Saturday Sex Interview #5 – Turn Us On

Ok so it isn’t Saturday but you get the picture

Question 1: Describe something sexy that turned you on like crazy? 

I have blogged before about this quite a few times. One of the things that I find sexy as fuck is the thought of a man wearing and being turned on by wearing my underwear. I don’t really want to see him parading around in front of me wearing it but seeing images of him wearing my underwear at work or in a vanilla setting amongst unsuspecting people is sexy as hell. 

Question 2: If the reader was right in front of you right now, and you had to turn them on to save your life – you have five minutes to do so – what would you do? 

It probably sounds very cliche but, oral sex. At the risk of sounding egotistical I am excellent at it on both men and women.

If my reader was a man I would start by opening his pants to reveal his cock, slowly but looking him in the eye, then I would take his whole cock into my mouth even if it was soft and hold it there while I stroked it with my tongue. The whole time I would look him in the eye while his cock grew inside my mouth. As he grew I would release him slowly and then spend some time getting his head nice and wet while teasing the ridge under his glans and watching his face, before taking as much of his length as I could, right to the back of my throat. 

If my reader was a woman I would press my body against hers and kiss her softly before slipping my hand inside her shirt to fondle her breasts, gently at first but more firmly as she likes. Then I would push her down and lift her skirt. I would press my thumb against her vulva through her panties and tease her a little before removing her panties. I would make sure my finger is nice and wet and stroke her gently, teasing her open before I work my tongue around her folds. Only when she is gasping would I put my lips around her clit and suck gently while sliding one or two fingers inside her. 

Question 3: Reverse it – what could the reader do to most turn you on in 5 minutes.

Hold me close with his arms around me. Whisper to me what he wants to do to me. Kiss me on the neck. put his hands on my breasts and gently squeeze my nipples before putting them in his mouth. 

Then slowly take my clothes off and lay me down with my legs spread waiting for him to take his pleasure. 

Question 4: Short answer the following about right now:

  • Horny: A little, writing sexy stuff always makes me a little horny but I was worked over by some sexy men yesterday so that has taken the edge off
  • Wearing: Standard weekend wear, jeans, t-shirt a hoodie and flip flops. Not especially sexy.
  • Location: At my desk in the corner of the open plan living area. There is close to zero privacy in my house. If you think living with young children kills your privacy, wait until you have teenagers or young adults. 
  • Masturbate today; Probably not. My pussy needs a rest day. 
  • Sex today; Despite my answer to the above sex is definitely on the cards. Mr Jones has a nice little souvenir that I brought home for him yesterday that might get things happening
  • Happy, sad, neutral, lonely or depressed: I am going to go with neutral. A lot of stuff happened yesterday, some planned and a lot unplanned. I am processing all of this stimulation. 

Question 5: Tell us a naughty secret that will turn us on, your choice. 

Sometime this week a man is going to be wearing a pair of red nylon underwear that is covered with my juice and his pre-cum. He will be sending me pictures of him wearing them while he is at work. I will be reciprocating. 

Friday Flashback – Shine

Time for another story from the back catalog of Erotic Adventures. This story was inspired by the Vanessa Amorosi song Shine.

“Everyone you see,
Everyone you know,
Is going to SHINE””

Four voices screamed out the lyrics of our favourite song, the volume of the music inside my tiny car was ear splitting. The Awesome Foursome was on their way to a girls weekend at the coast. Our plan for the next three days was to dance and meet hot surfy guys at night and work on our tans by day. 

We arrived at our apartment and dragged our luggage up the stairs. Jenna and I grabbed the room with the balcony. Once inside, Jenna flopped down on the bed,

“Man I am tired,” she spoke to the ceiling.

I started hanging clothes in my side of the closet, “Big week at work?” I asked over my shoulder.

“Fuck yeah,” Jenna didn’t mince words. “I have the boss from hell.” 

Jenna had worked at a total of six different jobs since she left school a year ago. Even as one of her best friends  I had trouble keeping up with her. I bent over my suitcase arranging clothes.

