TMI Tuesday

1. Would you help pay for your own engagement ring?

It has been so long since an engagement ring was such a big feature of my life. I think these days when I am a fully fledged adult who has realised that engagement rings and things like that are merely tokens I am not really bothered by the size or grandeur of a piece of jewelry. In all honesty I would rather put my hard earned cash towards something that is going to be an income generator, or at the very least be useful.

2. Were you ever afraid to masturbate?

Afraid is not quite the right word. Shy is probably better. Or uncomfortable about my partners seeing or finding me. In all honestly I have had a fairly negative view of masturbating burned into my self conscious. For most of my life I thought about it as a desperate measure only to be taken if all other measures have been explored.

It was something I did when I couldn’t get sex or if the sex I did get was unsatisfying. So it wasn’t something I really wanted to talk about or share I have never liked the idea of anyone seeing me masturbate or even knowing when and how I do. About ten years ago I wasn’t working or studying full time and I had a fair bit of time to myself in a house that was empty. It was an amazing time in my life. I entertained guests and lovers frequently and I masturbated occasionally. These days I never seem to get a moment to myself but I am becoming more relaxed about masturbating in general.

3. These days what gives you most comfort?

These days the thing that gives me the most comfort is my daughter’s cat. Of course like all cats he doesn’t necessarily recognize who we designate as his owner as HIS owner. He shares his love around. But since the time he was very young I have loved the moments when he “climbs aboard” and parks his furry ass on top of me. His purr is quite loud and that is one of the most comforting sounds in the universe to me.

4. What is distinct about you?

The cheating answer here would be my boobs or my ass. Because they are out there and I get complimented on them regularly. And yes I know I will get likes if I post a picture of them. What is not so obviously distinct about me is my honesty. In my real life people often comment on my upfrontedness. I have learned over the years to keep some of my more obnoxious thoughts to myself but stress has a very degrading impact on my mouth-brain filter and so at the end of the term I find words flying out of my mouth that should have been checked at their inception in my brain.

Sometimes I hear the words flying out and I cringe. Other times I find myself thinking “well if the shoe fits…”

Bonus: What in the past week has given you immense joy?

The thing that is giving me joy is the thought that it is Week 9 of a 10 week term. In two weeks I will be on holidays. Actually in two weeks it will be my birthday and Mr Jones has agreed that I can purchase myself a new camera for my birthday. It has been a long time since I had an actual camera. And this one is very hardy and hopefully not going to succumb to being dropped in the water or other places like a couple of my phones have.

Bonus Bonus: I can’t help myself…. Boobs

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