This week’s prompt was “Motivation”. I had ideas for a story but I didn’t seem to gel. I think this one was getting in the way.

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It starts when you lift up my dress to reveal a pair of satin panties. For a moment you admire the colour and shimmer of the fabric before pushing the dress up further to reveal my breasts threatening to spill out of a bra that matches the panties. You pull the dress over my head and then lay me down on the bed. You seem to be mesmerised by my cleavage as you fumble with the clasp of my bra. Driven by desire I arch up towards you pushing my satin covered crotch against your leg.

Finally you remove my bra letting my breasts spill out into your hands. My nipples slip into the spaces between your fingers and you pinch them gently before rolling both nipples between your fingers. I didn’t realise I was holding my breath as I exhale. My crotch pushes harder against your leg as we look intently into each other’s eyes. Your head bends to take my nipple into your mouth. I moan in response and arch harder against you. A small trickle of wetness stains the satin of my panties.

The scent of my arousal fills the room, causing you to grip my breast harder. You move your attention to my other nipple as I pant and moan in pleasure under neath you. My cunt is hungry and demanding as spasms of pleasure shudder through me. Finally you release me and again we look intently at each other as your hand strays to the place you are really wanting. I know you are hungry. All day I have been teasing you with images of those panties and suggestions of what they cover. I know you crave the taste of me. I am just as hungry as you but the exquisite anticipation is almost as pleasurable as the meal we are moving towards.

You slip your hand inside my panties. Your finger finds its way into the hot slit that is quickly becoming saturated with my juice. A gentle stroke over my swollen sensitive lips rewards you with a spasm of my body and a jet of liquid over your palm. You remove your hand and lick my pleasure from your fingers. A small moan of appreciation escapes you at that first taste. You slide down the bed so that you are kneeling between my knees. My heart skips a little beat, I know you mean business now. I arch my back helping you remove my panties and willingly let you spread my legs so that you can admire my slick wet pussy.

Time seems to stretch as you look at me. A small breeze from the fan caresses me. I can see your face, the pleasure of anticipation. Finally you bend to taste me fully. The first lick is an agony. Your warm tongue touches me but the touch is so gentle and teasing, close to the centre of my arousal but not quite, I place my hands on the back of your head. Like you I am resisting the temptation to push hard into the aching centre of my desire. Instead I am forcing myself to anticipate.

Your tongue delves deeper into my folds, stroking against my swollen clit, circling and teasing before dipping down into my pussy. I cannot resist any more. My fingers curl into your hair and as I writhe in pleasure I push your head against my crotch. Your slide fingers inside me to tease the sensitive spot just inside my opening. The room fills with my grunts of pleasure as I squirt jets of liquid into your mouth and over your face. I watch your face between my legs. I could watch the look of total enjoyment as you lick and such and drink me for hours.

You bury your face in me, gripping my hips to push me harder against you. My hands mash your face into my cunt. My body thrashes around and I lose control. Spasm after spasm rips through me. The moans of pleasure become loud crazy animal noises. The sheets beneath my arse are saturated but I cannot stop cumming. With each spasm another jet of liquid covers your face,

Finally I can’t take any more. I pull away and you raise your face for air. You move so that you a lying beside me. The smile on your face tells me your hunger has been satisfied if only momentarily. My desire is like a slow burn in my belly. The fire has been fed but it is relentless as it builds I flip you onto your back and straddle you.

The first course is done and compliments to the chef but now It is time for the second course.

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