“You have the hottest arse,” Jenna’s voice was so soft I wasn’t sure that I had heard her right. I took the few steps to stand next to her bed with my back to the door.

Jenna lay as she had fallen. The straps of her dress had slipped off her shoulders making the neckline even lower. My eyes were drawn to the swell of her breasts pushing out of the top of her dress. As I glanced down her body I noted that the skirt of her dress was scrunched up revealing her bright boyleg knickers.

Our eyes met, I felt a small trickle of wetness between my legs. We never spoke about our attraction but every now and then she would stroke my thigh or breast with a look of longing. 

“You two want to come check out the pool?” Alison called from the doorway. 

Both Jenna and myself answered almost immediately,

“Nah I think I might just rest here in the aircon.”

“Suit yourself,” Alison gave a little toss of her head. “All the more men for me.”

I stood rooted to the spot listening to Alison and Kate getting changed into their togs and hunting around for towels, sunscreen and books.Sneakily Jenna stroked the inside of my thigh. My skin tightened and goose pimples raised on my arms and legs. Without thinking.I touched my breast rubbing my palm against the nipple that was pressing through the fabric of my dress. 

When I heard the front door of the apartment close behind Alison and Kate I sat on the bed beside Jenna. My hands pushed their way into the top of her dress seeking out her hard nipples and the roundness of her breasts. 

Jenna’s hands crept up my thighs stroking my warm wet pussy through the fabric of my knickers. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes and I leaned down to kiss her soft full mouth. God she tasted good, like strawberry lip balm, mixed with salt. 

Her hands reached up and slipped the straps of my dress down over my shoulders. Then she unbuttoned the front of my dress so that the top fell away displaying my naked breasts. 

“It looks like you have hot boobs as well.” Jenna whispered tracing the outline of each nipple as she spoke. A jolt ran through me from my nipple straight to my pussy and a small gush of wetness stained my knickers. As if I was in a dream I stood up and shimmied out of my dress.

Jenna arched her back and eased her dress down over her hips. I lay down on the bed beside her. Our arms wrapped around each other and our legs twined together. My knee was pressed between hers and hers between mine. Together we rode each other’s legs, pleasuring ourselves the way little girls do against the table. 

It felt like we lay like that for hours wrapped around each other rubbing our clits against each other for hours. I drowned in the softness of her the taste of her lips, the feel of her nipples, against mine and in my mouth. When I couldn’t stand it any more I slipped my hand inside her knickers.

Gasping Jenna showed me where to put my hand and fingers. She guided me to the entrance of her pussy and pressed my fingers against her G-spot. The spasm of her pussy against my hand as she climaxed sent waves of pleasure through me as well. 

With a sly smile Jenna slipped her hand inside the leg of my knickers. Two of her fingers slipped inside me fucking me slowly at first but faster and faster as my moans increased. Skilfully she coaxed me to orgasm by teasing and stroking me. 

Afterwards we lay, still wrapped around each other kissing and fondling. We were startled by a gasp in the doorway. I turned my head and saw Alison in the doorway. She was leaning against the frame of the door with her sarong pushed to one side and her hand inside her bikini. Her head was thrown back and her breasts heaved, she was so absorbed she didn’t notice us looking at her. 

Without realising Jenna and I started fingering each other again as we watched Alison’s hand working frantically inside her knickers. My fingers fucked Jenna’s cunt as Alison started to moan. The sound of her cumming was so beautiful. She stayed like that for a few moments before she turned her head and smiled at us. 

“You two are sneaky.” She walked over to the bed and snuggled in beside me. 

“All three of you are sneaky,” Kate entered the room as well, stripping off her bathers as she walked towards the bed. 

For the rest of the afternoon we feasted on each other’s bodies. We sucked nipples, stroked clits, finger fucked each other and experimented with licking each other out. When it got late we ordered pizza and sat around naked scoffing if down. 

When we were all full to the top Kate looked at the rest of us and asked,

“So who wants to hit the clubs?”

“Nahh, ” Alison spoke for the three of us. “I would rather have a girls night in.

