RIP Nana

I blogged in 2019 about attending the 100th birthday of my grandmother. It was a milestone that was celebrated in style with all of her family present.

I had thought for some time that despite seeming to be timeless that Nana was merely marking time in this dimension. She had lived longer than most people ever do, she had outlived her husband by forty years, most of her friends, her younger sister and one of her children. Despite taking great joy in watching her grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up, she was done.

Interestingly she didn’t have any major debilitating health problems that were causing her concern. Her body was just worn out. On Christmas Day she was admitted to hospital with a kidney infection and while in hospital she contracted a rhinovirus. On Friday 17 January she suffered a massive stroke and left this world. While everyone was saddened by her passing there was a sense of relief. One of the things that she had been adamant about was not wanting to live in a nursing home. Prior to Christmas and during her stay in hospital the need to move her from her assisted living residence to a facility with a higher level of care had become obvious. That battle and transition never came to pass.

One thing that was commented on during the funeral was her response to a question posed to her during her 100th birthday celebrations; “What is your secret to a long life?”

Her response; “Hard work!”

There is no doubt during her long life she worked hard. She was born at the end of WWI she lived through the Great Depression and WWII. She was actively involved in the raising of all five of her grandchildren and had a major role in the lives of her 12 great – grandchildren. She cared for her husband as he battled cancer and did the same for three of her children. Sadly her husband and one of her sons did not win the great fight but two of her daughters did. She worked hard.

My grandfather died when I was 9 years old. I have very few memories of him. Nana never re-married. She lived an entire lifetime as a widow. Her reunion with her husband has been long in the making.

Rest in peace, hard working, eternally cheerful, quietly extraordinary woman.

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