Masturbation Chain

I don’t masturbate a lot. Maybe once every couple of weeks. There are probably a lot of stupid, Catholic guilt reasons in my subconscious for this but I am not writing to tell that story today.

I also don’t really like conventional porn. What I do like are images shot by real men usually of themselves. @Justaaussieguy is an example. Recently I have discovered Life of Elliot which I have enjoyed reading immensely. A couple of days ago he posted a story about masturbation which featured an image of him in the act, so to speak. He is undoubtedly an exceptionally sexy man.

After reading his story I found myself in bed texting some nudes to Johnny (another sexy man) and I did something I rarely do. I got out my dildo and started to take pictures of myself masturbating. At first it was kind of a tease for Johnny. I didn’t really intend to follow through.

Or did I? Elliot’s story was in my mind as I stroked the cool glass over my clit and slid it down to my opening. His words twist around in my mind.

I can feel the tingle in my scrotum of jism forming

I do like that dildo. Glass is so smooth and slides so easily before I am even truly wet. There is no need for lube. I slipped the round head inside myself teasing my opening and made a short video for Johnny.

By now I was becoming more aroused. The dildo made slick, wet noises as I moved it around my pussy. I slid it in deeper, pressing myself open. My fingers worked my clit and soft sighs came from my mouth. I could feel the orgasm nudging around but I wanted to hold it off and enjoy myself a little longer.

I made another video and he sent me dirty talk. The kind he says while he is fucking me.

Cum for me

Thoughts of him jumbled into my thoughts of Elliot gripping his cock under the sheets in the early hours of the morning. In the next room I could hear the sound of the TV. Mr Jones was watching some weird movie and talking with our son. I blocked out the threat to my fantasy and focussed on the pressure building in my even wetter cunt.

For s while longer I held myself in that space enjoying the pleasure of my body. I stroked my clit and slid the glass shaft into my cunt, twisting it to put pressure on the right places. I allowed myself to go deeper seeking out the orgasm I had been playing with.

The dildo moved faster. On my clit my finger pressed harder and moved more vigorously. My breathing was heavier and small whimpers came from my mouth. I was close now, I could feel it but the orgasm can be an elusive beast. For a few seconds it threatened to disappear. My mind wandered to the sounds in the next room but I wrenched it back. Intently I fingered myself and I pressed the head of my dildo against the back wall of my vagina, there it was sitting right on the edge of my mind. Carefully I coaxed with strokes and plunges. All the time my breathing got heavier. The pressure built.

Right in the frenzy I spasmed. All of the muscles in my body tensed in the grip of my orgasm. My fingers stopped as I moaned my pleasure. A small jet of juice spurted out to cover my hand and dampen the sheets, I lay back on the pillow, enjoying the afterglow. I knew I would sleep well.

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7 thoughts on “Masturbation Chain

  1. I lay back on the pillow, enjoying the afterglow… exhausted and panting to catch breath, nothing like that feeling. I loved reading your account and glad I could be your muse, as SassyCat was mine. That is 3 great minds thinking alike, or at least horny minds.

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