Jenna didn’t know why she agreed to this meeting. Normally her husband met with agents, read contracts and thought about boring investment management stuff. That after all was his job. Since he retired from his other job that was his focus. He was good at it. She was not. Which was why she never bothered with meeting agents and thrashing out details of rent, agreements with tenants, body corporate fees and all the rest of it. If there was a document to be signed she signed it. She was ashamed that as an educated woman she often didn’t fully read the documents she signed she trusted her husband to do that. It was his job.

For some reason on this day she succumbed to his subtle jibes about not taking an interest in their money. She gave in to the guilt she felt that she should be more involved in what mattered to him. So here she was, standing in an empty showroom, discussing square meterage, prices, outgoings, GST and what potential tenants are looking for. For the most part it was OK. There was not too much jargon, the conversation did not go over the same points too many times. Things seemed to be going OK. But her thoughts,as always, wandered.

She noticed the agent’s hands. There was something about a man’s hands. Often she was attracted to big, capable hands. Ones that often belonged to workmen, mechanics and engineers. There was something about a man who built or fixed things for a living. Recently she had met someone who had very capable hands. Hands that had transported her to heights of pleasure that she had stopped even fantasising about. These hands were like hers. Small for a man, but capable, so capable.

The hands on the agent standing in front of her were like that. Relatively small but something about them was attractive. His fingernails were fastidiously manicured, his fingers were slender as they gripped his phone to subtly check messages and take notes about their property. She could imagine them cupping her breast and twisting in her hair to pull her face close to him.

Her eyes roved over the rest of his body. He wasn’t tall or burly like her typical go to, but a sense of confidence radiated from him. Instinctively she knew he was a take control kind of guy. She knew that in the right situation he would twist those fingers around her hair and push her down on her knees in front of him. She imagined kneeling in front of him. In her fantasy she imagined him dressed in tight black pants that hugged his tight ass and cupped his cock.

“Suck me,” the voice in her thoughts commanded. Her cunt pulsed but something made her concentration return sharply to the present. Three pairs of eyes were looking at her. Feeling slightly awkward she tried a non-committal response,

“Sounds good to me.”

It worked, the two agents and her husband smiled and nodded.

“I will just get some photos then.” The younger more awkward agent, took up the junior role.

“Sure thing,” her husband moved to walk with him, “I will just get those lights for you,” The two of them left the room. The older, more confident agent locked eyes with her for a moment. Jenna shifted uncomfortably, she felt as if he could read her thoughts. What if he could? In her examination of his hands she had noticed a wedding band. What if he knew what she was thinking but didn’t care? What if he realised that hers was an unconventional marriage? What if his was as well? What if …..?

Too many what ifs. Then she realised he was looking at her for a different reason. Her spiraling thoughts had distracted her and she had not heard his question. Instinctively she knew a banal comment wasn’t going to cut it this time.

“Sorry,” she hoped she didn’t look like too much of an airhead.

His brows knitted together ever so slightly, showing his irritation, “The ceiling tiles, are those stains recent?”

Thank fuck this was a question she could answer, “No they are old, the roof did have some issues but it was repaired several years ago. We just hadn’t replaced all of the ceiling tiles.”

He nodded, satisfied with her response as her husband came back into the room. She was relieved that he was back and she could revert to her quiet observation. she wasn’t sure but she thought she detected a glimmer of something in the agent’s eyes. Lust? An inkling of what she had been thinking? Her cunt responded threatening to railroad all reasonable and appropriate thoughts.

Somehow she managed to get through the last ten minutes of the meeting without allowing her mind to wander. All parties agreed on everything that was needed to list the property, photos were taken and forms were signed. As both agents left the building she allowed herself one last look at the tight ass covered neatly in the perfectly fitting tailored trousers. Sometimes the thoughts in her head were better than any conversation she could imagine in the real world.

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