TMI Tuesday – Corona Virus Edition

I am seriously done with Covid-19. I am tired of media reports and I am tired of teenagers over dramatising the situation.

1. Assume that in the future there will be huge leaps in human augmentation. Given a scale from completely human to completely machine, how far would you choose to augment yourself with robotics? What parts would you augment and why?

I suffer from industrial deafness which is not seriously debilitating but I would love to fix that. Perhaps I would like to see what it would be like to be fully augmented Barbie, glamour doll with perfect features but in all honesty I am pretty happy with the way I am.

2. In your community, are events, school, and large gatherings forbidden or cancelled due to COVID-19?

I am fortunate that I am living in Australia. Our current number of confirmed cases is in the low 300s. We have restrictions on gatherings of more than 500 people and compulsory self isolation for 14 days if you return to Australia from overseas travel. At the moment schools are still open despite a plethora of stupid rumours, and constant questions about when school will be closed.

For us the weather is still quite warm. Our winter and traditional flu season is ahead of us so we are yet to experience the full brunt of Covid-19

3. Has your work schedule changed due to COVID-19–i.e., onsite work changed to teleworking or shortened shifts or no work at all?

Not yet. I think it will. We are currently preparing to deliver our lessons online and as I said in question 2 our flu season is ahead of us so the truly crazy stuff is yet to come.

4. What gets too much attention in the news?

Do I really have to answer that?

Instead let’s have another meme

5. How do you get your news?

I don’t like to read papers or watch TV news. I usually listen to actual radio in the car so get the short news bulletins from commercial radio on the way to and from work.

Otherwise I get updated on the current affairs that interest Mr Jones when I get home from work in the afternoon. So I feel like I keep on top of things sort of.

Bonus: Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? This year how will you celebrate?

Most years I do like to try and wear something green or some shamrock earrings on St Patrick’s day but this year it completely slipped my mind. The social club at my work organised a green themed St Patrick’s morning tea which featured delicious food prepared by our hospitality students. I was lucky to grab a plate as I galloped out the door to supervise a playground during break time. So not really feeling the Irish love today.

Bonus bonus. This post has been very unsexy. So I thought I should include an image to sex things up a bit

This post is part of this week’s TMI Tuesday. For more TMI goodness head on over and check it out.

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