Saturday Sex Interview #5 – Turn Us On

Ok so it isn’t Saturday but you get the picture

Question 1: Describe something sexy that turned you on like crazy? 

I have blogged before about this quite a few times. One of the things that I find sexy as fuck is the thought of a man wearing and being turned on by wearing my underwear. I don’t really want to see him parading around in front of me wearing it but seeing images of him wearing my underwear at work or in a vanilla setting amongst unsuspecting people is sexy as hell. 

Question 2: If the reader was right in front of you right now, and you had to turn them on to save your life – you have five minutes to do so – what would you do? 

It probably sounds very cliche but, oral sex. At the risk of sounding egotistical I am excellent at it on both men and women.

If my reader was a man I would start by opening his pants to reveal his cock, slowly but looking him in the eye, then I would take his whole cock into my mouth even if it was soft and hold it there while I stroked it with my tongue. The whole time I would look him in the eye while his cock grew inside my mouth. As he grew I would release him slowly and then spend some time getting his head nice and wet while teasing the ridge under his glans and watching his face, before taking as much of his length as I could, right to the back of my throat. 

If my reader was a woman I would press my body against hers and kiss her softly before slipping my hand inside her shirt to fondle her breasts, gently at first but more firmly as she likes. Then I would push her down and lift her skirt. I would press my thumb against her vulva through her panties and tease her a little before removing her panties. I would make sure my finger is nice and wet and stroke her gently, teasing her open before I work my tongue around her folds. Only when she is gasping would I put my lips around her clit and suck gently while sliding one or two fingers inside her. 

Question 3: Reverse it – what could the reader do to most turn you on in 5 minutes.

Hold me close with his arms around me. Whisper to me what he wants to do to me. Kiss me on the neck. put his hands on my breasts and gently squeeze my nipples before putting them in his mouth. 

Then slowly take my clothes off and lay me down with my legs spread waiting for him to take his pleasure. 

Question 4: Short answer the following about right now:

  • Horny: A little, writing sexy stuff always makes me a little horny but I was worked over by some sexy men yesterday so that has taken the edge off
  • Wearing: Standard weekend wear, jeans, t-shirt a hoodie and flip flops. Not especially sexy.
  • Location: At my desk in the corner of the open plan living area. There is close to zero privacy in my house. If you think living with young children kills your privacy, wait until you have teenagers or young adults. 
  • Masturbate today; Probably not. My pussy needs a rest day. 
  • Sex today; Despite my answer to the above sex is definitely on the cards. Mr Jones has a nice little souvenir that I brought home for him yesterday that might get things happening
  • Happy, sad, neutral, lonely or depressed: I am going to go with neutral. A lot of stuff happened yesterday, some planned and a lot unplanned. I am processing all of this stimulation. 

Question 5: Tell us a naughty secret that will turn us on, your choice. 

Sometime this week a man is going to be wearing a pair of red nylon underwear that is covered with my juice and his pre-cum. He will be sending me pictures of him wearing them while he is at work. I will be reciprocating. 

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Wife, swinger, blogger. An ordinary woman living life one day at a time dealing with the complications of moonlighting as a sex goddess.

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