Saturday Sex Interview – Trial by Fire

This is the second set of questions that was published in Your Sex Interview and follows on from last week’s initial interview. You can read Firsts here

Question 1: What is something you desire sexually that you will not tell your significant other? (if you’re single, what would you not tell your next partner?)

I can’t think of anything that I won’t tell Mr Jones eventually. Sometimes I find it difficult to express what I want in words but it does eventually come out. Strangely I find it easier to discuss sexual fantasies when I am actually having sex. In between discussing groceries and work schedules I really struggle.

Question 2: What is something a lover often did/does that you didn’t/don’t really like, but you didn’t have the heart to tell them it didn’t do it for you as much as they thought?

Early in our marriage I really struggled with a lot of things sexually. Despite my idea that I was sexually open I guess I had a very fixed mindset about certain things. Mr Jones is not really into lacy lingerie and often requested me to wear other clothing that he found arousing. It made me feel weird to wear it and I resisted. It caused a lot of tension but over the years I have relaxed about it. It isn’t really my thing but wearing something that turns him on is arousing to me because he enjoys it.

Question 3: What is the most embarrassing thing that you have thought about while masturbating lately? (the last month or two)

I am not a huge watcher of porn but what I do watch when I am masturbating is men masturbating. I love watching a man pleasure himself. Through a Twitter follower I have discovered a website that features people livestreaming themselves masturbating and having sex. (The internet really is for porn!). The male channel is of course overrun with gay men. I am definitely in the minority.

Recently I branched out to watching gay couples and trios playing together. I am not embarrassed by this exactly but I do feel like it is a bit weird.

Question 4: What do you think is the hottest thing about you, or the hottest thing that you do from the perspective of those who have sex with you? (bonus: include the 2 or 3 hottest things)

So the thing that seems to get most guys going is the squirting thing. I have posted about squirting a few times on my page. It took me a long time to go from being curious to being a virtual “ridiculous” fountain. Men love it! One of the sexiest memories was the first encounter with JB. After getting comfortable touching me and being naked with a couple he asked me shyly if I would squirt on his face. It was so beautiful and made him so happy.

I frequently get complimented on both my breasts and my arse. Looking at your own arse is hard and I don’t see the attraction myself but hey if you like looking I am gonna show you.

Question 5: What is something that you would do if it was more acceptable and nobody would mind or judge you for?

Be more open about my lifestyle. I think a lot of people want to know about what happens in open relationships but they don’t know who and what to ask. It also frightens me how many people have misconceptions about anything except lights off missionary position sex.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Sex Interview – Trial by Fire

  1. It’s funny how people have preferences. I’m not really into lingerie. I like it, but I would not specifically ask for it. I prefer she come to bed naked, but she likes me taking something off her. She wears tight sleep shorts I like and tank tops to bed. Some men love lingerie, some stockings, some shoes, could be anything… It always makes me curious where our preferences come from. What life experience in our history formed that little fetish. It doesn’t matter, I just find it an interesting topic. Thank you for sharing.

    I wish the poster of these Sex Interviews hadn’t decided to step away! We loved them!


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