Neither of my lovers really minded. The evening was an amazing experience for me. A lot of first times for many things happened; first spit roast, first time watching a man suck another’s cock and most importantly first time of double vaginal penetration.

This feat was not planned and was a result of some patience and a lot of communication between Mr Jones and Wes. I doubt very much if it would have been as successful if both me had not been so comfortable with themselves and each other as it required two penises to get into some very close quarters together. As I recall I lay on my side and Mr Jones entered me from behind. Dan had the trickier task of inserting himself into an already full pussy while facing me. It took some adjusting of legs, arms and hips but we achieved the goal. It was one of the most amazing, intimate experiences of my life. My pussy was stretched in the most pleasurable way and my body was pressed between both of the men I desired most in the world. It is something that I will never forget even now after so many different experiences and different men. It would be a very long time before I would experience that level of intimacy again.

TMI Tuesday – Christmas Edition

I have been on holidays in Papua New Guinea so I am a bit tardy with my TMI this week. I will also preface my post by saying that living in a country that experiences Christmas in Summer means that a lot of the traditions that surround Christmas are irrelevant, and for a child growing up in this environment downright confusing. So my answers to the questions below will be very different from most. A bit like this image that I found at

mad max santa

1. Have you ever kissed someone under mistletoe?

In line with the comments at the start of the post it is summer here. I actually have never seen mistletoe in real life so I guess the answer is no. On a tangent I got very excited recently on a visit to a Brisbane cathedral when I found a real live holly bush growing in the grounds. It was the start of summer so of course there were no red berries in sight but to see something that I have only ever seen in photos is exciting for me.

2. Eggnog or hot chocolate?

Again the climate means that neither of these items is really happening at this time of the year. I have discovered, however that you can buy egg-nog in a carton (eeeewwwww). For the record I am not planning to try this any time soon. I do however enjoy a good hot chocolate during the appropriate season.

egg nog

3. Colored or white lights on a Christmas tree?

I had to ask girl child to demonstrate this to me. It turns out we have white and pink (I think it is meant to be red but that is what you get when you buy things from the dollar shop).

4. Real or fake Christmas tree?

Now as an adult living in the city fake because again, Australia. As a child living on a cattle station it was a custom to head to the creek the day before Christmas to harvest a section of a ti-tree which was placed in a bucket of wet sand and decorated. It only lasted a few days.


5. What tops your Christmas tree?

We currently have a star. We used to have an angel but she died.

6. Candy canes, yuck or yum?

I am not a huge fan of candy canes. However I believe that this is probably because the kind we get here are mostly found in the dollar shop and are inferior. A friend was once sent some candy canes from the US and they were much better than any damn candy cane I ever ate. A question for my Northern Hemisphere readers; Is mint the best / only flavour you get?

7. What is your favorite holiday dessert?

Even though it is hot and this is not appropriate for the climate Australians will still honour traditional Christmas food such as fruit cake and plum pudding. I am a bit partial to plum pudding and Mr Jones would not be impressed if it wasn’t served, warmed up with enough custard to drown it. I have made an ice cream version of a plum pudding in the past. I enjoyed it but not everyone else was convinced. This year my brother and his family will be joining us. They are mostly gluten and dairy free so for them dessert will be red and green jelly with fruit (yay!)

Bonus: Are you going on holiday during the December holiday season? Where?

I have just returned from an 11 day cruise to Papua New Guniea which I blogged about here.  Other than that I don’t think I will be venturing very far. I will need to recuperate after the family onslaught that will be my pending Christmas celebration.

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You are a Strong Woman

I have been a bit quiet in here for the last week or so. Twitter followers will know this is because I have been on a cruise to Papua New Guinea.

Or maybe they don’t.

Whatever the case I have been in the isolated bubble of a cruise boat. As a holiday option cruising is definitely different. I am not sure what it is like in other countries but cruising from Australia involves copious amounts of food and visits to mostly tropical or Pacific Island countries. I stress the mostly as there are cruise options leaving from Brisbane (my home town) and Sydney with Asian and New Zealand options.

For this voyage our destination is Papua New Guinea. An interesting country with political and military ties to Australia. A large number of people on this particular cruise have worked for varying amounts of time in New Guinea. Many Australian companies have branches or parts of their operations in New Guinea. Our cruise director is constantly stressing to the guests that this is a less developed part of the world. By this he means that the people are living that weird blend of traditional life with some modern ideas thrown in. A visit to a village hut will reveal a very small dwelling with maybe two or three rooms, no indoor plumbing, no defined bedrooms but power supplied by a generator through a single lead that will connect to a rice cooker and a mobile phone charger. Cooking is done outside (except for the rice cooker) and the people who live outside the main cities on isolated islands, for the most part, grow their own food or harvest it from the sea.

