Happy Halloween

I was amused to read a comment about Halloween made by Howie on Elliot’s Blog “The American Halloween thing has only come over in the last ten years or so…” He is pretty much right on the money. Australians never really embraced Halloween in the way it is embraced in America or even Europe. However the deluge of American movies and television shows that we watch have slowly infiltrated our culture and here we are celebrating Halloween. Although we have no cultural connection to it at all.

The origins of Halloween are linked to Celtic festivals that revolved around agricultural activities in a climate very different from Australia’s. It is interesting to discuss Halloween and if it should be celebrated with colleagues in the Catholic education system. One principal I was acquainted with got very upset when the Tuckshop lady decorated her canteen and offered a spooky special to the students. She was told that there was no place for pagan celebrations in a Catholic school.

On the flip side I made the mistake of mentioning this to another religious educator who had a completely opposite view and wasted no time in informing me about the strong theological connections between Halloween, All Saints and All Souls. Catholic churches in Australia definitely observe All Souls day and the extended event of remembering the “Dearly departed” through the month of November but the secular world never took on Halloween.

I believe the reasons for this are linked to our climate. Halloween is traditionally associated with the dead of winter. In the Northern Hemisphere the nights are long and cold. Samhain celebrates the faith that the seasons are about to turn, resulting in a return to warmer, more productive weather. The average Australian struggles to imagine living in a climate like that. Unless you live in Tasmania. But Tasmania is a different country, right? If you visit from Queensland, where I live, it definitely seems that way. Winter here is mild even resembling the temperatures and sunshine of a British summer. For us 31 October is right at the start of summer or the wet season. The days are longer than nights, temperatures reach well into the 20’s and it can be very humid. A far cry from the darkness threatening to spill out evil creatures.

Nevertheless, we have become Americanised enough for some of us to decorate our houses and dress in ghoulish costumes. Trick or Treating has even become a bit of a thing. Not candy corn though. Like cheese in a can and Twinkies, that stuff should never go into a human’s mouth.

Of course swingers love a good dress up and there are always parties happening that involve getting, sexy and wicked. My daughter’s birthday falls on 30 October so we have not really been able to attend these parties. As she gets older I am hoping these opportunities become more available. I will be attending an actual grown up Halloween party tonight albeit with Vanilla ish people. Because dressing up is fun.

TMI Tuesday – Adjusting to the New Normal

Welcome to this week’s TMI Tuesday. As usual please visit TMI Tuesday to check out the other contributions. But only after you read mine first!

1. Favorite form of adult pajamas: Kimono, soft pant, romper or Winnie-the-pooh style? 

I only became a pajama wearer recently. I sleep naked and have since I was in my early twenties. Consequently I never really saw the point of spending money on pajamas. On an outlet shopping expedition I bought my first pair of Peter Alexander pajama pants. It has changed my whole outlook on pajamas. If I worked from home I would live in those babies!!

I think I need a new pair soon though.

2. What time do you wake-up in the morning?

During term time my alarm goes off at 5.30am. It is a struggle to get up at that time but it is necessary if I am going to even have a hope of getting something on these pages and retain my sanity.

When school is out I usually get up around 7am. Sometimes earlier in summer. Despite taking medication that is supposed to help with my circadian rhythms insomnia seems to be part of my regular sleep landscape these days so a regular sleep cycle seems to be impossible to achieve.

3. Your favorite chore to do is _____ .

Washing clothes. There is something about hanging them all on the line neatly and then folding them. I feel as if I have achieved something with my day if I have done a few loads of laundry.

4. Least favorite chore to do is _____ . Why?

Cleaning dishes. It is messy and wet and it seems like as soon as you get that sink clean and empty there is something else sitting there. A completely endless, thankless task!!

5. Tell us about a home-cooked meal that you cannot forget.

When our children were younger we often went camping with a group of families. It was the practice on these trips to share meals. Each family would be responsible for cooking one meal or alternatively we would all contribute something to the meal. One of the group members was quite good at camp oven cooking. There is something very special about food that has been cooked on the coals. Particularly when you are balancing your plate on your lap around a fire.

Bonus: Is tired the new norm?

I don’t think tired is the new norm but having a mental health issue definitely seems to be something that is more prevalent than it was about 10 years ago. It seems that everywhere I turn people are identifying as having a mental health problem.

