Friday Flashback – Cleaning Out the Closet

As I am working through the material stored in Erotic Adventures I came across this story I wrote for Wank Wednesday, the predecessor of Wicked Wednesday. When I wrote this story I was studying education, now, in my seventh year of teaching, this scenario is my life, sometimes.

As she drove over the border Stella felt a sense of relief. Her daytime persona melted away as her dark side took over. It had been a while since she had made this trip to this place where no one knew the daytime Stella. Parking her car in front of the motel she walked up to the reception desk.

“Hello Ms Monique,” the dark haired gentleman behind the desk greeted her. “We have your usual room ready for you.”

“Thank you Brian.” Stella replied.

“It has been a while since we have seen you,” Brian looked her over unashamedly his eyes taking in her luscious curves partially hidden by the long floral dress she wore. This woman intrigued him.

“Yes, yes it has,” Stella replied fumbling with her purse a little. “I think perhaps a little while too long.”

She made her way to her room. Inside she was trembling. It was always like this. No matter how many times she came to this place it was always terrifying when she first arrived. Carefully she unpacked her small case and stepped into the shower.

Thirty minutes later she was almost ready to leave. She stood looking at her reflection in the mirror checking for traces of Stella. There were none. The person looking back at her was definitely Monique. Giving herself a sultry glance she turned on her six inch heel and strutted out of the door.

As she walked through the lobby Brian watched her go. A tiny black dress barely covered her round ass. Long black boots covered her legs to her thighs and her dark hair flowed down her back. Unlike earlier her curves were on full display now. The metamorphosis was incredible. Brian felt his cock stir as he thought about bending her over the bonnet of her car and fucking her right there in the carpark.

Stella drove for about ten minutes. The butterflies in her stomach increased as she parked outside a club. There was a faint throb of music from inside and a couple of patrons walked up the short stairway and through a big red door. She checked her makeup in the rear view mirror and straightened her dress. With a deep breath she stepped out of the car and made her way up the steps.

Inside the dim light and the deep sensual music calmed her slightly. She made her way to the bar and ordered a drink.

“Hello.” A man beside her greeted her. “I don’t think I have seen you before. My name is Mike.”

Stella looked him over. He was wearing tight black jeans and his shirt was unbuttoned about halfway down his chest. She resisted the temptation to stroke the smooth skin with her fingernails. It was early. There would be time for games like that soon enough.

“My name is Monique.” She looked into his eyes. “I haven’t been here for a while.”

“I love those boots.” Mike smiled invitingly at her.

“Thanks.” Stella smiled at him. Then she noticed someone she knew at a table nearby. “It was nice to meet you Mike, maybe I will see you later.”


Stella walked over to the woman she had seen from the bar. “Hello Kate.” She kissed the woman on the lips.

Kate’s hands wrapped around Stella, “I love those boots.” The two women kissed deeply. Stella felt herself relax as Kate’s tongue slipped into her mouth. The dark seductive nature of the club took over her senses and her dark side came fully to the fore.

“Mmmmm,” she gazed into Kate’s eyes as she traced her finger around the neckline of her dress slipping down into the valley of her cleavage. On the stool beside Kate a man Stella had never met slipped his hands around Kate’s waist. Looking Stella in the eye he pressed Kate’s thighs open to show her bare pussy.

Stella knelt between Kate’s knees and held her face close to her pussy. The musky smell of her arousal filled Stella’s nostrils. She felt a trickle of wetness between her own legs. With her tongue she caressed the smooth waxed pussy. Kate leaned against her lover spreading her legs wider. He responded, slipping his hand over her pussy to press his fingers inside her. Stella watched the fingers dipping into the wet pussy and becoming covered with glistening wetness. She smoothed her hand over her own hairless mound responding to the aching need that was growing there.

Gracefully she stood up as the couple in front of her kissed deeply and gave in to their desire for each other. She spied Mike looking at her from the couch against the wall. Slowly she sauntered over to him giving herself time to look at him and also giving other men in the club time to look at her. The feeling of being watched fueled her desire.

Without a word she kissed Mike fully on the lips. Her fingers stroked his bare chest travelling down to his belt. With a little help she opened his fly and released his firm member. Gently she stroked him for a few moments enjoying the touch of the soft skin before kneeling in front of him and taking the whole length into her mouth. It felt as if her whole body sighed as her lips smoothed over the hard hot member. Her head bobbed up and down greedily sucking.

From the corner of her eye she could see another man sitting on the couch beside Mike. She tilted her head so that she could watch him as she sucked. As their eyes met he unzipped his pants and took out his cock. A shiver went through her as she watched him stroke himself. She sucked harder on Mike, the taste of his precum making her crave the hot salt taste of his cum. A pair of hands gripped her butt and she backed against them encouraging them to explore her, needing something to soothe her aching, dripping cunt.

With a groan Mike shot a load of cum into her throat. Stella sucked it down making sure she didn’t spill a drop. When he was quiet she stood up and then bent to kiss him.

“Thank you,” he whispered into her mouth.

“Anytime sweetie,” she winked at him.

She turned and bent her butt towards Mike’s neighbour. Without speaking his hands quickly guided her onto his waiting erection. Stella groaned in pleasure as her wet pussy impaled itself on him. She pulled down the straps of her dress to free her breasts. Her new partner cupped the full round globes in his palms as she ground into his cock. In front of them stood another man with a huge bulge in his pants. Stella smiled devilishly as she reached for his zipper. The night was panning out just as she had planned, cock, cock and more cock.

“Good morning Miss Johnson.” Her principal greeted her as she entered the staff room. “All ready for another week of teaching the wondrous year threes?”

Stella smoothed her long frumpy dress. “Definitely Mr Connors,” she replied. “Cleaning out the closet over the weekend always helps me to have a clear mind for Monday.” 

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