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It starts when you lift up my dress to reveal a pair of satin panties. For a moment you admire the colour and shimmer of the fabric before pushing the dress up further to reveal my breasts threatening to spill out of a bra that matches the panties. You pull the dress over my head and then lay me down on the bed. You seem to be mesmerised by my cleavage as you fumble with the clasp of my bra. Driven by desire I arch up towards you pushing my satin covered crotch against your leg.

Finally you remove my bra letting my breasts spill out into your hands. My nipples slip into the spaces between your fingers and you pinch them gently before rolling both nipples between your fingers. I didn’t realise I was holding my breath as I exhale. My crotch pushes harder against your leg as we look intently into each other’s eyes. Your head bends to take my nipple into your mouth. I moan in response and arch harder against you. A small trickle of wetness stains the satin of my panties.

The scent of my arousal fills the room, causing you to grip my breast harder. You move your attention to my other nipple as I pant and moan in pleasure under neath you. My cunt is hungry and demanding as spasms of pleasure shudder through me. Finally you release me and again we look intently at each other as your hand strays to the place you are really wanting. I know you are hungry. All day I have been teasing you with images of those panties and suggestions of what they cover. I know you crave the taste of me. I am just as hungry as you but the exquisite anticipation is almost as pleasurable as the meal we are moving towards.

You slip your hand inside my panties. Your finger finds its way into the hot slit that is quickly becoming saturated with my juice. A gentle stroke over my swollen sensitive lips rewards you with a spasm of my body and a jet of liquid over your palm. You remove your hand and lick my pleasure from your fingers. A small moan of appreciation escapes you at that first taste. You slide down the bed so that you are kneeling between my knees. My heart skips a little beat, I know you mean business now. I arch my back helping you remove my panties and willingly let you spread my legs so that you can admire my slick wet pussy.

Time seems to stretch as you look at me. A small breeze from the fan caresses me. I can see your face, the pleasure of anticipation. Finally you bend to taste me fully. The first lick is an agony. Your warm tongue touches me but the touch is so gentle and teasing, close to the centre of my arousal but not quite, I place my hands on the back of your head. Like you I am resisting the temptation to push hard into the aching centre of my desire. Instead I am forcing myself to anticipate.

Your tongue delves deeper into my folds, stroking against my swollen clit, circling and teasing before dipping down into my pussy. I cannot resist any more. My fingers curl into your hair and as I writhe in pleasure I push your head against my crotch. Your slide fingers inside me to tease the sensitive spot just inside my opening. The room fills with my grunts of pleasure as I squirt jets of liquid into your mouth and over your face. I watch your face between my legs. I could watch the look of total enjoyment as you lick and such and drink me for hours.

You bury your face in me, gripping my hips to push me harder against you. My hands mash your face into my cunt. My body thrashes around and I lose control. Spasm after spasm rips through me. The moans of pleasure become loud crazy animal noises. The sheets beneath my arse are saturated but I cannot stop cumming. With each spasm another jet of liquid covers your face,

Finally I can’t take any more. I pull away and you raise your face for air. You move so that you a lying beside me. The smile on your face tells me your hunger has been satisfied if only momentarily. My desire is like a slow burn in my belly. The fire has been fed but it is relentless as it builds I flip you onto your back and straddle you.

The first course is done and compliments to the chef but now It is time for the second course.

TMI Tuesday – Happy New Year

This week’s questions seemed to take me in a trip down memory lane. I enjoyed reminiscing, I hope you enjoy my answers. As alway pleas make sure you visit TMI Tuesday and see what other participants are revealing this week.

1. What is the most useless thing you know how to do?

Make sand castles! In our family we build sand castles at every beach we visit. We have visited many beaches, in every state of Australia and in some Pacific countries. One of the coolest applications of this skill was helping a Japanese exchange student we had visiting us to experience the joy of building a sand castle.

2. Do you use sex to relieve stress? How?

I tend to find that sex when I am stressed is not usually that great. So I don’t tend to go there. I do sometimes masturbate if I am suffering from insomnia. Sometimes it helps me sleep. Sometimes it doesn’t.

