Saturday Sex Interview – Highs and Lows

Question 1: Describe your worst all time sexual fail?

I honestly can’t think of one of these. I am sure I have had many occasions when I didn’t meet expectations, where things didn’t go according to plan etc etc. Most of my sexual fails have been emotional. The first time that Mr Jones and I “swung” would probably fall into this category.

We attended a swingers club, I was nervous and excited and of course as a woman in a short red dress, which Mr Jones approved, I got a lot of attention. I was set upon by a man who it turned out was essentially single. Long story short we ended up in a room with two people. My suitor achieved his goal of nailing the sexy woman in the red dress and Mr Jones ended up in the corner with a woman who was taking one for the team and really wasn’t interested in him.

I have learned a lot since then.

Question 2: Hottest sexual experience with someone who you never dated? (doesn’t have to be intercourse) Could be a hookup, incident, interaction.

I think the key thing here is the definition of dating. If you consider dating to be an exclusive romantic relationship, I haven’t had one of those for years. If you consider dating to be an emotional connection as well as a physical thing I would say that I date a lot. Some more in depth than others but in general if I don’t make a connection the sex is usually not that great.

Hottest sexual experience within an unconventional dating scenario. MMMF that Mr Jones organised for my birthday once. I was blindfolded and presented with three cocks. One was the male half of a couple that Mr Jones and I are friends with to this day, another was a non-relationship well endowed man and the third of course was Mr Jones. Much fun was had.

Question 3: One or two hottest things somebody has done or said – those moments that stick in your mind – the hot little highlights of your past? This could be something you just saw happen, or something you participated in.

Sometimes the hottest things are those that aren’t planned and aren’t expected. Quite a few years ago when Mr Jones and I were just starting to see other people solo but mostly playing in the couples swapping in the same room space I started talking to a man I met online. He was of course funny and charming.

We met for a coffee at a shopping center near where I live. When I left the house to meet him I was certain that I was not going to engage in any kind of sexual play. I was very, very new to solo dating. After we finished our lunch my new friend and I decided to spend some time window shopping. He had a definite plan and it came to fruition in the men’s change room of a large department store.

As I knelt in front of him, sucking his cock I was introduced to two things that I have always found extremely hot. A man holding my head and whispering to me what a good girl I am while his cock is deep in my throat.

The situation only added to it.

Question 4: Describe your most interesting sexual height or extreme. This could be the time your got the most wild, did the naughtiest –  longest, craziest, most over the top, most people involved, sluttiest, most sexual day – most partners in a day, your personal sexual Guinness record of some kind?

Once I went to this party. It was held in the basement of our friends’ house. I think there was about five couples including myself and Mr Jones. The party was to celebrate the birthday of the wife of the couple who were hosting. The husband liked the idea of his wife being the center of attention of everyone at the party. And he got his wish. I was part of the pile of women and men who worshiped the birthday woman at various parts of the night but during the night I also availed myself to every other person at the party. All of the men and all of the women!!

For the record Mr Jones also enjoyed one of his all time favourite evenings that night as well. One of the women took a shine to him and dragged him off into a corner for her own personal pleasure. She literally growled at anyone else who came near him. He enjoyed being the object of someone’s desire.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Sex Interview – Highs and Lows

  1. We’ve never included anyone else in our sex life. Not that we wouldn’t, but it just hasn’t happened. It’s hard to find a couple we both like and find attractive and I suppose vice Versa for others with us. Maybe someday… Until then, we love the stories you share! Another great post.


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