This is our second visit to this country. We came for the first time with one of the first cruise boats to visit the area. Five years on some things have changed. The standard of living is still the same but the number of villagers vying for the elusive tourist dollar is increasing. As is the amount of coercion on the part of children to try and elicit money from the tourists. It is distressing to not be able to help as many people as approach you.

One of the attractions for repeating the trip was the opportunity to experience an active volcano. Geology holds a certain fascination for me and the workings of tectonic plates are a very exciting part of that. Needless to say when I discovered a tour that promised a close up look into the crater of an active volcano that is situated near Rabaul. I jumped at the chance. Before we left the country most people we told about our proposed adventure couldn’t see the attraction. Despite my fascination other people just can’t get as excited about rocks and their workings as I do.

Two days into our cruise and news of the volcano disaster in New Zealand reached us. My thoughts are with the people who lost their lives, and their families as but for the grace of God Mr Jones and myself could have been on that party of cruise boat tourists chasing the experience of visiting an active volcano. After this news everyone we told of our proposed adventure made a joke about getting blown up like the people in New Zealand. We were more fortunate I guess. We made it to the top and lived to tell the tale.

It was not an easy journey. The path was not formed and took us almost straight up a slope made of tiny scoria interspersed with larger rocks that had been formed by lava bombs. When we reached the top we were rewarded with a view of rocks in the crater covered with solid sulphur and steaming vents releasing the foul smelling gas into the air. This volcano does not contain lava like some but usually releases large amounts of ash, small scoria, hydrogen sulphide gas and the occasional lava bomb.

The terrain reflects this and I could not have made it without the good humour and assistance of my guide Judas (I don’t know what twisted mission education prompted that name!). I think I impressed him with some unorthodox ways of navigating rocks and crevasses and the number of times I fell on my butt during the descent.

In New Guinea it is expected that women cover their legs and butts while exposing breasts is quite ok; breasts are for feeding babies, exposing butt cheeks is an invitation for sexual advances. So I could not show him the result of my many falls. You guys however are quite welcome to view some of the shots I took later that evening when dressing for dinner.

As we reached the bottom, despite my many falls and amusing Judas and his brother by sliding some of the way on my butt I was complimented that I was a strong woman! At that time my legs felt as if they wouldn’t hold me up any longer so I didn’t feel particularly strong but on reflection I guess I am. This year has been one of many challenges for me and perhaps this journey was to show me that if I keep getting up when I fall down I will succeed. Sometimes you have to travel a long way from home to realise some things that people all around you have been telling you all along.


Life is full of twists and turns. It is also full of hidden pockets of unexpected discoveries. Like the discovery that Neal and his wife had made after a drunken evening with their friends. Without realising things were heading in that direction Neal found his hand was sliding up the skirt of his wife’s friend and his wife was grinding against the crotch of her husband. What followed was a night of uninhibited and unexpected dirty fucking. The next morning instead of diving into a cave of shame Neal and his wife were at it like rabbits.

The whole experience started him on a path of discovery. He felt like a man who had been eating meat and three veg every night and then one night came home to curry. Hot, spicy curry. At first he just enjoyed the curry for what it was. The next day he went back to the meat and veg with gusto but then found himself going back for a second taste. After a while he began to wonder what else was out there. Was there other curry? Was there other food? It would be some time before he was able to find out.

Life happened. Neal found himself in a world of pain and arguments and judgement and hurt. Sex became a distant memory as he struggled with the violent, painful death throes of his marriage. He lost his long term partner, the mother of his children and really the only woman he cared to remember sharing his bed. She didn’t go quietly and he didn’t want to let her go but in the end it was worse keeping her in his life.

Facing the facts one night he made a decision. He was not ready to date, even to look for a fuck buddy. He didn’t want any hassles with women expecting attention or emotional energy on his part. He had none to give. But he was a man, with a sex drive that was nagging at the back of his mind. He found the swingers club he and his ex had talked about visiting once, checked out the rules for solo men, made the phone call and before he had a chance to think too much he found himself on the introductory tour.

It was a dark and twisting place. It looked like a mix between a bar with an adjoining lounge. Except for all the bedrooms and the dance floor with poles, and the spa and the massive television playing porn. OK so it wasn’t like anything he had seen before or what he imagined. Although if pressed he couldn’t really say what he imagined. He was terrified. So much so that he was convinced that he would spend his evening drinking his beer in the corner and then going home.

Life is full of unexpected twists.