3. What sex act or position did not thrill you until you tried it?

I have a bit of OCD about clean hands and skin so having bodily about bodily fluid on me is not something I am very keen on. As a result I was always a bit weird about cum on me. But once, to humour Mr Jones, who has a fetish for cum, I encouraged a man to cum on me while I was fucking Mr Jones. It turns out in the heat and excitement of sex I am actually really turned on by men cumming on my belly and my breasts. I don’t think I will put my hand up for a bukakke party any time soon but a load or two is pretty hot. Just not on my face.

4. What is the most unusual but fun sexual encounter you have had?

Once a very long time ago, in about 2012, I had an encounter with someone I met on the internet. I was very new to meeting people alone and when I agreed to meet this man for coffee I didn’t plan to do anything sexual. Despite this we found ourselves in the change room of the men’s department in a nearby Myers store. If you are interested in the entire story it can be read here.

For the record I am still friends with the man in question and we still reminisce about that spontaneous day.

5. What is something that can happen in the middle of sex that will make you put your pants on and walk out?

Mr Jones have been known to do this on occasion. The thing most likely to trigger this is any kind of conflict between the couple we are with. Sometimes, more often than you realise, couples THINK they are in to swapping partners but then they get into the heat of the moment and they realise that they actually don’t like seeing their partner with their cock in another woman’s mouth or with their hands on an other man’s junk and things get very weird and tense. This is usually about the time we put our pants on and make a hasty retreat.

Bonus: What was a random compliment that someone gave you that really stuck in your memory?

Once we were at a club and we were naked with another couple. A guy who was working at the bar was making his way back from a cigarette break and he stopped in to tell me I had a nice rack. It wasn’t an entirely appropriate intrusion into our play space and he was taking advantage of his employment to invade spaces that should have been kept private but at the time I was less confident in my body than I am now and I was very happy to be told by a random stranger that he enjoyed my breasts.

Bonus bonus a picture of my rack that I too last night

Well Duh

In an insomniac Twitter scrolling session I came across an article published in Psychology Today about the strength of open relationships. The study outlined in the article described some research relating to communication, mutual consent and comfort in different types of relationships ranging from monogamous to open with a couple of categories in between.

The article went on to explain that monogamous and open relationships were high functioning if communication between partners was good. It defined a relationship as partially open or one-sided monogamy if one partner is engaging or wants to engage in extra curricular sex but the other doesn’t. Not surprisingly these relationships did not rate as high functioning. I can’t imagine why. The kicker that made myself and Mr Jones laugh out loud was the concluding paragraphs;

The bottom line of these findings, published in The Journal of Sex Research,

 appears to be that mutual consent, comfort, and communication are crucial ingredients—regardless of the type of open relationship. Lacking those, sex outside the relationship can be felt like a betrayal and can put an enormous strain on the couple. As lead author Rogge pointed out, “Secrecy surrounding sexual activity with others can all too easily become toxic and lead to feelings of neglect, insecurity, rejection, jealousy, and betrayal, even in nonmonogamous relationships.”

The research emphasizes that these are important considerations, not only for people engaging in open relationships but in any relationship that the couple hopes to be sustainable and rewarding, long-term.

Really? Someone needed a study to come to that conclusion? Really? Are people that bad at relationships that they need a psychologist to explain how toxic secrecy is to a relationship?

To be fair the regular Joe has a very limited understanding of how open relationships work. In fact anyone not in MY relationship doesn’t understand how MY open relationship works because they are not part of if. Every relationship is different with different norms, rules, boundaries etc. Being open doesn’t change that. There is an assumption amongst monogamists who make up the overwhelming, self-righteous majority of our culture, that open relationships = open slather. Meaning that if I give consent to non-monogamy then my partner and myself are out there fucking every thing that moves without any consideration for the other person’s safety or feelings.

The writer of this article seemed to plan their study from this perspective. The way the final paragraph is written seems to assume that they were thinking that consenting to sex outside the primary relationship means that these activities are not discussed and that there are no boundaries. Certainly there are non-monogamous relationships that do work this way but as the study pointed out they are not robust and lack of communication is going to ultimately bring everything undone.

Mr Jones and myself can’t understand why these findings are such a revelation to the researchers. If communication is the cornerstone of a conventional relationship why wouldn’t it be the cornerstone of an unconventional one? In my experience communication in non-monogamy is even more critical. There are more feelings being juggled, more than two sets of expectations, more than two sets of emotional needs. It is just more complicated so of course there needs to be more communication.