Another disturbing thing that is perhaps linked to the above is the overwhelming number of people who are more interested in constant scrolling and consumption of rubbish content created by their internet interests stopping only to perhaps create some substandard content of their own using an app that basically does it for you. No one is interested in putting in the effort to create something completely original with their own minds and hands.

OK that maybe was a bit of a rant. I apologise.

Bonus Bonus: Due to the lack of sexy content today here are some boobs

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I Grew a Unicorn

Today was an emotional day for me. My daughter completed her last day of classes for high school. For the next four weeks she will be completing final exams and then my youngest child will have graduated from high school. During that time she will also celebrate her 18th birthday. I will no longer be the mother of children. My children will be adults.

My child is unique. Like her mother I guess. I have sought to be a parent unlike my own. In our house there are no mysteries about sex or nudity. There are no questions unanswered or brushed off. More importantly my children were never made to feel as if they could not be whatever they wanted. Their creativity was never discouraged. Choices of clothing and hobbies were never criticised or ridiculed. The result has been strong independent people who own their life choices and are not worried what other people think.

For the last three years I have been fortunate that my daughter has attended the school where I teach. It has been a unique experience. As a teacher it has given me insights into how teenagers perceive teachers and education in general. As a parent I have had a much more intimate look into the life of my child at school. During this time we have been like very close friends. We share many of the same opinions, interests and ideas.

When she was younger we shielded our children from our lifestyle. Now as they are adults they know enough. It isn’t discussed openly but certain things are tacitly accepted and acknowledged. There is no judgement. Only an understanding that privacy is important and respect for choices is paramount. Life is not about following the rules but about making sure you treat people with respect and kindness.

Dating for her has always been different. Several years ago she identified openly as Pansexual. More recently she has made the decision to avoid males altogether until she meets one who is grown up enough to be worthy of her.

God help that male…

Monogamy in her mind, like her mother, is an outdated concept that is not helpful for many people. And so it seems that she is destined for a lifetime of unconventional relationships. Or maybe she will wake up one day, meet a man who cuts through the crap and suddenly she will fall for the white picket fence dream.

Her grandmother can live in hope. I am not going to hold my breath. Or, more accurately, I am not going to concern myself with things that are not my business.

On her last day of classes she wore her wool dreadlock extensions. A novelty, as for the first time in her life her hair is very long. In the afternoon she and her friend had the last session with their Dungeons and Dragons club. Something they created and nurtured over their senior year. For the occasion they dressed up which is always fun.

When all of the festivities were over I had a moment of watching the majesty of my child frolicking across the car park with her blonde extensions flying free and her witch cape flapping around her legs. It hit me squarely between the eyes what I had created. The emotion of the day brought tears to my eyes as I realised I have made something truly magical.

Pink Bits

I started writing this for this week’s Wicked Wednesday. The prompt was Pink which made me think of something I wrote a long time ago when Mr Jones and I were dating a lady who we are still friends with. Albeit in a vanilla way. Unfortunately I missed the deadline for Wicked Wednesday but you still get to read it.

A vulva is like a flower. When it is closed it is a mystery. Hidden from the world the beauty rests innocently, waiting to be discovered. Then, something awakens it. Perhaps a kiss or a touch. A finger gently trailing down her back. Still hidden under its covering the flower awakens. Another stroke and the flower begins to grow.

The stroke travels downwards towards the place where the flower is nestled. Still covered but awake, quivering, eager to be discovered. Moisture is forming, watering the flower helping it to grow.

Legs open, lips are pulled gently apart to reveal the flower, quivering at the rush of air caressing it. For a moment, the opener gazes on the inner petals of the flower they have discovered. The flower is not open properly yet. It still has more to reveal.

A finger caresses the moist, pink, inner petals. They shiver in response and swell slightly opening a little further to reveal more of the secret hidden beneath.

A tongue touches the petals, tasting the sweetness of their juice. With a sigh her legs fall open pulling the petals back. At last the inner bud is revealed. But it is not fully awake yet.

The tongue slides along the pink petals, teasing the inner bud. It swells in response, demanding attention but the tongue is not quite ready yet. It travels along the folds of each petal, seeking sweet juice that is pooling before taking its first tentative stroke over the trembling bud.