TMI Tuesday – Sex and Religion

1. How important is religion in your life?

It may sound strange but religion takes up a lot of my brain space. I consider myself to be a practicing Catholic, as much as anyone in this time of no large public gatherings. I work in a Catholic school which means I participate regularly in prayer, liturgy and other Catholic spiritual rituals and I have studied theology and taught religion as part of my work.

Do I believe in God? Yes

Do I think that Christianity or any other organised religion has all the answers? No.

PS Pope Francis is the best thing to happen to Christianity and Catholics in a very long time.

2. How often do you use pornography?

I am not a huge fan of pornography. Not because of all the political stuff but mainly because I just don’t find it arousing. I watch a little every now and then but not what people would consider mainstream porn. My house is very busy and privacy is really not a thing here. So watching porn is quite difficult.

3. Do you feel your religion restricts sexual behavior?

Does my religion restrict my sexual behaviour? No. Does it restrict me from being open about my lifestyle? Yes. But in all honesty even if I didn’t work where I do, I probably would be just as restricted because of the ideas and sensitivities of people who are not religious at all. Whether we like it or not Christian ideas and moral standards form the basis of Western culture. The whole nuclear white picket fence ideal is more prevalent that we care to admit and it comes directly from the pulpit of the Christian church in its many, many forms.

4. Is your participation in sex, of any kind, tempered because of your own religious beliefs?

No. And if that means I am going to hell then so be it. God and I can have it out when I die and I will take his judgement as it is given. If you read the teachings of Jesus in the Bible (and I have read more of it than the average Joe) there is a lot in there about kindness, loving your neighbour, looking after people who are disadvantaged and caring for the Earth. So who I have sex with pales into insignificance when we look around and take stock of other wrongs in the world.

5. Can you be kinky and practice religion?

Of course. Just don’t wear your best kink outfit to Mass on Sunday!!!

In all seriousness, being kind, loving your neighbour (in a non-carnal way), looking after people who are disadvantaged and caring for the Earth does not get in the way of being kinky. Nor does being kinky get in the way of them. Participating in religious rituals is a part of my life, being kinky is part of my life. I just don’t do them at the same time.

I would also like to be very very clear here. My FAITH is not the same thing as my RELIGION. Religion is a man made idea that creates rules and teachings to give humans guidance in their faith. My belief is that religion and in particular dogma is just that, guidance. There is no one right way for a human to worship their deity (ies). Whilst I align myself with the Catholic Church that is more an accident of my birth than a deliberate choice. As I grew up I did make choices about aligning with the Church but it was more a case of living with the devil I knew and intrinsically understood.

Bonus: Are you aspiring to anything?

So many things…

Being retired and not having to go to work. Although I probably would be bored after about a year. And there are many things about my work that I like

Slowly building up my writing and this blog is another. I don’t have any fantasy about ever making a living or even getting paid for what I write but recognition from other writers and bloggers is my goal at the moment.

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TMI Tuesday

1. What is the biggest part of your body?

So being a science teacher I am ALL over this one: The largest organ in the human body is the skin. It is an extremely important organ that is often overlooked. Fun fact about skin, your body is lined inside and out with the same types of cells so we are really a big doughnut.

What is the biggest part of my body that people usually comment about is my ass which of course is sensational.

2. What is the best bad decision you have ever made?

I have a very strong philosophy of never looking back. Once something is in the past that is where it stays. I don’t re-hash a lot of events or decisions. It has helped me to be a saner person. Considering the question though I would choose the time I ended up naked with a work colleague at a conference despite being married to Mr Jones.

That night set in motion a chain of events that led to Gemma coming into existence. I can’t imagine my life without her now.

3. What is the silliest reason you got into a fight with someone?

I am a high school teacher. I get into silly arguments ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!! Take yesterday for example I arrived at my classroom, on time just for the record, to find about a third of my class inside what was supposed to be a locked classroom.

Me: “Why are you in the classroom? We have discussed the reasons why you can’t be in the classroom without a teacher.” (It isn’t just about the rule being the rule it is about duty of care and what if they decide to jump out the window when I am not in the room to stop them etc etc)

Kids (students about to graduate from high school just for the record) “The door was unlocked. What are you going to do about it?”

