Friday Flashback – Shine

Time for another story from the back catalog of Erotic Adventures. This story was inspired by the Vanessa Amorosi song Shine.

“Everyone you see,
Everyone you know,
Is going to SHINE””

Four voices screamed out the lyrics of our favourite song, the volume of the music inside my tiny car was ear splitting. The Awesome Foursome was on their way to a girls weekend at the coast. Our plan for the next three days was to dance and meet hot surfy guys at night and work on our tans by day. 

We arrived at our apartment and dragged our luggage up the stairs. Jenna and I grabbed the room with the balcony. Once inside, Jenna flopped down on the bed,

“Man I am tired,” she spoke to the ceiling.

I started hanging clothes in my side of the closet, “Big week at work?” I asked over my shoulder.

“Fuck yeah,” Jenna didn’t mince words. “I have the boss from hell.” 

Jenna had worked at a total of six different jobs since she left school a year ago. Even as one of her best friends  I had trouble keeping up with her. I bent over my suitcase arranging clothes.

“You have the hottest arse,” Jenna’s voice was so soft I wasn’t sure that I had heard her right. I took the few steps to stand next to her bed with my back to the door.

Jenna lay as she had fallen. The straps of her dress had slipped off her shoulders making the neckline even lower. My eyes were drawn to the swell of her breasts pushing out of the top of her dress. As I glanced down her body I noted that the skirt of her dress was scrunched up revealing her bright boyleg knickers.

Our eyes met, I felt a small trickle of wetness between my legs. We never spoke about our attraction but every now and then she would stroke my thigh or breast with a look of longing. 

“You two want to come check out the pool?” Alison called from the doorway. 

Both Jenna and myself answered almost immediately,

“Nah I think I might just rest here in the aircon.”

“Suit yourself,” Alison gave a little toss of her head. “All the more men for me.”

I stood rooted to the spot listening to Alison and Kate getting changed into their togs and hunting around for towels, sunscreen and books.Sneakily Jenna stroked the inside of my thigh. My skin tightened and goose pimples raised on my arms and legs. Without thinking.I touched my breast rubbing my palm against the nipple that was pressing through the fabric of my dress. 

When I heard the front door of the apartment close behind Alison and Kate I sat on the bed beside Jenna. My hands pushed their way into the top of her dress seeking out her hard nipples and the roundness of her breasts. 

Jenna’s hands crept up my thighs stroking my warm wet pussy through the fabric of my knickers. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes and I leaned down to kiss her soft full mouth. God she tasted good, like strawberry lip balm, mixed with salt. 

Her hands reached up and slipped the straps of my dress down over my shoulders. Then she unbuttoned the front of my dress so that the top fell away displaying my naked breasts. 

“It looks like you have hot boobs as well.” Jenna whispered tracing the outline of each nipple as she spoke. A jolt ran through me from my nipple straight to my pussy and a small gush of wetness stained my knickers. As if I was in a dream I stood up and shimmied out of my dress.

Jenna arched her back and eased her dress down over her hips. I lay down on the bed beside her. Our arms wrapped around each other and our legs twined together. My knee was pressed between hers and hers between mine. Together we rode each other’s legs, pleasuring ourselves the way little girls do against the table. 

It felt like we lay like that for hours wrapped around each other rubbing our clits against each other for hours. I drowned in the softness of her the taste of her lips, the feel of her nipples, against mine and in my mouth. When I couldn’t stand it any more I slipped my hand inside her knickers.

Gasping Jenna showed me where to put my hand and fingers. She guided me to the entrance of her pussy and pressed my fingers against her G-spot. The spasm of her pussy against my hand as she climaxed sent waves of pleasure through me as well. 

With a sly smile Jenna slipped her hand inside the leg of my knickers. Two of her fingers slipped inside me fucking me slowly at first but faster and faster as my moans increased. Skilfully she coaxed me to orgasm by teasing and stroking me. 

Afterwards we lay, still wrapped around each other kissing and fondling. We were startled by a gasp in the doorway. I turned my head and saw Alison in the doorway. She was leaning against the frame of the door with her sarong pushed to one side and her hand inside her bikini. Her head was thrown back and her breasts heaved, she was so absorbed she didn’t notice us looking at her. 

Without realising Jenna and I started fingering each other again as we watched Alison’s hand working frantically inside her knickers. My fingers fucked Jenna’s cunt as Alison started to moan. The sound of her cumming was so beautiful. She stayed like that for a few moments before she turned her head and smiled at us. 

“You two are sneaky.” She walked over to the bed and snuggled in beside me. 

“All three of you are sneaky,” Kate entered the room as well, stripping off her bathers as she walked towards the bed. 

For the rest of the afternoon we feasted on each other’s bodies. We sucked nipples, stroked clits, finger fucked each other and experimented with licking each other out. When it got late we ordered pizza and sat around naked scoffing if down. 

When we were all full to the top Kate looked at the rest of us and asked,

“So who wants to hit the clubs?”

“Nahh, ” Alison spoke for the three of us. “I would rather have a girls night in.

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