A gasp from the woman encourages the tongue. Slowly it strokes upward caressing the swollen bud, gently at first. The woman’s hips move, and her sounds of pleasure encourage the lips to encase the bud. Gently they suck while still stroking with the tongue. Slowly a finger is inserted into her opening causing her to thrust her hips. The bud is fully aroused.

Nerve endings tremble and quiver. Everything in the woman’s body is focussed towards a climax. She can feel it building, sitting somewhere at the back of her mind. It is elusive if she focusses too much it will dissipate, if she is distracted it may abandon her but slowly the climax builds.

Her hips thrash, cries of pleasure fill the room. Juice fills the mouth, and the storm causes every muscle in the woman’s body to shudder.

Slowly it ebbs away, sounds of pleasure diminish to sighs and gentle breathing. Spasms calm to tingles and warmth. The bud subsides and retreats into its petals. The woman curls into the arms of her lover, satisfied and happy. Until next time.

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TMI Tuesday – Brain Explosion

1. When and how did you discover your passion for ____ ?

Sewing. Probably not what you expected but I am a multifaceted person. Like everyone else. I have sewn most of my life off and on. My son in particular has some garments from his childhood that he wore to death and I am currently in the process of replacing a quilt I made him when he was one. After 19 years of use it is finally starting to fall apart. Recently my daughter has begun to share my passion and we (I really) upgraded the sewing machine. I have begun to make clothes for myself and am dipping my toe in the water of learning to make bras and corsetry… It could be a whole new career.

2. How has _____ changed your sex life?

Wearing stripper heels. Mr Jones was not really worried about shoes until we entered the swing scene. The wife in one of the first couples we had a serious and ongoing encounters with owned a pair of black six inch heels with red lacing that looked a bit like this

Mr Jones was a goner, for more reasons than one. A few years later I started pole dancing and I had an excuse to buy and wear shoes like this. I got a bit of a collection. Wearing these shoes is something that I love. It makes me feel sexy and confident. Not to mention tall.

3. What is something unique you do to _____ your _____ ?

Something unique that I put in my mouth is Vegemite from a spoon or the tip of a butter knife. Just to be clear that is a quarter of a teaspoon of black, salty, yeasty extract right there. So good. While we are on the topic of Vegemite it happens to be amazing on a range of unexpected things like salad sandwiches, toast with avocado, crackers with tomato. The list goes on.

4. What is the craziest _____ you’ve eaten while _____ ?

I really struggled with this question and also question 3. Until I read MarriageSexandMore‘s post. Not to copy his idea but my response is confectionary I have eaten while giving a blow job. The answer is a Tic Tac. This is not necessarily completely unheard of and I have done it more than once. I read about the effect of sucking a mint before giving a head job somewhere and I tried it recently. The effect is quite stimulating apparently.

Bonus: Is there such a thing as ‘too much information’? When?

There are many things that would fall into that category. Perhaps oddly, or not. I don’t particularly enjoy work colleagues discussing their sex lives in great detail. Not a mental picture I want . Well maybe for some of them but most of them NO.

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My Awesome Husband

When you have small children it can feel like you have no privacy. Your children permeate every part of your life. Sometimes it feels as if you have no time to yourself, even to have a shower or go to the toilet. Sex feels as if it will never be the same. Even after the children are in bed you always have an ear out listening for signs of issues. It becomes subconscious.

I used to think that once my children were adults my sex life would be my own again. That I would be able to walk around my house naked when it suited me and have sex when and how I wanted.

How wrong was I?

Mr Jones and I have been swinging for over ten years. When we first started swinging our children were small. For the most part they went to bed early and 99% of the time they stayed there. Occasionally they didn’t. We would sometimes entertain guests. When they arrived we would have dinner and everything would be very vanilla. Until the children went to bed.

99% of the time things were very sexy. Very occasionally we would be interrupted by a child but those occasions were very rare. As is the case most of the time they didn’t really understand what they saw and there was no harm. As the years went by things changed. The kids didn’t go to bed so early, they were more aware of what was going on. Things became more complicated. For several years we became less active. Not because of the way the children were changing. Or perhaps it was part of it.

These days we live with a 20 year old and an 18 year old and two 85 year olds. Sex is definitely something everyone is aware of. There is definitely no sex on the couch, or the kitchen bench or anywhere outside of the bedroom. Nudity is limited and having play visits is pretty much out of the question. When Pet and I were dating we solved the problem by hiring hotel rooms for the night. But this becomes expensive and a little awkward.