Me (knowing that there isn’t a whole lot that is going to make an impression on this lot); “discuss this with your year co-ordinator.”

They know the whole situation is ridiculous and they know that civil disobedience is a viable option for them at this point because they really DON’T CARE weather they graduate from high school with a certificate or not. In fact some of them probably have already missed the opportunity to get said certificate. For the record, they thought my response was amusing and the year coordinator indicated that next time it happens they can spend a lunch break picking up rubbish.


4. What is your favorite thing about your best friend?

When I read this question my initial response is that I don’t really have a best friend. but since Tuesday I have had several conversations with Mr Jones that have made me realise this is not the case. The best thing about my best friend?

He believes in me even when I don’t.

5. If 5 men take about 3 hours to dig 3 holes, how long will it take for 2 men to dig half a hole?

I think I should give this problem to my senior Maths class (the ones who broke into the classroom) and promise them some amazing chocolately prize for the first one to prove to me mathematically that their answer is correct!!!!!

As amusing as that might be of course I would not be that mean to them.

Bonus: Would you rather be itchy or sticky for the rest of your life?

I have a slight issue with having sticky stuff on my hands. I wash my hands frequently when I am cooking and have grease, meat, icky stuff on them. It is partly because of years of being a Food Technologist and being on people’s cases to wash their hands and partly some OCD lurking.

However I did have a stress related itchy rash for most of the first year I was teaching and I remember how annoying that was so I am going to go with sticky.

Bonus Bonus: There was this time when I got extra sticky on a bar for a bit of fun.

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The Day After

Leo opened the ziplock bag slowly. Holding the bag open against his nose he breathed in the strong scent of her juice. Inside his trousers his cock stirred. Images of the night before flashed back into his mind.

They had met in a quiet Thai restaurant. He had chosen a table at the back with couches against the wall. He didn’t want to sit across from her tonight, he wanted to be close, so that he could lean down and inhale her scent and touch her whenever he pleased. Under the table he had placed his hand on her thigh enjoying the way she became flustered when the waitress had come to take their order. He had remained silent. She was responsible for ordering tonight.

As she stammered her way through the dishes she knew he liked his hand wandered further up her leg, stopping at the silky fabric covering her pussy.

“I told you no underwear,” his voice was hot in her ear as she finished ordering.

She lost concentration as the waitress confirmed their order. Leo tapped her pussy through the fabric. She gasped and just managed to nod in response to the waitress.

“Thank you,” her voice was husky as his finger slid under the elastic of her panties.

“There will be consequences for not following my request,” Leo stroked her slick pussy before sliding two fingers into her. Juice covered his fingers. Inside he smiled, she was such a wanton thing. His cock strained against his pants and for a brief moment he contemplated taking her out to the carpark then and there. But he was hungry. Instead he placed her hand on his crotch.

“This is what you do to me,”

Her eyes widened. There was a slight hint of nervousness there. He decided to keep her on edge. His fingers slipped back into her panties and expertly they worked her swollen clit for a few seconds before he slid downwards into her soaking opening. Without a second of hesitation he crooked two fingers against the hard node inside her pussy. She did her best but she could not fight the shudder of pleasure. A tiny jet of juice covered his palm. The fabric of her underwear was saturated. He smiled in satisfaction as he removed his hand and wiped her juice on the napkin.

She ate her meal quickly. Leo knew it was because she was hungry for cock. He was equally hungry for her cunt but he wanted to enjoy his food. she was finished before him and watched intently as he took his time with his food.

“Are you in a hurry baby?” He asked grinning at her.

“No!” her cheeks coloured and she looked down to avoid his eyes. Leo grinned and ate even slower. Beside him she squirmed. He knew the tiny orgasm he had given would make her edgy and impatient. Finally he finished. They paid their bill and walked out of the restaurant. On the way back to the car he found a door way that was recessed into the wall. He pulled her into the partially secluded space. In the dim light he could feel her breathing fast and knew she was afraid.

“Take off your knickers,” he couldn’t wait any more. She obeyed pulling down the white lace and stepping out of them to stand in front of him with her underwear in her hand. Without speaking he took them and shoved them into his pocket.

