Friday Flashback – Slice

Of late I have been wading through old posts from my first blog and stuff hanging around on my computer that I am not sure has seen the light of day. I came across this piece of flash fiction. I actually really liked this one and thought I would share it again.

“I’ll have this sliced please.” I hefted the piece of rump I had just selected from the cabinet over the counter to Bob.

“Sure thing.” If there ever was a real life example of a stereotypical cheery butcher it was Bob. He was a bear of a man with massive forearms and the biggest smile I have ever seen. Grinning from ear to ear he ran his knife over the steel hanging from his belt with lightning fast strokes.

“How would you like it? Thick or thin.”

“Oh she definitely likes it thick,” his partner Glen, another cheery butcher joined the banter.

“Hmmm, well, yes I do believe she does.” Bob thumped the rump down on his workbench and began slicing. His knife eased through the meat like it was butter. Watching his big, capable hands wielding the knife made me think of those hands handling another kind of meat.

Bob is very much a man’s man. Nothing makes him happier than a few beers and a weekend of fishing with his mates. Glen is his business partner, drinking buddy and fishing accomplice. The two of them are an institution in the small country town of Innes Springs. Their shop in the middle of town is a compulsory stop for any shopping trip and they serve big smiles and good humour along with the best steaks I have ever tasted.

A few weeks ago I was enjoying a quiet Friday night drink at the local when these two parked themselves on the bar stools on either side of me. This wasn’t all that unusual. We occasionally whiled away a Friday night drinking, playing pool and swapping fishing yarns. The three of us were single and so it seemed a natural thing for us all to hang out together. I never was that interested in the crap women carry on with and so spending the evening with two blokes suited me fine.

That night started out normal but it didn’t take long to change course. Maybe it was the moon, which was full. Or maybe Mavis, the bartender, put something in our drinks. Whatever it was the conversation over our first game of pool took on a decidedly racy turn.

We only got one game in that night. By the end racy, comments and a couple of not so subtle strokes across my arse by Bob had me feeling decidedly horny. I love the feel of a big strong man next to me and Bob fitted the bill very nicely. So when Bob suggested a visit to his house I didn’t say no.

Glen is not too shabby either, so when Bob suggested he tag along I didn’t say no again. The three of us covered the three blocks from the pub to Bob’s house in no time flat. I was pressed between the two men and each one covered one of my butt cheeks with one of their huge hands.

We stumbled through the front door together, clawing at each other’s clothes; me kissing each guy in turn while the other pressed against my back, cupping my breasts and nuzzling my neck. We all fell onto the bed in a pile of arms, legs and hands stroking and pawing at each other.

I wormed my way up the bed, still pressed between the guys. Glen followed me kissing my lips hard and passionately. For a few moments his hands were all over my body and then they seemed to disappear. It took a few moments to register and then I opened my eyes to one of the hottest sights I have ever seen.

Both brawny guys were pressed against me, nuzzling my neck and breasts but each guy was stroking the other guy’s cock. I paused for a moment adjusting my thinking to this new facet of Bob and Glen.

“Is this cool?” Bob looked very concerned.

“Fuck! It is the hottest thing I have ever seen.” There was a tangible feeling of relief in the room. “I just hope I don’t get left out because I DON’T have a penis.”

“Oh baby,” Glen stroked my face. “I love Bob’s cock and I love watching him cum but the thing that gets me really going is watching him fuck a pussy and putting his sweet cum in there.”

My eyes flicked down to Bob who was kneeling beside me on the bed wanking himself. Glen whispered in my ear,

“Doesn’t he have such a nice thick cock? Don’t you want to feel it fucking you and filling you with cum?”

My eyes were glued to Bob’s hand moving up and down his shaft. He did indeed have a beautiful thick member and I did indeed want him to fuck me. Glen kneeled on the other side of me. His own cock stood out in front of him and Bob reached over and took it in his hand stroking both of them now.

Glen reciprocated, leaning down and taking Bob’s cock into his mouth for several hard, fast sucks before he broke away and pressed Bob towards me.

“Fuck her hard mate.” He whispered.

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