Friday Flashback – Grug Loves Uma

It seems like reviewing and collating what I wrote for Erotic Adventures is never ending. Where did I get the energy to write all that stuff? Anyway here is a little gem that I found and thought I would share with you.

Grug sighed as he watched Uma carrying her basket full of roots and berries up the pathway to the cooking area. Her hair hung down in neat braids around her face and her fur wrap flicked provocatively across her thighs. As she got closer to him he looked down at the spear he was sharpening.
“Hello Grug.” Uma stopped for a moment standing above him. Grug didn’t want to look up, he knew her pussy would be right in front of his face.
“Hello Uma.” He mumbled into his beard.
“Are you planning to go out hunting tomorrow?” She asked sounding a little awestruck.
“Yes.” Grug could never manage more than two words at a time when he was with her.
“Well I hope you catch a nice big bison. I love bison meat.” Uma seemed extra friendly today.
“I will try.” Even though he always wished for her to stop and talk to him on the times when she did he found himself wishing she hadn’t.  Underneath his skin wrap his cock stirred.
“I will keep an eye out for you tomorrow afternoon. See you.” Uma hefted her basket back onto her head and proceeded up the path.
“Bye.” Grug looked up to watch her go. Her hips swayed under the weight of her basket and his erection grew harder.
Late the next afternoon Grug and his hunting companions returned carrying a huge male bison. There was jubilation around the camp as the women prepared to cook a feast of fresh bison meat for dinner. The men shared the story of their hunt with children and anyone who would listen. Grug was hailed as a hero who made the killing shot.
That night after everyone was full to bursting Uma found Grug sitting with his friends. Quietly she sat with the group making sure she was sitting close to Grug. Elated with his success and the back slapping from his friends Grug looked at Uma sitting nicely next to him. Did he imagine it or did her breasts seem to be larger tonight? It seemed as if the fur from her garment couldn’t cover them.
“It seems that Grug has caught more than a bison today!” Ogg slapped Grug on the back and their friends laughed. Grug flushed and looked down.
“You better go and see to her,” Brug chuckled. “Women don’t like to be kept waiting.”
The group laughed harder. Hanging his head in embarrassment Grug stood up and grabbed Uma’s arm harder than he meant to and pulled her off to his corner of the cave. Somehow as they stumbled a little in the darkness her fur slipped off her shoulder and her full round breasts bounced out.
“Oh dear,” Uma looked a little flushed. “I am sorry my dress is falling off.” She wriggled her hips and her dress fell down around her feet.
Grug stood looking at her. He felt his cock growing hard at the sight of those breasts and the dark furry triangle between her thighs. He noticed her eyes widen as she looked down at his wrap. He looked down at the bulge that his wrap couldn’t hide.
He didn’t know what came over him then but he pushed Uma down on the ground near where he slept. As she kneeled down and put her head on her arms her round bottom enticed him and he caught a glimpse of the pink opening between her legs. Amazingly she looked over her shoulder at him and said.
“I have wanted you for so long. If you hadn’t taken me tonight I think I would have dragged you off by the beard.”
Grug didn’t answer. He unclasped his wrap and let it fall revealing a massive erection. Uma’s eyes widened even more,
“I am going to enjoy this more than I thought. Fuck me hard RIGHT NOW!”
Happily Grug kneeled behind her sweet round ass and grabbed a handful of her braids in one hand. He sank his cock into her hot opening and fucked her hard. She moaned and screamed in pleasure making him fuck her harder and faster. He slapped her butt with his spare hand grunting in pleasure as he sank into her sweet wet depths.
Uma screamed out, “Harder, harder. You have such a big cock and it feels so good!” Her voice echoed around the walls of the cave. Grug came hard spurting wads of built up cum into her before spraying a little over her firm butt cheeks.
He leaned over her panting a little as he recovered before he stood up and put his wrap back on. Uma picked herself up and wiped his cum off her before she put her dress back on.
“So you want to move in?” Grug asked, trying to sound casual.
“Sure we can do that if you like?” Uma hoped that she sounded casual. She had had her eye on Grug for a long time and now that she had felt that big cock in her she had no intention of letting anyone else muscle in on him.
“Sounds like a plan then.” Grug turned and walked back to his friends by the fire.
“I’ll just get my stuff.” Uma walked away to where the women were sitting. When she was sure he wasn’t looking she did a little skip. 

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3 thoughts on “Friday Flashback – Grug Loves Uma”

  1. I love that you are sharing some of the older stuff, and I really need to start doing so too… polish some of those older stories and share them again 🙂
    Love this one!
    ~ Marie


    1. Thank you. I am enjoying going through it all. I am wishing I had some of the time I used to have back then.
      Maybe Wicked Wednesday should host a flashback page?


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