He unzipped his pants and lifted her up before pinning her against the wall. slowly he pressed his hardness into her hot wet cunt. It only took a few strokes for him to reach the point of no return. With a satisfied grunt he emptied himself into her. He kept her pressed against the wall for long moments as the heat of the orgasm passed.

“I am not finished with you,” he lifted her down and zipped his pants. He lifted the hem of her dress to inspect her naked pussy and smiled as he noticed a trickle of his cum on her thigh. Without a word he took her hand and led her to the car.

The next morning he woke early. She was sleeping, tangled in the sheets. Her breast was exposed and he bent down to take her nipple into his mouth making her stir and roll onto her side. The marks of his hand on her white ass were still clear. He smiled with pleasure, remembering her cries as he delivered the spanking, interspersed with fucking her, first with his fingers, then with her dildo and finally when she had been reduced to a whimpering mess with his hard hot cock. Before he slept he had sealed her underwear in it’s plastic housing to keep it fresh.

Now, the morning after he reverently removed his souvenir from its plastic housing. They were still damp. The scent of her was strong, his cock responded, standing out proudly before him. He stepped into her panties and pulled them up over his cock. The silky nylon strained over his erection before he pulled his suit pants over.

In the kitchen he drank his coffee slowly. His cock rested against the nylon of her underwear when he moved the softness of the fabric stroked him. He picked up his briefcase and left for work.

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Saturday Sex Interview – Secrets and Lies

These questions were written by a fellow blogger who has taken a hiatus. I am still able to bring you my answers to his questions.

Question 1: Has anyone you know ever cheated on their significant other (behind their back) ? If so, tell us about the most scandalous. (were you there or how did you hear about it? How did you feel about it? Their significant other ever find out?  They still together? etc.)

A very long time ago I was unhappy in my marriage. I fell for the charms of and engineer at my place of work. The whole situation was so twisted and awkward. We flirted a lot and one drunken night we got naked together.

I was consumed by guilt and told Mr Jones almost straight away. It was a long dark time in our marriage but we survived. Ironically, or perhaps this was just the way things were meant to be, but Mr Jones credits that series of events as the sign he needed that opening our bedroom was the right path for us. In 2018 we celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary.

Question 2: What is your most scintillating sexual secret? Any naughty secret you will take to your grave? If you have no secret that you haven’t told anyone, tell us the naughtiest one that you’ve told the fewest about.

I believe I have no secrets from the readers of this page so anything I type in response to this question should not come as a surprise to you guys. However I don’t have the same level of disclosure with everyone else in my world. About Eight years ago, before I became a teacher I was a little more open with the people around me, school mums etc.

Some of them found their occasional glimpses into my life extremely scintillating. For the most part I have been careful not to disclose my sexual lifestyle to my parents. They will go their grave not knowing that their daughter fucked an extraordinary number of me in her life and enjoyed almost every single one.

Question 3: What is the naughtiest secret you know about someone else? (friend, acquaintance, or friend of friend etc.)

Again, naughtiness is all relative isn’t it? Recently Johnny sucked the cock of Mr Jones. Later he teased me about making him do naughty things. It turns out that MM play has been a bit of a taboo for him. For me, men sucking men is something I enjoy watching and I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as it is consensual.

What is the naughtiest thing I know about someone? I suspect that one or two of my colleagues are more involved in my lifestyle than they let on. But it is unconfirmed.

Question 4: Do you keep anything about your sexual history secret from your significant other? (last or future if you are single)  This could be number of partners, past reputation, a naughty act or encounter, crazy night, cheating, etc.)

I think my answer to question 1 clears this one up. The secret to Mr Jones’ and my marriage is complete honesty and full disclosure. There are no skeletons and there will be no surprises.

Question 5: Do you talk about your sex life with any of your friends? What would shock  or surprise them most to know about your sex life?

Friends at work, church and in my family? Definitely not!!! Although I have introduced some non-vanilla friends into my vanilla life from time to time. The question “So how do you know Mr and Mrs Fix It?” was asked and answered very very vaguely. Most of those people do not need to know. I think some would not be judgmental but others I am not so sure.