Mr Jones is an ingenious person. He has come up with a solution to this situation that does not involve regular visits to hotels. In the loft of a building that we own he has build a hideaway. We are fortunate in two ways. Firstly that we own a building that has some spare space. The bulk of the building is taken up by a tenant for his business. But at the back on a mezzanine floor is a space that used to be used to store his and our junk.

A couple of weekends of dirty hot work and some trips to the tip later and there was some sense of reasonableness happening. Then my husband worked his magic. Now there are walls, a door and furniture. All of it courtesy of Mr Jones! It truly is extraordinary! What is even more extraordinary is that it is mostly for my benefit. While Mr Jones is part of some of the sessions I have these days he is less active than me. To date he has only visited with me once.

So now I have a secret sex lair. Let the fun times begin!

Blurred Lines

The thing about swinging is that it opens doors. Doors to fantasies that you didn’t know you had, doors to understandings about people and relationships that vanillas never have, doors to a world where a lot of things are OK even though the vanilla world thinks it is not.

This world can be very liberating. When you step through that door you are taking yourself to a place where a lot of the regular rules don’t apply. Expression of your sexuality is allowed. Even if it isn’t exactly everyone else’s cup of tea. The general attitude expressed by most people in this world is that as long as everyone is consenting then everything is good.

In the regular world there are rules about this. A person in a relationship is clearly out of bounds to everyone else. Outsiders think that the swinging world abolishes this rule completely. That everyone is available to everyone if there is attraction. The truth is not quite that simple.

Yes people in relationships can be free to explore other people they are not in a relationship with. Yes people can have multiple sexual relationships, even multiple romantic relationships. Is everybody happy with the situation all the time? In a word, no. The key word is, as it is in the vanilla dating world, consent.

In the vanilla world consent is pretty clear. It is about one person saying yes to another. Once you get into non-monogamy consent becomes complex. The two people getting naked together might be all good and ready to say an enthusiastic yes but there are other people in the picture, others who have a stake in what is going to happen. Consent must be given by them as well.

Of course that doesn’t mean that the intending couple get naked and then sit down and phone all of their current partners to ensure that there is informed consent. In these situations consent may have been discussed beforehand, eg as they dress to go to the party or even as they make the decision to embark on opening their bed to others. Consent in these situations can be like a long term permission, not a case by case basis.

But life is not black and white. There is ALWAYS an exception, situations NEVER play out exactly as you expect and you frequently find yourself dealing with the result of the unexpected or the unplanned.

For example a situation I found myself in recently. Mr Jones and I attended a swinger’s weekend where we made some lovely new friends. In fact you can read about it here. The weekend was organised by an experienced couple through a group of swingers. It wasn’t publicly advertised. To be in the group you had to be “in the scene” so to speak and be referred by someone. One of the couples we met had an interesting dynamic. Mr introduced Mrs as very new but himself as experienced in the past. On the first evening alcohol was consumed, Mrs seemed happy to participate and get her toes wet. Everything was going swimmingly.

The next day she was more reserved. The real statement was when eight people got into the spa and she was the only one wearing a swimsuit. On the second night as cocktails were consumed and the party heated up Mr and Mrs retired to bed, stating they had partied too hard the night before.

A few weeks later Mr contacted me. The reality of the situation became a little clearer. They were not, as we thought, a married couple. In fact they are not even living together. Not that much of an issue except he admitted to me that Mrs really only expresses herself that way when she has been drinking.

This admission only came out after some flirting and a clear statement on his part that he found me attractive and definitely wanted to take things further. Here is the blurred line. I have the required consent to go and fuck most of the men I encounter. I think this man does not. But he has not stated this. He is clear that he wants Mrs to enjoy the delights of our world but she isn’t confident. How much encouragement should Mr Jones and I give? How much of this situation is him trying to “encourage” her to a place where he can be out and about? I got into a situation like this once before. Pet did not have consent from Mrs Pet to be with me. The contortions he went through to make that situation happen were interesting to say the least.

In the end he and Mrs Pet did not make it. I guess his single minded pursuit of women out of his reach contributed to that but really the danger signs were there in the beginning. The point is that it is hard to tell where the line is when it comes to consent of other partners when finding your way around the swinging world. Most of the time you are relying on people to tell the truth. Most of the time they do, but sometimes they don’t.

