Round Two

The first part of the story of Josie and Chad was published here.

This instalment sees the tension and pleasure shared increase as the two lovers dance a dance orchestrated by Chad’s wife.

Chad would like to see you again ….

It was the text that Josie had been waiting for. It had killed her to walk away from him last time without allowing him to touch her. Teasing him had been one of the most arousing things she had ever done. Using him as her personal sex toy to get off had given her one of the most intense orgasms that she had ever experienced. But she missed allowing him to reciprocate.

I was hoping he would… Will there be any special requests?

Josie couldn’t stop herself from asking. As much as she wanted to follow her own agenda she was very aware that Chad belonged to someone else. As delicious as he was he was only on loan. Her access to him was at the whim and with the conditions of the woman he was married to. The mother of his children.

Not really, the reply lifted a weight from Josie, he would like to have dinner with you first though.

I can do that! The reply almost typed itself.

I think it would be fun if you dress sexy. I love the idea of you both being in a public place and him having to behave. 

Josie had the perfect dress! Times and places to meet were arranged. Never once did it seem odd to Josie that these arrangements were made by Chad’s wife and not by Chad himself. Feeling like they were both puppets being played by a third party added another level to the game and Josie liked it.

The restaurant was busy but Josie easily spotted him as she entered. He was dressed the way she thought he would be, as if had just finished work in his conservative inner city office. His crisp business shirt was unbuttoned st the neck and his sleeves were rolled up but he still had that awkward shy look about him. As if he would rather be hiding behind his desk.

His eyes lit up as she walked towards him. His whole body seemed to relax a little but in his eyes she could see desire burning as he took in her dress, the way it hugged her body but allowed a glimpse of her cleavage. It sowed her body without being obvious. Her curves were on display but her skin was not.

The look on his face told her that he was remembering when he had seen what was under there. It was as if she was walking naked between the tables. She held her head high and looked him in the eye challenging him.

Like the true gentleman he was he stood and held her chair. Graciously she allowed him to attend to her, noting the way he lingered for a moment standing slightly behind her as she sat. His glance down the cleavage of her dress was like a physical caress. Josie felt her nipples stiffen in response. A small drop of wetness formed between her legs.

Without speaking he chose his char, not opposite but to her side.

“I want to be able to touch you,” his voice seemed alien before Josie remembered they hadn’t spoken when she met him. This was the first time they had actually spoken.

Under the table his hand travelled up her thigh, finding its way under the fabric of her dress. His fingers grazed her naked, freshly shaved pussy. Their eyes met, his wide with surprise and hers daring him. The desire in his eyes caused the wetness in her cunt to flow.

“You know I am not really that hungry,” he said causally. Meanwhile his hand under the table stroked the smooth soft skin of her mound. It was as if it had a life of its own.

Desperately trying to stay cool Josie picked up the menu herself. The words on the page made no sense at all.

“I am not sure,” she replied, remembering her instructions to tease.

He inserted his finger into the top of her slit. A tiny fraction of the tip of his finger was in contact with her swelling clit. He looked st the menu for a few more moments before he placed it firmly on the table.

“Nothing there is really grabbing me,” he looked intently at her as he slid his finger deeper into her slit. It felt as if her clit was straining towards him.

“Maybe the linguine,” she was desperately fighting herself and trying to be true to the woman who had engineered this.

Chad took the menu from her hands and looked intently into her eyes as he slowly and deliberately rand his finger over her clit and down into her now dripping cunt,

“I know my wife told you that we would have dinner and that you were to tease me the whole time. I wouldn’t be surprised if she also told you not to wear panties.”

Josie could not reply. Her whole attention was taken up by the hand that was skilfully working her cunt under the table. It was all she could do to stop herself from moaning out loud.

Just when she thought she could bear no more he removed his hand away. A sharp pang of loss jolted through her. He smiled seductively as he placed his fingers on her lips. The smell of her cunt was strong. Her tongue flicked out and tasted the juice there,

“I want you to lick that juice off my cock,” he spoke quietly, so that no one else could hear. He took her hand and placed it on his crotch. His cock was straining against the zip of his pants. For a split second Josie considered sliding under the table to suck his cock but she couldn’t bring herself to be so daring. She remembered the last time they were together, what it felt like to straddle him while he was inside her. The feel of his hardness grinding inside her and the sound of him cumming. Suddenly the determination to follow her instructions seemed to melt away.


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