Howard’s Downfall – Part 3

This is a continuation of Howard’s Story. You can read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

Howard’s eyes opened slowly. The smell of coffee wafted from the kitchen accompanied by the sounds of Lily preparing coffee. A smile played around Howard’s mouth as he anticipated the first coffee of the morning. This was something he missed when he was in camp, proper freshly brewed coffee delivered with a beautiful smile. He moved to sit up in bed, ready to greet his girl. The movement brought a twinge in his arse the events of the night before filled his mind. His happy anticipation of morning coffee was replaced by gut wrenching fear.

“Good morning baby,” Lily’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

Howard looked up at her, she looked as beautiful as she always had, perfectly dressed in a smart business suit. Her beautifully shaped breasts nestled underneath a soft flowing shirt. She handed his cup to him. Usually she would sit on the edge of the bed and they would share the first cup of the day. It was a ritual they enjoyed every day he was home from camp.

This morning she did not sit, ” I have to go,” she looked apologetic. “The partners have called a breakfast meeting and they want me there to take the minutes.” She leaned down and he was rewarded with a glimpse of creamy skin covered with pale pink lace. He reached up and closed her button,

“The partners don’t need to see that with their breakfast.” He smiled up at her. ” they won’t be able to concentrate on all their important lawyer business,”

She flashed her beautiful white teeth at him. A memory of that mouth against Jenna’s flashed into his mind. As she leaned in to kiss him he fancied he could still taste the other woman on her lips.

And then she was gone. Leaving Howard alone with his coffee and his confusion. His thoughts wandered to his tender arsehole. With that came the memory of what had happened. Back in the day he had fantasised about being penetrated by a woman while his cock was deep in another. But somehow it had never happened.

Then, last night he had felt it. While he was deep inside Lily he had felt Jenna’s hand in his ass. At first he was unsure how he felt. Her finger slid downwards over his ass cheek honing in on his butt hole. The feeling of being penetrated by someone else was something he couldn’t explain. He thought he had moved past it but in that moment he realised he hadn’t. The pleasure of her finger inside him drove him to fuck Lily harder.

He remembered Lily moving focus from his face to Jenna’s. The two women didn’t speak but Howard sensed something passing between them. He didn’t dare look over his shoulder at Jenna, he was terrified of what he would see there. He thought he saw Lily give the tiniest of nods. Her eyes took in a look of determination he had never seen before. And then he felt the cool smooth plastic of Jenna’s strap on.

He desperately wanted to look over his shoulder. How big was her implement? Now he really was afraid. Back when he and Jenna had regular hook ups she had put all manner of things in his arse. Once she even fisted him. But that was several years ago. Aside from the lid of the Coke bottle in camp that night nothing had entered his arse. He was sure he couldn’t take anything of size comfortably. Then the devil inside took over, he didn’t care, he wanted it all.

He didn’t have to wait long, the head of her dong pressed against his arse. Instinctively he resisted. His sphincter closed tightly. He stopped moving inside Lily. Her eyes widened a little and her fingers gripped his shoulder,

“Go with it babe,” her voice had a note of excitement, like a small child about to unwrap a present at Christmas. Howard felt like a token in a game he didn’t understand. These two women were passing him around at their leisure. Pushing his boundaries for their own pleasure.

The dong pushed into his arse, opening him slowly. Tension and resistance gave way to deep pleasure. The pull of pain-pleasure came back to him as did the memory of how good it felt to have the pressure of a full arse. Underneath Lily smiled,

“See it feels good,” she writhed a little, “I can fell how hard she has made you,”

It was at that point Howard gave in. His cock was hard and the pleasure was intense but the feeling of being a pawn in a much bigger game would not leave him. Later when he climaxed harder than he had in years he lay on the bed in Lily’s arms. Her face was a picture of bliss. She had the classic look of a woman who has been well fucked. Something he realised he had never seen before.

Jenna moved around the room collecting clothing and implements before kneeling beside Lily to kiss her on the lips. Howard watched, mesmerised as the two women embraced. Clearly they had not just met. Jenna stood up, bag in hand dressed in regular street clothes, her hair was smoothed and her face was clean, there was no sign that less than thirty minutes ago she had buried her strapon deep inside his arse while he fucked Lily.

“Thanks for inviting me along tonight. It has been great,” her tone was casual. As if this night was just a regular thing for her rather than the earth shattering, life changing event it was for Howard.

Lily smiled like a cat with a bowl of cream, “I am glad you enjoyed it. Message me.”

The expression on Jenna’s face was unreadable, “Definitely. I love you gurl .”

And then she was gone.

The remainder of the evening gave no more answers. Both Howard and Lily packed their things and left the hotel. Lily didn’t speak, or kiss him goodbye as she got into her car and left him to make his way back to his bike. Some how she gave him the slip and he never managed to catch up to her.

When he realised he wasn’t able to find her he gave up and took the long way home, enjoying the feel of the night air on his body. Riding motorbikes often helped to clear his head. Tonight it did make him feel better but he still had a million questions. Questions he didn’t know how to ask. Questions with answers that he was almost certain he wasn’t going to like.

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