The Day After

Leo opened the ziplock bag slowly. Holding the bag open against his nose he breathed in the strong scent of her juice. Inside his trousers his cock stirred. Images of the night before flashed back into his mind.

They had met in a quiet Thai restaurant. He had chosen a table at the back with couches against the wall. He didn’t want to sit across from her tonight, he wanted to be close, so that he could lean down and inhale her scent and touch her whenever he pleased. Under the table he had placed his hand on her thigh enjoying the way she became flustered when the waitress had come to take their order. He had remained silent. She was responsible for ordering tonight.

As she stammered her way through the dishes she knew he liked his hand wandered further up her leg, stopping at the silky fabric covering her pussy.

“I told you no underwear,” his voice was hot in her ear as she finished ordering.

She lost concentration as the waitress confirmed their order. Leo tapped her pussy through the fabric. She gasped and just managed to nod in response to the waitress.

“Thank you,” her voice was husky as his finger slid under the elastic of her panties.

“There will be consequences for not following my request,” Leo stroked her slick pussy before sliding two fingers into her. Juice covered his fingers. Inside he smiled, she was such a wanton thing. His cock strained against his pants and for a brief moment he contemplated taking her out to the carpark then and there. But he was hungry. Instead he placed her hand on his crotch.

“This is what you do to me,”

Her eyes widened. There was a slight hint of nervousness there. He decided to keep her on edge. His fingers slipped back into her panties and expertly they worked her swollen clit for a few seconds before he slid downwards into her soaking opening. Without a second of hesitation he crooked two fingers against the hard node inside her pussy. She did her best but she could not fight the shudder of pleasure. A tiny jet of juice covered his palm. The fabric of her underwear was saturated. He smiled in satisfaction as he removed his hand and wiped her juice on the napkin.

She ate her meal quickly. Leo knew it was because she was hungry for cock. He was equally hungry for her cunt but he wanted to enjoy his food. she was finished before him and watched intently as he took his time with his food.

“Are you in a hurry baby?” He asked grinning at her.

“No!” her cheeks coloured and she looked down to avoid his eyes. Leo grinned and ate even slower. Beside him she squirmed. He knew the tiny orgasm he had given would make her edgy and impatient. Finally he finished. They paid their bill and walked out of the restaurant. On the way back to the car he found a door way that was recessed into the wall. He pulled her into the partially secluded space. In the dim light he could feel her breathing fast and knew she was afraid.

“Take off your knickers,” he couldn’t wait any more. She obeyed pulling down the white lace and stepping out of them to stand in front of him with her underwear in her hand. Without speaking he took them and shoved them into his pocket.

He unzipped his pants and lifted her up before pinning her against the wall. slowly he pressed his hardness into her hot wet cunt. It only took a few strokes for him to reach the point of no return. With a satisfied grunt he emptied himself into her. He kept her pressed against the wall for long moments as the heat of the orgasm passed.

“I am not finished with you,” he lifted her down and zipped his pants. He lifted the hem of her dress to inspect her naked pussy and smiled as he noticed a trickle of his cum on her thigh. Without a word he took her hand and led her to the car.

The next morning he woke early. She was sleeping, tangled in the sheets. Her breast was exposed and he bent down to take her nipple into his mouth making her stir and roll onto her side. The marks of his hand on her white ass were still clear. He smiled with pleasure, remembering her cries as he delivered the spanking, interspersed with fucking her, first with his fingers, then with her dildo and finally when she had been reduced to a whimpering mess with his hard hot cock. Before he slept he had sealed her underwear in it’s plastic housing to keep it fresh.

Now, the morning after he reverently removed his souvenir from its plastic housing. They were still damp. The scent of her was strong, his cock responded, standing out proudly before him. He stepped into her panties and pulled them up over his cock. The silky nylon strained over his erection before he pulled his suit pants over.

In the kitchen he drank his coffee slowly. His cock rested against the nylon of her underwear when he moved the softness of the fabric stroked him. He picked up his briefcase and left for work.

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