Pet never really lied about the way things were between him and Mrs Pet. He just manipulated the situation slightly. I don’t think my new friend is really lying to me about his girlfriend. He hasn’t suggested a meeting between the two of us and maybe his isn’t thinking about that. I honestly don’t know. Which links back to the issue of having to rely on people telling the truth.

Mr Jones and I are honest. About everything. It is the secret to our success. If you want to call what we have as success. But I can’t expect everyone to have that standard. Experience has taught me that many people struggle to be honest. In the end it is safe to say that freely given, informed and enthusiastic consent is difficult to obtain from everyone in this world.

TMI is Back!!!!

After a hiatus of a couple of weeks TMI Tuesday is Back. I am very happy about this and I am sure there are others who will be equally as happy. This week’s theme is food and drink .

1. Name a food or drink you could never live without.

I never used to be a fan of tea but in the last year I have become a regular tea drinker. It has become an intrinsic part of my morning routine and I have even started having a second cup when I get to school (work) even though it is often only half drunk before I have to rush off somewhere to do something. Maybe it is the caffeine, maybe it is old age kicking in.

Just for the record I am not ever going to become a coffee drinker… ever!

2. Name a food or drink that you think should never have graced this Earth.

I recently taught a unit about fermented foods. It has always fascinated me how someone looked at some food that had spoiled and smelled weird and then decided it would be good to eat. Most fermented foods in their natural state taste pretty awful eg, Kimchi and very young cheese. People must have been desperate for nourishment to go there with fermented vegetables. And yet here we are.

Cheese is the result of that weird process and an example of human ingenuity, persistence and probably some serious illness along the way. From it we got some of the most delectable things to grace a table.

Then someone decided to liquify it, colour it orange and put it in a can. Like What The Actual…. Cheese in a can is all kinds of wrong.

3. If you had to choose between licking chocolate from your partner’s genitals or taking tequila shots from their navel, which would you choose and why?

Mr Jones has a very nice cock. It is one of the reasons I married him. I would like chocolate from it any time he asked.

In fact I would lick chocolate from any nice cock if the owner asked nicely. What is not to like about that combination?

4. If you had to choose between having to eat one Brussels sprout every day or never having coffee again, which would you choose? Of course elaborate.

Referring to the above statement. I don’t drink coffee so this is a no-brainer for me. I don’t care if coffee never graces my palate ever. I don’t even like Tiramisu. Interestingly I discussed this question with my vegetarian friend and she rolled off a few brussels sprout cooking ideas that make eating brussels sprouts SOUND appealing. I am not convinced though.

5. Give us the recipe or at least the name of your favourite cocktail

I was never a cocktail drinker until recently. Then I met this man who is passionate about creating the perfect recipe for as many cocktails as possible. For a non-barman he is VERY knowledgeable and passionate. I have yet to sample all of his wares but I will highly recommend his Cosmopolitans

Bonus: Tell us about your current food fantasy, sexual or otherwise.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to live this fantasy in a bar at our regular swing club. I would very much like to do it again. I was hoping to arrange it soon but unfortunately… Covid…. If I had enough friends and didn’t have eleventy million other people living at my house maybe I could organise a private event. Sadly I will have to wait until an opportunity presents itself in the future.

Random Blow Job

I am not boasting but this happened to me recently. This post is part of The Oral Sex Project.

“I really feel like a blow job,”

“Hmm, well I can do that. I am actually pretty good at them.”

“All women say that. Most of them aren’t”

“Yeh well lots of guys say they are great at licking pussy but most of them aren’t”

He was a very pretty man. Out of my league.

I was unsure of how interested he was in me. He seemed interested but he was holding back. A couple came into the bar. After a quick glance he turned his back to them.

“I recognise that guy. He is either from my work, or a relative, or something,” The idea of being recognised in a swing club is disconcerting for everyone. I smiled a little at his discomfort.

“The chick is cute though,”

He turned back to look at her, “Definitely,” I could tell he was very interested. I wasn’t about to play second fiddle or be the girl trying to grab attention. I got up and went back to my husband.

For a while I watched him from afar. Then he walked up to us,

“So, are you interested in getting a room and seeing about this blow job?”

I hesitated briefly. I wasn’t here to service his needs. But he was pretty, and I did want to prove my point about being good at sucking cock. Plus, I had been on the receiving end of some very good pussy attention earlier. What goes around comes around sometime.

