The Perfect Friday Night

I am not sure if school swimming carnivals are a thing in the rest of the world. But here in the Land Down Under the school swimming carnival is an institution that causes great joy in the minority of a school population, a neutral feeling in probably the majority and angst in the rest of us. For teachers swimming carnivals are, like a lot of whole school sporting events, a chance for those kids who struggle in the classroom to shine. They also represent a day of trying to co-erce reluctant students to compete, trying to soothe kids who find large crowds of people stressful and trying to be positive and up beat when hit with complaints about how boring this is.

In the land of long hot summers swimming is something almost every child learns how to do to some degree. So everyone has at least one set of swimmers and the ability to complete 50m of freestyle. Therefore it is reasonable to expect most students to jump in and have a go. What is not unreasonable is teenage girls in swimsuits that display all of their butt cheeks (very uncomfortable for male teachers) and the occasional boy in good old Budgie Smugglers, Dick Togs, Speedos or whatever you want to call them. (Not something I need to see EVER!!!)

budgie smugglers

So after a long day of coercing students to compete in events, encouraging students to clean up their rubbish, supervising a stupidly slow canteen line and dealing with a student who decided it would be funny to moon a teacher who went into the boys change rooms to investigate raucous behavior I was more than relieved to kick back with a wine or two at Staff Friday Drinks. That was when the perfect Friday Night Plan was born.

Twitter followers will be familiar with this plan. The essence was as follows;

Step 1: Drink wine with colleagues in the staff room after work

Step 2: Go home and immerse myself in a bath while someone else makes my dinner

Step 3: Eat dinner

Step 4: Go to my local swinger’s club, find a nice young man and enjoy myself a MMF.

When I initially tweeted this the after work drinking was happening. Mr Jones had done a stellar job of parenting and picked up the girl child so I was free to come home when I was ready. As I wrote the initial plan into Twitter I felt that it was not realistic. But as I slid into my car to drive home, thank goodness I didn’t run into a police person who wanted to breathalyze me or things could have gone very wrong!!, some of the positive self talk that I have been practising lately kicked in. I decided that I could and should see if the plan could happen.

On arrival at home I was pleased to find dinner underway. The plan was happening without too much effort on my part. It wasn’t going to be fine dining. Mr Jones is not a skilled cook but I didn’t have to cook and I was grateful. My daughter decided to jump in the bath which did make me re-consider but somehow things seemed to fit together. I found myself relaxing in a tub of warm water.

Note to self; request bubble bath for Mother’s Day.

Long story short dinner happened, I got dressed, I looked hot and I found myself at the club. It was a little quiet. The last few times Mr Jones and I went there it was a bit of a sausage fest. I was hoping for something similar, because sausages were a big part of the plan. I was a little disappointed but as time went by a younger man appeared.

Within a relatively short space of time I found myself naked on a bed between two men. The plan was definite falling in to place. My new friend’s skin was so smooth. He was so young and seemed so inexperienced. It didn’t matter. I had Mr Jones’s cock in my pussy and my new friend’s cock down my throat. I was in my happy place.

I am not sure what it is about a spit roast, it just feels so fucking good. The feeling of Mr Jones’ arms around me while he fucked me was the best feeling. I felt so close to him. Something I needed. Even if I didn’t realise it. I lay back while Mr Jones fucked me and I put the other man’s hands on my pussy. His fingers worked my clit as the cock slid in and out of me. For a brief while I thought about trying to encourage him to put his cock inside me beside Mr Jones’. It was a passing thought.

I could feel the orgasm building. I wasn’t entirely expecting it but there it was. For a moment I could feel the tension building then it seemed to ebb away. My friend caressed my clit, working it beautifully. Mr Jones’ cock slid in and out of me. Maybe the position which was not something we usually did. Maybe the intensity of the night.

The orgasm built again, faster than I expected. When I came it was like thunderstorm gripping my body. I knew I needed the experience but I hadn’t realised how much. The feeling of peace that came over me was the most relaxed I had been in weeks.

But it wasn’t done. I needed to watch the new man cum. I encouraged him to fuck me hard. As he fucked me I watched his face. There is something about watching a man climax. It is as satisfying as my own climax. I was lucky this night. Not only did I enjoy some truly special sex and a mind blowing orgasm but I also got to feel the climax of my new friend and finally my husband.

Afterwards my new friend left the room. I will probably not see him again but it doesn’t matter. My plan came to fruition, it was the perfect Friday Night,.

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