The mystery and urban myths that surround swinging and non-monogamy are sometimes so laughable. Indeed I think sometimes the members of the vanilla world deserves the somewhat derogatory label of “muggle” that I have heard used to refer to them. I hope that studies like this, however obvious the outcomes seem to be to Mr Jones and myself help to debunk some of these myths.

In this world of accepting the alphabet of sexual orientation we still have a long way to go before we start to accept the idea that monogamy is the vanilla of the relationship spectrum and there are so many other valid flavours to try.

New Year New Experiences

Neal arrived at their meeting place at the arranged time. This was not the first time he had met Elysia at the secret play room tucked away in an office of an industrial building she owned with her husband. At first it seemed a little weird meeting like this but he learned that this arrangement was not regular in any way. An unusual meeting place seemed to fit with the unusual arrangement. To be honest he was loving the way his encounters with Elysia were pushing his boundaries.

“2020 is the year of trying new things.” Neal reassured himself as he stepped in to the room. To the side of the bed that dominated the room was an unusual piece of furniture that he didn’t really understand. Neatly arranged on the red vinyl platform on top of it was an array of small floggers topped by a riding crop. Those he did understand. His buttocks twitched involuntarily as he allowed his eyes to wander over them. toys laid out

Grinning in anticipation he began to remove his clothes. In front of him, seated on the bed, Elysia watched him remove his clothes. Her legs were spread apart, inviting him in. When he was naked he kneeled in front of her and pushed his face against the white satin of her panties. He could smell her aroma through the fabric and as he rested his lips against her mound he felt dampness seeping through. His cock throbbed almost painfully and he pulled the fabric aside to allow his tongue to slip into her folds.

He was rewarded with a trickle of her sweet juice. Her fingers curled into his hair pushing his face against her as his tongue delved deeper, seeking out more. The room filled with the sound of her breath building to small moans.

Then suddenly she pulled his head away and stood up in front of him. Pussy juice dribbled down his chin as she pushed him down on to the bed. It was then that he noticed the shiny metal object on the pillow. The round bulb, slightly pointed at one end narrowed to a slender neck and then flared out to encase a small purple jewel. For a moment he wondered about it and then his attention was taken away by her lips sliding down his cock.

A groan escaped his lips as he felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. Two things in this world that he would never tire of, the taste of her juice and the feeling of her lips around his shaft. Her loose, wet lips worked their way up and down his shaft pausing every now and then for her tongue to tease his head. Her other hand cupped his balls gently at first and then pinching and pulling at the skin. This woman knew exactly how to please him. Her lips left his shaft and he felt her teeth clamp down on the skin around his balls. She pulled back stretching the skin. Pain / pleasure shot through his body and he forced himself to endure the overwhelming sensation.

“That’s enough,” he grunted when he could take no more. She released him, looking him in the eye with a coy smile before sliding her lips over his hard cock. He felt her hand sliding down below his balls and his butt hole twitched. He knew what was coming and previous pleasure had not fully removed his hesitation.

As she sucked him she slid a finger into his arse. Pleasure spread through his body as she hooked gently inside him finding secret pleasure spots. Warm pleasure spread through his entire body and he forced himself to relax into her attentions. He tasted her juice on his lips and he wondered if she would sit on his face.

“Come up here and sit on my face,” He could never get enough of her that way.

The finger slid out of his arse and he felt a small pang of regret as she stood over him.

“No,” she smiled teasing him. “Roll over,”

His mind shot immediately to the implements sitting on the red vinyl and, with a pang of regret about having to wait longer for her juice he obeyed. The feeling of being exposed this way was as delightful as it was terrifying. He knew she had the strength to deliver some stinging blows with her crop and he knew it gave her a deep pleasure to control him this way but he also trusted that her intent was pleasing him as well as herself.

His expectations were met with some sharp stinging blows from her palm and then the crop but as his butt tingled from her attentions he felt warm oil dripping down. Slowly and seductively she massaged his ass gently pulling his cheeks apart to expose his small hole. He waited, expecting to be penetrated by her finger again but something told him that something different was in store for him.

He felt her body lean over him as she reached for the shiny implement on the pillow. A brief flutter of fear rested in his heart. The cool metal touched his ass and then slowly pushed inside him. It was similar to her finger but also different.

