Friday Flashback – Footy Practice

Another gem from the vault of Erotic Adventures material I have been working through.

People think I am crazy going with Johnno to footy practice every week. My friends never miss an opportunity to give me a hard time about being such a dutiful girlfriend.

“Nothing would make me want to sit there in the cold while Nev runs around with his mates like a yobbo idiot,” my friend Liz once said.

The truth is that I don’t actually mind the cold and Johnno’s team seems to be blessed with some amazing talent. I’m not talking about how they play either. There is something about AFL players; tall, athletic, well muscled and somehow graceful when they play.

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So I wear my warmest jacket and spend a couple of lust filled hours sitting on the bleachers watching the big men fly. My mind is filled with thoughts about how their bodies would feel against mine. Johnno loves that I go with him. His mates think that he has the perfect girlfriend.

The real reward for sitting through two hours of practice comes at the end of the night when the team hits the showers. Jake always takes me to shower with him,

“You need to warm back up again babe,” he says.

We take the shower down the end a little away from the other ones and stand naked together under the steaming water. As the strong jets from the shower sting my skin I look around at the fit naked men, dressing, showering or standing around talking.

There is something about watching water cascading down the back of a guy standing in the shower. His shoulder muscles bunch as he washes himself and the water pours down his spine to trickle over his neat rounded butt. When I look at things like that my hands itch to reach out and cup those perfect globes.

Johnno loves watching me perv at his mates. Sometimes I walk around the room touching firm backs and round butts and enjoying them caressing me. Watching this gives Johnno a massive hard on.

He knows what I like in a guy and occasionally he nods quietly at a nice specimen that I have been eying off. The chosen one will stroll casually over to our little corner to join us. Usually they can’t take their eyes off me as they walk over. Watching their cock grow, I can feel my nipples tighten and stand up and the juices flow between my legs.

Usually the Chosen One will lift me up and hold me against the cold tiles on the wall as he thrusts his throbbing cock into me. I wrap my legs around his waist and dig my nails into his shoulders as I moan in pleasure. Over his shoulder I can see Johnno watching us, his cock is huge but his hands are clenched by his side as he resists the urge to stroke himself.

Around the room other guys don’t resist. All eyes are on the back of my suitor as he pumps into me. Sometimes I lock eyes with one of the watchers staring at him as he wanks and I get fucked against the wall.

It is always over quickly. The Chosen One moves away quickly. Johnno is desperate for me now. We throw our clothes on and race out to the car park. Sometimes he is so horny he fucks me on the bonnet of his car. Sometimes we make it half way home and end up screwing in the back of the car while it is parked on the side of the road.

The best times are when we do make it all the way home and he makes me scream all night.

And people wonder why I like going to practice.

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