He noted my hesitation,

“If you aren’t interested that is fine,” he seemed a little abrupt. It made me hesitate more. He wandered away. I was philosophical about his departure. You win some you lose some. He was the one losing the blow job of his life.

A little while later as we wandered through the chill out space, we came across him sitting with two other couples on some comfy couches. It seemed like he was holding court, chatting with people relatively new to the scene about their motivation to investigate swinging. The group shuffled up and invited us to join.

We chatted for a while, the conversation was explicit and honest. We talked about our experiences, and our fantasies, what we wanted to get out of being swingers and what we had done. Some people joined our group and then left when it got too much. The pretty boy left for a while but came back. I guess we were the most interesting thing happening.

The woman who had been working in the bar stopped by our huddle,

“We are closing in half an hour,”

I was surprised. I hadn’t realised how long we had been sitting there. Jokingly I turned to the pretty boy,

“You better get your shit together if you want that blow job,”

He galvanised into action,

“Upstairs or downstairs?”

“Whatever, I need to pee first,”

When I came back from the bathroom, he was standing next to the couches, he signalled upstairs and I left my husband and the group, still in their conversation. I don’t know what they thought, I am sure they asked him how he felt about it, I am sure he felt like the cool kid saying he was fine and evolved.

We climbed the stairs and made our way into a freshly made up room. The lighting was dim, and the bed was covered in black sheets. He stripped quickly as I sat on the edge of the bed. His cock was as pretty as the rest of him, thick and proud. I opened my mouth and tasted him. He was clean and sweet. I opened my mouth wider and slid my lips further down his velvet shaft. It truly was a cock to worship.

He groaned in pleasure,

“You actually do like doing that,”

“Of course,” In that moment I was truly aware of my power. I remembered why I like doing this.

I tilted my head and looked into his eyes while I held his cock in my mouth. The only thing that would make this better would be him holding the back of my head. I slid my mouth down his shaft, making sure it was slick and wet so that it would slide easily. His breathing told me I was doing it right.

“You may need to lie down,”

“Definitely,” He sprawled on the bed. The black sheets and the dim blue lights framed him perfectly making a scene of beauty. Then I noticed the socks.

“Get those off,” I pointed at his feet,

“But they are my security blanket,” he protested.

“I don’t care,” Unintentionally the teacher voice was out

He didn’t protest any more, the socks joined the rest of his clothes.

I removed my top, just because I could, and kneeled between his legs to give my full attention to the glory that was his cock. I slid my mouth down his shaft taking as much of him into my mouth as I could. I love that part. I love the feeling of a cock that fills my mouth and still has some to spare. It is the most powerful thing. Underneath me he squirmed and groaned. Precum seeped onto my tongue. I lifted my head and trailed my lips over his transversus line before moving up to his chest. His fingers trailed over my nipples for a few moments but we weren’t here for him to pleasure my body. I returned to suck him before pulled himself upwards.

He leaned on the head of the bed with me between his feet. Truly if someone were to film this it would be an epic porno. I took his balls into my mouth holding them and moving them around.

“Oh my God, chicks never do this, you truly are good at this!”

I didn’t reply. I had proved my point. It was time to get serious. I gripped his cock and slid my lips downwards.

He removed my hand, “That is cheating,”

I let his instruction go to the keeper. I knew who was in control here. I looked into his eye as he slid his cock into my mouth. He surprised me by keeping control and not trying to choke me. He paused for a moment,

“What are the rules with cumming?”

“You are welcome to cum anywhere except on my face,” I smiled at him.

“You are truly a unique person,”

His cock slid between my lips. I concentrated on his feeling, savouring all of it, taking in the sound of his breath and the pleasure noises he was making. His cock slid easily over my tongue. It was the perfect size for my mouth. I could tell he was close, my body responded to his arousal, I wrapped my hand around his perfect hard arse holding him closer to my face.

His cum was sweet and salt and perfect. His cock throbbed against my tongue as it jetted the cream into my mouth.

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Morning After

Your cock on my neck

Your cock in my mouth. Sliding to the back of my throat.

Your mouth on my pussy. Teasing, exploring, sucking. Drinking all of my juice

Your cock in me. Filling me, pounding, sending me over the edge.

So much fucking.

All of it good.