Locked in her house. Unable to leave. A prisoner of a virus. Something so small and so primitive that some scientists argued it wasn’t even a life form. It didn’t matter what the scientists said. She was here, he was there. All she had was the memory of the last time they were together.

Memories of him spreading her legs open so that he could bury his face in her cunt. He used his tongue to tease her swelling clit building the tension in her. She held back as much as she could. For a moment they wrestled wills. He could feel her clamping muscles, holding back her orgasm and the juice he craved. She relished the power of holding back the thing he most desired. But she also desired that release. For long moments they wrestled before he pushed and she gave in. Juice sprayed over his face and he drank it greedily. His hands cupped her ass pushing her close to his face so that he didn’t miss any.

Lying in bed with sheets twisted around her body she put her hand on her warm mound as she remembered his tongue there. Slowly she moved her fingers over her labia teasing herself.

He stood in front of her as she sat on the edge of the bed. His long hard cock was in front of her face. A drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip. Gripping himself he rubbed himself over her neck and down her breasts. She held her breasts together as he fucked her cleavage. The tip of his cock was so tempting. She wanted him in her mouth. 

In the darkness of her bedroom, isolated from the world her fingers strayed inside her slit to discover the wetness building there. She traced the familiar folds teasing herself, exploring deeper down to dip inside her opening. Her fingers knew all of the places she liked.

His cock filled her. She sat astride him looking down at his face, watching his expression.

It is your cock.” he insisted. “How does it feel inside you?”

She moved her hips slightly. Enjoying the feel of him moving inside her. He touched her deep inside. Somewhere her fingers could never reach. A shudder went though her body.

Tell me!” 

I am cumming,” she could hardly form words. His hands gripped her hips as she moved herself. Fluid squirted out of her covering his stomach and her thighs. Their bodies made wet noises as he thrust into her. She could feel his cock harden in response to her. It triggered another shudder, another jet of liquid. 

In the darkness of her bedroom her fingers worked in and about of her dripping wet cunt. But it wasn’t enough. She needed more. In the darkness she fumbled in the drawer of her bedside table. She found what she was looking for and slid the cold smoothness of her dildo inside her. Her fingers worked over her swelling clit. Her mind wandered.

She was bent over a chair. Her legs spread, waiting for him his hands stroked her ass.

“You have the most beautiful bum,” his voice broke the silence of the room.

She arched backwards to him, pressing her ass against his hips. His hard cock was hard and warm against her thighs and butt.

“Tell me how much you want it,” his voice was hot in her ear.

“Please,” she ached to feel him filling her.

“You want your cock?” He held the tip of his cock at her opening. Teasing her. She felt his hands grip her her hips tighter. She knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him. His cock slipped into her slowly. He held her tightly preventing her from pushing her against him. Slowly he filled her, stretching her open. She sighed in pleasure. When he was fully inside her he stopped. Holding her tightly.

“Tell me how much you want your cock,”

She couldn’t speak. He moved slightly. It triggered something inside her.

“I’m cumming,” she spoke through gritted teeth.

He responded, his cock hardened and he thrust into her. His hand slapped her ass. The room filled with her cries. Liquid jetted out of her cunt and splashed on the floor.

“I can’t stop cumming!”

In the darkness, alone the smooth glass shaft buried into her the fingers worked over her clit, drawing out the orgasm she craved. A short sharp cry penetrated the darkness. The glass shaft slid out of her and rested on her thigh. She lay quietly enjoying the afterglow. It took the edge off her ache, for a short while.

But it wasn’t enough.

This post is part of Wicked Wednesday prompt #412 Lockdown. If you enjoyed this then make sure you head to Wicked Wednesday and read some more delicious entries.

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