“Are you OK?” Her voice sounded a little foreign in the dimness of the room. Her fingers rested on the sensitive skin between his balls and his arse. He clenched around the unyelding metal. The plug moved slightly teasing the same spots she had been working on earlier. He felt her hand leave him and then suddenly reconnect with a stinging slap.

His butt clenched around the pug sending twitches of unfamiliar pleasure through him as she landed two more stinging slaps. His mind whirled, lost in the pleasure of her attentions. He loved the pain and the new sensation of the butt pug stimulated him more than he ever imagined. The pace and strength of her blows increased as he clenched harder on the shiny metal implement in his arse. He pushed himself to tolerate the pain, knowing he would enjoy the feeling tomorrow but eventually he could take no more.

“Enough!” he grunted. The blows stopped and he felt her warmth covering his body. Her mound rested against his stinging arse and her erect nipples pressed against his back.

“You looked so sexy like that,” her breath was hot in his ear, “Such a turn on, looking at your red arse.”

“It’s my turn now.” He rolled under her until she was sitting astride him.

“You need to put your pussy here,” he pointed at his lips.

This time she didn’t refuse. Without speaking she stood and removed her panties before kneeling over his eager face. He lifted his head to taste her folds but she couldn’t resist one last tease. With a wicked smile she lifted herself out of reach.

“Please,” there was a note of desperation in his voice.

“Just because you used such nice manners,” She lowered herself onto his face.

Her familiar scent filled his nostrils and her juice surged into his mouth. He reached up and gripped her round ass to pull her down onto him more firmly. The warmth and stinging of his butt cheeks began to fade but the unfamiliar unyielding object remained. The blending of the old and the new was, as always with this woman, mind blowing, and deeply enticing.

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I have blogged before about the freedom of blogging as if no one is reading. It is generally how I approach these pages. Of course I realize that people read what I write and I do send links to people sometimes if there is something I am particularly proud of or if I think they might find it interesting (read arousing). Mr Jones is not a big reader and I thought he didn’t read these pages but it seems that he does. So hello Mr Jones.

I was contacted by a Twitter follower who wanted to meet. It turns out that he is a bit shy and it took him a while to work up the courage he needed. In this particular case he does not meet the three rules in particular the one about his partner knowing. I made it very clear that there will be no playing but he still wanted to meet so what the hell.

It was an interesting encounter. We met in Bunnings of all the places. I am not sure why but it was as good a place as any. Relatively cool, no one really taking much notice of two people chilling in the outdoor furniture display for half an hour or so. He turned out to be a genuine nice, if a little nerdy, guy. It was relaxing to have a conversation about just general stuff without the pressure of deciding if I am going to take it further.

Maybe because I wasn’t in “date” mode I kind of defaulted to “teacher / vanilla” mode which is quite a contrast. Whatever the reason, after we had chatted about movies, television shows, family Christmas and our jobs he made a reference to this photo that I had posted on twitter.

For some reason I found him mentioning this really awkward. I don’t know why. It amused him that my reaction to his comments was to blush like a stupid school girl. The more that I think about it the more I am convinced that I was definitely in vanilla mode and this mode is more prudish than it really needs to be.

When I told Mr Jones about this later he laughed a little but was completely understanding of my comments that having stuff you have posted on the net being waved in your face by a real flesh and blood person sitting in front of you. Posting pictures of your butt, no matter how attractive, is not something that to be done lightly. Pressing that tweet button must be done with care. Things I tend to be careful about are background clutter and any identifying features, including my face. And I absolutely will NOT post a photo that has anyone else in it without their consent.

Clutter in the background of a photo looks messy but also can unwittingly contain things that give away identity and location. I like to give myself the illusion at least that I am in control of who pops into my actual life from my internet life. In all likelihood I am probably FAR from in control of this but I have not had too many problems so far.

In any case the comments from  my new friend left me in no doubt that he wasn’t looking at me in a vanilla way AT ALL which is perfectly fine. I just need to get my head around what is going on with this interaction. I have no intention of breaking my own cardinal rules so I have to maintain a certain level of decorum but on the other hand I can be a bit more relaxed about sex stuff than I am with normal platonic friends.

For me this is an unusual experience. I do have some friends who know about Gemma but are not sex partners but they are few and far between. Maybe walking this different path will help me to be more comfortable in my own sexy skin more of the time.