He found himself talking with a couple. Of course he noticed her first. In fact he wasn’t sure why he was the man talking to her. She was amazing. Not a pin up girl or a young slender model but confident, curvy, sex on rails. She and her husband shared their experiences and ideas about non-monogamous life. It was a revelation to him. He felt like a child looking into the window of a candy store at everything good in the world but still with a pane of glass between him and sugary bliss.

Then he felt her hand on his thigh. One glance into her eyes and he felt the glass pane melting away. He knew which candy he would choose just as soon as he was asked but he wasn’t sure what would be offered, or if he would be offered anything at all.

The next little while was a blur. He found himself in a dimly lit room dominated by a clean, neatly made bed. The woman pulled off her shirt and her skirt and carefully removed her impressive boots. She sat on the edge of the bed clad in a body stocking with her knees slightly apart. He found himself being guided to stand in front of her as she fumbled with his jeans. His heart was thundering at a million miles an hour as he helped her open his pants and let his throbbing cock free. Her tongue teased the head of his cock before she slid her lips down over his shaft. Warmth spread through his body as she moved her head up and down gently pulling the skin of his cock. Just as he felt his knees beginning to buckle under him she pulled away from him to attend to her husband.

Neal slid down onto the bed. His hand moved over her body, seeking out her pussy. It had been so long since he had touched a warm wet pussy that he felt his body ache. Tentatively he slid his finger into the opening of her body stocking and began to stroke her. Keeping her mouth on her husband’s cock she twisted her pelvis slightly to allow him better access. He slid his finger inside her and stroked the small node close to the opening.

He could feel her responses to his touch and he let her guide him to the right spots with her free hand. She didn’t take her mouth away from her husband’s cock but he could hear little moans as her body twitched in response to his touch. He felt liquid building around his hand and a small inkling of what was about to happen started at the back of his mind. Was she? He hardly dared to hope.

Then his curiosity was satisfied. He felt her pussy clamp shut as her whole body writhed. She pulled away from her husbands cock as the first orgasm took her. Neal felt a gush of warm liquid cover his hand. He continued to stroke her as she writhed and moaned in pleasure. His reward was more warm wet liquid covering his hand. Finally she pushed him away and they lay on the bed with her sandwiched between the two men.

“Can I lick you?” He asked. He felt like a teenager, awkward and excited at the same time. He had fantasized about this for so many years but had never dared hope that he would feel his face covered by warm sweet ejaculate.

She nodded her consent, and wriggled free of the lace covering her body. He pulled her hips towards his face and took a moment to observe her. With his finger he traced around the sensitive folds of skin before he took his first taste. She was as sweet as he had hoped. Encouraged he moved in closer brushing his tongue over the hard swollen node of her clit and dipping his tongue into her opening. Her hands guided him to the places where she would gain the most pleasure.

Then it happened. Her body arched as she spasmed in pleasure and he was rewarded with his first full mouthful of her juice. He wanted to bury his face in her and drink every drop. He continued stroking her at the same time sliding a finger inside her. His efforts were rewarded with more squirts of sweetness. It was better than he could have imagined. Finally she pushed him away,

“That is enough for now,” she gasped. “I need a cock.” She pulled her husband towards her and he slid his thickness into her slick opening. Neal had forgotten how stimulating it was to watch live sex. So much better than any porn. They were not bothered by his presence. In fact she seemed to be inviting him to watch closely. Her husband obliged by turning his hips so Neal had a clear view of cock sliding slowly in and out of glistening wetness.

“That is so fucking sexy.” Neal couldn’t keep the thought inside him any longer. She smiled seductively and guided his head towards her crotch.

“Get that magic tongue down here.” She commanded.

He obliged. It was completely different from anything he had ever done. He had worried about being so close to another man’s cock, unsure of how he would respond but right now it just seemed like the most natural thing to be doing. His tongue focused on her clit but every now and then it strayed down to stroke the velvet skin of the cock so close to his face. After a while her husband withdrew and lay close to her. His cock was still hard and proud covered with her sweetness.

Neal rested his head on the woman’s thigh taking in the smells and sensations. Earlier she had asked him if he was into guys. His response had been an automatic no. He had never been asked and he had never thought about it. Now, resting his head on a woman’s thigh with a cock right in front of his face he wondered.

On an impulse he leaned forward and slid his lips over the swollen head. He tasted pussy juice and felt unexpectedly smooth, soft skin. His body responded but he was still not sure so the contact was very brief. Neither of the others seemed phased at all either by his action or by his withdrawal. His mind was spinning with everything that had happened he needed a cigarette and a drink.

Life is full of unexpected twists.

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