Tall strong body

Long arms wrapped around

Warm breath in my hair

I rest my head against your shoulder

And I breathe

Inhale, your scent fills my nostrils

Exhale, stale air leaves my lungs

Inhale, freshness brings energy into my lungs

Exhale, I feel the negativity and stress leaving me

Your arms around me tighten

Holding me firmly against you

Protecting me

Inhale, strength building

Exhale, exhaustion fading

Your arms relax slowly

Releasing me

I hold tightly, not ready to leave yet

A few more moments

Inhale, energy in

Exhale, stress out

I am almost ready

My arms loosen

I tilt my face up to yours

Our lips meet

Strength flows from you to me

I am ready

To face the world again.

This post was part of Wicked Wednesday prompt #408 Hugging. While not specifically erotica I hope you enjoy this. As always make your way to Rebel’s page and check out the other entries.

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