People in my pole dance circle. Well that is a grey area. Certainly my old studio was populated with many who also enjoyed my lifestyle or at least were friendly to it. I recently started classes at a new studio the people there are a bit more mainstream so the jury is still out.

Mr and Mrs Fix It and others of course know most things about my sex life. And they are not shocked.

Question 6: Do you do any flirting or anything naughty online or on your phone that your significant other doesn’t know about?  (last significant other if you are single) – this might be porn watching, online relationship, chat rooms, texting an ex, sharing pics, phone sex, etc.)

I don’t really discuss with Mr Jones that I watch live streams of men masturbating when I am masturbating. This is more because I find discussing my masturbating with him a bit awkward. It is the one thing I keep very much to myself. I do masturbate in front of him sometimes as part of a wider sex play but self love is just that, kept to myself.

Question 7: Is there any secret that if you found out a significant other was keeping from you, it would be a deal breaker and you would break  up with them?

Again my answer to question 1 kind of clears this up. On a more broad sense I don’t tolerate people who are cheating on their partners. If I find out that a play friend or potential play friend is in that situation that is pretty much the end of the relationship.

Question 8: If you just happened to see a friend’s significant other kissing someone else outside a restaurant as you were driving by, what would you do? (tell  friend? Talk to the significant other & get more facts? Keep  mouth shut and stay out of it?)

I am a very firm believer that other people’s relationships are their business. Through swinging and through my online life I have met many people who feel trapped in relationships that don’t meet their sexual needs. The reasons why these people don’t end the relationship and seek out one more suited to them are many and varied.

I do not judge but as I said in the previous answer I do not engage sexually with people who are cheating on their partner. In terms of informing a friend their partner is cheating on them? I would be more likely to discuss the situation with their partner and encourage honesty and disclosure. It is a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation. You could end up alienating your friend through good intentions and your could end up losing your friend if they feel you are on their partner’s side.

Question 9: Is total honesty and openness the best policy in a relationship or are there some things that are better left  not shared? (can you name a few?)

Yes. I make a joke about honesty in my relationship

“You can’t even lie about putting cold beer in the cuboard”

Mr Jones is very particular about keeping beer cold once it has been chilled. Once I bought a carton of beer and didn’t want to put all of it in the fridge because I wanted the fridge space for something else. Mr Jones of course noticed the open carton in the pantry and asked me “Was that carton cold when you bought it.” In that moment I desperately wanted to lie and say “No” but I couldn’t.

The moral of the story, you can’t even lie about beer.

Photo by Tembela Bohle on

Question 10: Have you ever been hurt by a lie or secret (or by a serial liar or narcissist?) If so, what was one or two of their worst lies or secrets.

I have never been in a primary relationship with a narcissist but I once got very entangled in a secondary relationship with a narcissist. The upshot of the situation was that he had recently split with his wife, or so he told me, and he was footloose and fancy free. We became close, too close. In the meantime he started dating another woman. She thought their relationship was exclusive and the vanilla type. He told me that they were just casual fuck partners. In the meantime his wife, who was also friends with me and Mr Jones was kicking around in the background. How he thought that whole house of cards was going to last I will never know.

I walked away and never made contact again. Not before he did some major damage to my confidence and a certain amount of damage to our marriage. Mr Jones kept in contact with his wife and I am happy to report she is now in a much more healthy and functional relationship.

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Friday Flashback – Footy Practice

Another gem from the vault of Erotic Adventures material I have been working through.

People think I am crazy going with Johnno to footy practice every week. My friends never miss an opportunity to give me a hard time about being such a dutiful girlfriend.

“Nothing would make me want to sit there in the cold while Nev runs around with his mates like a yobbo idiot,” my friend Liz once said.

The truth is that I don’t actually mind the cold and Johnno’s team seems to be blessed with some amazing talent. I’m not talking about how they play either. There is something about AFL players; tall, athletic, well muscled and somehow graceful when they play.

St Kilda Saints: 2019 fixtures, preview, list changes, every ...

