TMI Tuesday – Now We See it

1. What’s invisible but you wish you could see?

Sometimes when I am meeting people or interacting with people I don’t know very well I wish I could see what they are really thinking underneath all the politeness. I wish I could see their true intent and what they really think.

2. Would you rather watch your neighbor(s) having sex while you are in the same room or anonymously watch your parents having sex?

This is a hard one. When I was a young teenager I was unfortunate enough to be present in the room while my parents were having sex. For some reason they thought it was a good idea to have sex while sharing a room with their teenage daughter. Even if they mistakenly thought I was asleep. It was not a pleasant experience.

Currently my neighbours consist of an octogenarian and his wife and someone who I have no desire to see naked. It is a conundrum as neither seems worse than the other. But seeing as I have already experienced one I think I pass the test.

3. For what are you nostalgic?

I am very much a forward looking person. There is also much in my past that I would rather not live through again. but I think I am a little bit nostalgic for my mid thirties. I was much slimmer, a lot fitter and I was in the thick of things. It was also a time in my life when I was essentially a stay at home parent but my children were at school so I had a lot of time to myself.

4. What is an unwritten rule where you work?

It is an unwritten rule that students are not allowed in the staff room. It is one of those barriers that both staff and students are painfully conscious of but one one that I am ever aware of being written. A student in the staff room does happen from time to time. Sometimes they come in to get things or other extraordinary errands. When it does happen the students are visibly weirded out by it. Often the staff can take it in their stride as long as they are aware of the circumstances. Sometimes the student wanders in without thinking about the barrier and this results in shock and panic on the part of the staff. Students should not be in the staff room.

STUDENTS trying to enter the staff room You shall not pass - You ...

5. What is an unwritten rule or mutual understanding in your home?

Always say goodbye. Properly with a hug and a kiss and a genuine good wish for the other person.

Years ago I heard a sermon from a priest about a man who had applied for a ticket to emigrate from Ireland to the United States. This was in the time before international flight and the internet. The man was leaving his family and would likely not see them or speak to many of them again. The man had a standby ticket or was “On Notice” meaning he could be called at any time to board a ship and leave his home and family. He took this quite literally and went everywhere with his life packed in a suitcase. Every time he left home for any reason he said goodbye to his family as if it was the last time he would see them. He never actually got to emigrate as he was killed in an accident. His family were of course grieved but his wife expressed her gratefulness for his practice of farewell each day because of being “On Notice”.

The moral of the story. Never part company with someone you love without telling them how you feel. It has been something I incorporate into my relationship and I believe it has made it much stronger.

6. Which body part do you wish you could detach and why?

My feet. I have Plantar Faciitis which is caused by my profession that requires me to stand up for most of the day. Since being diagnosed I have learned how to manage the condition. This involves some very expensive inserts to shoes and careful selection of footwear. It also involves stretching. The pain for the most part is gone but I can always tell when I have become slack with my stretches or when I have not been wearing my inserts.

Additionally heels have become a very much sometimes item. Which does make me a little sad

Bonus: What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s home?

Honestly you would think in years of being a swinger I would see some weird things but none spring to mind. I remember a few things as a child that I found weird. My grandmother sometimes took me to visit her friend when I was about 7 or 8 because she had a swimming pool. Once I was inside the lady’s house and I noticed in the centre of her telephone dialler (it was the 70’s) was an image of a nipple. It took me a while to work out what it was but I still remember it clearly. I am pretty sure my grandmother didn’t realise but her friends were definitely not your regular suburban couple.

This post is part of this week’s TMI Tuesday. To see who else is sharing head on over and check it out

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