USB Flashback – Naughty but Nice

Naughty but nice

The big yellow building swung into view through Brent’s windscreen. For a moment he sat in the car park looking at the rain and hoping for it to ease. Around him the car park was almost empty. Of course rain like this would deter most people from visiting the adult store but Brent didn’t care. At least it would mean that he would not have to share that awkward moment standing next to a guy while you are trying to decide between Squirting Babes and Pegging Ladies. Brent’s butt cheeks twitched. Maybe he might look for a butt plug to go with his DVD. The evening yawned ahead of him. No-one was home and all his friends were busy with their girlfriends. There was only so much footy you can watch on your own.

The heavy pelt of the rain eased a little and he took the chance to race into the store. He stepped through the door and stood for a moment wiping the water from his face and shaking his head. Looking around he confirmed his suspicions, he had the store all to himself. Behind the counter a middle aged woman sorted through boxes of condoms. She looked up briefly to nod hello before turning back to her work. Brent made his way to the DVD section at the back of the store where he spent a few moments scanning the shelves. A cover depicting a busty woman wearing a massive strapon and kneeling behind a man on all fours caught his eye. His anus twitched and he felt his butt clench in tingling anticipation. He didn’t even bother looking for squirting videos. He spent a few moments perusing covers, each image increasing his desire to feel that pressure against his ass, opening him and penetrating him. He made his choice and then trying to look casual strolled past the racks of Hens Night games to the more serious toy section.

This part was harder, he had never bought anything like this before. He looked at the array of choices before him, long and slender, short and squat, vibrating, silicone, latex, some looking extremely phallic, some looking like weird doctors tools. His mind spun with choice but after reading a few packs he narrowed it down to a choice between two. The first was a slender solid silicone piece that promised mind blowing prostate orgasms. The second was a series of beads with a small vibrator.

For long moments he stood considering his purchase before a movement beside him caught his attention. He looked sideways and noticed a young woman standing in front of the vibrators. She seemed oblivious to him as she slid different items off the rack and tried to examine them through the packaging. Brent watched her for a moment; an image of her sitting on her bed fucking herself with the dong she had in her hand filled his mind. He forgot about his decision as he watched her brow furrow in concentration. Suddenly she looked up straight into his eyes,

“Don’t you wish that they had a demo model for these things,” she held up the package.

Brent was nonplussed, “I guess,” he replied hesitantly.

“I mean you can’t even tell what the surface feels like or what the vibrations are like,” she continued. “And once you have opened them and tested them you can’t exactly bring it back and swap it for another model.”

Brent was intrigued. He had never had a conversation like this with anyone before. “Well I can’t say I can help you out,” he ventured. “It isn’t like I have the opportunity to test a wide range of women’s vibrators.”

The woman threw back her head and laughed, “I guess not. What are you doing here then?” She looked him up and down, “I thought you were buying a present for your girl.”

Brent hesitated for a moment. Suddenly the idea that had brought him in here seemed weird. But his mind reasoned, so was talking to a complete stranger about try before you buy vibrators was pretty weird so why not go with it?

“Well,” he began and found himself showing the cover of the DVD he had selected. “I was kinda looking for a toy that I could use while watching this.” He looked away feeling sheepish.

The girl stepped forward and took the DVD from his hand. She whistled softly,

“Lucky girlfriend that gets to do that to you,” she looked at him slightly differently.

“If I had a girlfriend who would do that to me I wouldn’t be buying a DVD to watch.” Brent smiled ruefully. “Lucky boyfriend who gets to watch you use that thing,” he pointed at the package in her hand.

“You are not the only lonely single in here looking for something to spice up the self-loving,” the girl held out her hand, “I am Sonia,”

Brent took her hand, “Nice to meet you Sonia.” He replied. “By the way, when I did have a girlfriend she used to swear by the rabbit vibe, hers looked pretty much like that one there.”

Sonia slipped the package back on the rack and selected the one Brent had indicated. “That is as good a referral as I am going to get. I don’t have a prostate but my last fuck buddy swore by them.” She ventured.

Brent turned back to the rack to make the correct selection. When he looked back Sonia was standing at the counter paying for her purchase. By the time Brent reached the counter she was heading for the door. Impatiently he paid for his purchases, glancing over his shoulder towards the doorway. The door buzzer sounded as the cashier gave him his change.

Outside the store he almost bowled her over as she sheltered in the doorway. The rain was belting down harder than before. Brent looked longingly at his car parked only about twenty metres away but he recoiled from the idea of running through this rain.

“Don’t you hate it when you are horny and you have to walk home in the rain before you can use your new sex toy?” Sonia asked in the same matter of fact way she had discussed the vibrator in the store. “Looking at that pic on your DVD has got me even more wound up than I was before.”

Brent looked at her, his fantasy returned, but he struggled to think of a response that wouldn’t weird her out.

“I have a car over there,” he offered lamely.

Sonia’s face lit up, “Perfect,” she threw over her shoulder as she sprinted for the car.

By the time Brent slid into the driver’s seat and closed the door against the pouring rain she had her jeans pulled down and her hand between her legs. Brent sat watching her, mesmerised. She slid down the seat so that she could pull her jeans down a little further and open her legs. With shaking fingers she ripped at the plastic packaging pulling out the vibe and tinkering with the controls. Brent felt for a moment that she had forgotten that he was there.

“Oh my fucking god I am so horny,” she muttered. Her hand slipped between her thighs and Brent could see her fingers moving around. She picked up the vibe and began to stroke herself with it. A shudder went through her as she slid it into herself. “That is good,” a long sigh passed through her lips. She began to move the vibe in and out of herself slowly, turning her wrist experimenting with pressure points. Her other hand gripped the side of the seat.

A low groan came out of her lips and she threw her head backwards, “That is it,” she increased the speed of her thrusts, “Right there, Oh fuck,” The vibe glistened with her wetness and she was almost pounding herself with it. “That’s it,” she whispered to herself. The pounding continued and Brent noticed the little furrow in her brow.

“I am gonna cum,” she announced to the car in general. Brent was sure that she wasn’t aware of him at all. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! FUUUUUCCCK!” she screamed. Brent looked nervously out of the window but of course no one was hanging around in the rain looking at this woman fucking herself in the front seat of his car.

When he looked back she was slumped in the seat with the vibe resting on her thigh. Her face glowed as she panted in pleasure. “You have no idea how much I wanted that,” she grinned at him.

Brent nodded in agreement. For a moment he considered pulling down his zip and rubbing a quick one out himself. Without thinking he looked down at his crotch. The bulge was hard to miss.

Sonia followed his gaze, “Hmmmm it seems I am not the only one with an itch to scratch.” She grinned mischievously.

Brent wriggled uncomfortably.

“You know that was just a warm up for me,” she looked suggestively at him. “I really have an itch to fuck a boy’s ass right now. Would you like me to give you a hand breaking in your new toy?” she rested her hand on his thigh, next to his bulging cock that was starting to leak precum onto his boxers.

Brent turned the key in the ignition, “Your place or mine?”

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2 thoughts on “USB Flashback – Naughty but Nice

  1. Fucking hell, I love this story! What amazing writing… “If I had a girlfriend who would do that to me I wouldn’t be buying a DVD to watch.” “I am gonna cum,” she announced to the car in general. Sexy and funny, a great read. Brought back memories of when I sat in the parking lot looking at the adult store for the first time, summing the courage to go inside. And my first butt plug purchase. When stories do that, that’s a good story.


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