So I wear my warmest jacket and spend a couple of lust filled hours sitting on the bleachers watching the big men fly. My mind is filled with thoughts about how their bodies would feel against mine. Johnno loves that I go with him. His mates think that he has the perfect girlfriend.

The real reward for sitting through two hours of practice comes at the end of the night when the team hits the showers. Jake always takes me to shower with him,

“You need to warm back up again babe,” he says.

We take the shower down the end a little away from the other ones and stand naked together under the steaming water. As the strong jets from the shower sting my skin I look around at the fit naked men, dressing, showering or standing around talking.

There is something about watching water cascading down the back of a guy standing in the shower. His shoulder muscles bunch as he washes himself and the water pours down his spine to trickle over his neat rounded butt. When I look at things like that my hands itch to reach out and cup those perfect globes.

Johnno loves watching me perv at his mates. Sometimes I walk around the room touching firm backs and round butts and enjoying them caressing me. Watching this gives Johnno a massive hard on.

He knows what I like in a guy and occasionally he nods quietly at a nice specimen that I have been eying off. The chosen one will stroll casually over to our little corner to join us. Usually they can’t take their eyes off me as they walk over. Watching their cock grow, I can feel my nipples tighten and stand up and the juices flow between my legs.

Usually the Chosen One will lift me up and hold me against the cold tiles on the wall as he thrusts his throbbing cock into me. I wrap my legs around his waist and dig my nails into his shoulders as I moan in pleasure. Over his shoulder I can see Johnno watching us, his cock is huge but his hands are clenched by his side as he resists the urge to stroke himself.

Around the room other guys don’t resist. All eyes are on the back of my suitor as he pumps into me. Sometimes I lock eyes with one of the watchers staring at him as he wanks and I get fucked against the wall.

It is always over quickly. The Chosen One moves away quickly. Johnno is desperate for me now. We throw our clothes on and race out to the car park. Sometimes he is so horny he fucks me on the bonnet of his car. Sometimes we make it half way home and end up screwing in the back of the car while it is parked on the side of the road.

The best times are when we do make it all the way home and he makes me scream all night.

And people wonder why I like going to practice.

TMI Tuesday – Life Experiences

1. How do you know if you are connecting with another person?

On a physical level there is this moment when you are meeting for the first time when you touch. It starts with little “accidental” touches, brushing against each other’s fingers and across their knees. Then somehow your fingers become tangled, not holding hands but not apart. You sit a little closer together. When that happens there is a connection. You know that there is that elusive chemistry and that the chances that there will be very good sex are high.

2. To be beautiful means. . .

It is really about confidence. Someone who is comfortable in their skin and happy with the way they are.

3. Do you spend a lot of time keeping up with what is going on.

Not particularly. I have been watching the updates from our politicians regarding Covid restrictions a bit lately but not obsessively. Mr Jones has a lot of time on his hands these days and he watches enough news for both of us.

At work I read the official emails from my principal and his deputies but I delete the updates from the CEO and anyone too far up the food chain. As far as gossip goes I try to stay out of it. Nothing good ever comes from gossip.

4. True or False. You feel that your friends have more rewarding experiences in their lives than you.

It is easy when scrolling through Facebook to feel like everyone has this amazing life full of great moments. Looking at all this stuff can make you feel like you are doing it all wrong. Which is why I don’t really engage much with Facebook. I rarely post photos of what I am up to.

I have done some pretty cool stuff in my life and I am happy with where I am at. My job is important and makes a difference in a small way to some people. My kids are well adjusted and I am planning a great journey with Mr Jones next year. I think people should be envious of my life.

5. During covid19 pandemic do you feel more swamped by your responsibilities than before the pandemic?

When I was delivering my teaching online yes I was a bit swamped. Now it doesn’t feel like anything much has changed in my life. We don’t have a lot of cases where I live which is good but we do have restrictions because everyone is afraid of what could happen if our little safe bubble bursts.

Bonus: What’s on your mind?

Covid – 19 restrictions are sitting at the top of my mind most of the time. It has caused some upheavals in my daughter’s senior year of schooling. Many of the rites of passage that students before her have enjoyed have either been cancelled or modified in such a way that they don’t seem like they would be worth bothering with.

Friday Flashback – Slutwalk

Digging through Erotic Adventures posts I found this post written at the time of the first Slutwalk. This pre-dated the “me too” movement and some of the actions that fell out of this. Below are the words from my original post.

All around the world women and men are joining the movement that is Slutwalk. At first glance it looks like this movement is ‘one of those feminist things’. A protest by women about the treatment of women by our society but an article written by Hugo Schwyzer shows that men have a place in this movement.

Schwyzer talks about a truth that we are spoon fed as babies; men are at the mercy of their libidos. If a woman tantalizes a man’s libido then he will be forced to act in a way that shows no respect for her.

The truth many men know is that they can in fact have enormous respect and love for a woman who gives them an erection every time they walk into the room. However, being men, they don’t want to risk being bagged out by other men. So they keep the truth to themselves and don’t discuss it ever.

This lie has led to other stupid ideas being perpetrated as truths. Most of these revolve around the worth of a woman who society brands as a ‘slut’. In other words if a woman is open about her sexual wants and desires or dresses in a way that makes her appealing to men then she is less worthy than one who doesn’t.

What is truly sad is that many women believe these lies and pass them on to their sons and daughters as truths. We teach our daughters that being good equals being modest and chaste. We teach them to repress their natural desires and to be ashamed of their bodies. We teach our sons that women who express their sexuality and who are proud of their bodies are not desirable as wives and mothers.

Then we wonder why we live in a world of twisted individuals.

The author, Hugo Schwyzer, expresses his wish for his daughter;

I want her to have the freedom to express her sexuality safely and joyfully in whatever way she chooses, whenever she is ready (not a moment before). And I want her to grow up without shame about her own wanting and her wanting to be wanted.

I have my own wish for my son

May he grow up understanding that he is in control of his sexuality and knowing that he doesn’t have to act like all the other guys to be accepted. I want him to have the pleasure of knowing women who are comfortable with their sexuality and their bodies while taking the time to respect and empower the ones that don’t.

Fast forward about nine years and my son is now 20 years old. He has grown into a fine example of a man and I feel that I have been successful in my efforts to teach him to respect women and allow them to be themselves.

TMI Tuesday – Don’t Take Things too Seriously

1. It’s okay if you don’t wear any _____ .

Shoes if you are walking on the beach

Underwear if you are hoping to have sex

Pants if you are at home watching Netflix

2. What on earth are you here for?

To write rubbish that entertains all of you dirty fuckers. And to post the occasional pic of my boobs. Speaking of which

3. What has been the best day of your life?

The best day is any day that you are above the ground. Unless you are a miner, and then you might enjoy being under the ground. Or at the least know that you are not going to be there permanently.

4. Are you ordinary or extraordinary? Why?

I am fucking ridiculously extraordinary. Why? Because I can be ridiculous as described here, because I am the sexiest thing on the face of the planet as you can clearly see in the above shot. The thing that makes me the most extraordinary though is the fact that I am an excellent teacher who goes above and beyond for my students.

5. How do you want to be described by your friends?

Honest, kind, and thoughtful. Basically a decent human being

Bonus: After a breakup, would you rather be alone or surrounded by friends?

I haven’t actually had a “proper” breakup for over 20 years. That is how long Mr Jones and I have been together. During our journey into non-monogamy I have had a couple of relationships with men that have run a bit deeper than the standard meet for a fuck kind. This is something that you would expect. You can’t spend time with someone without developing some kind of connection.

That is the nature of this game. So, of course when these things end there is some level of pain, feeling of rejection, and general being bummed. It isn’t something you can deal with by sitting on the couch with your friend crying into a tub of ice – cream over. My way of dealing has been to get on with it.

It has worked for the most part. If I feel especially pissed off or they have been a particular twat I may put some words on these pages.

For the record my favourite ice cream is Vanilla but the expensive kind. My favourite chocolate is Cadbury Caramilk

This post is part of TMI Tuesday for 4 August 2020. To see who else is sharing click here.