Homecoming Part 3 – Ghosts

It has been a while since I have added to this story. The characters became a little quiet, but for this week’s Wicked Wednesday their story continues. If you want to recap the story so far please use the Howard and Lily page for a chronological summary of the chapters I have posted so far.

Sun streamed through the window. Howard smiled as he looked down at Lily sleeping curled up beside him. Spending the last few days with her had been like a magic balm on his soul. He loved his job and the money was great but being away from Lily was hard. When flights were delayed or jobs ran behind schedule it was frustrating. He knew that she tried to hide it, but he could sense Lily’s frustration with the situation as well. Sometimes he worried that she would get tired of the whole thing and move on.

Lily stirred and her eyes opened. She looked up and smiled sleepily at Howard.

“I love waking up beside you.” Her voice was thick with sleep.

Howard smiled down into her face, “The pleasure is all mine,”

Lily squirmed against him as he leaned down and kissed her. His hand reached up and fondled her naked breast. Her breath sighed against the side of his face and his fingers gently twisted her nipple. The tender flesh hardened against his fingers. Their kiss deepened and Lily’s hands travelled down Howard’s back to grip his arse. She turned on to her back and guided him between her legs.

As always, he was ready for her. As always, he was surprised at how ready she was for him. His cock slid easily into her warm welcoming wetness. She wrapped her legs around him and smiled up into his face.

“I love feeling you inside me,” she whispered to him.

“I love feeling me inside you,” he replied.

Lily arched her hips towards him encouraging him to go deeper inside him. Howard leaned down and kissed her lips. His slow gentle thrusts increased, pushing deeper and harder into her warm wetness. Small moans from Lily’s mouth filled Howard’s ears and encouraged him to increase the speed of his thrusts.

“Baby I am cumming,” her voice spurred him harder. He felt the familiar pressure building in his groin as she thrashed and moaned under him. Her breasts heaved against his chest and his orgasm crashed over him. Hot cum shot out of him and filled her pussy. He held himself above her for as long as he could before gently lowering himself down onto the bed beside her.

They lay for a while, legs and arms tangled together as the sun streamed through the window. Howard was glad today was Sunday. Tomorrow he would be flying out again for two weeks initially, but experience told him that would inevitably change. Tomorrow night he would be back in his tiny room at the camp with all the other mine workers eating rubbish food and pretending they couldn’t hear their neighbours wanking.

“What would you like to do today?” Howard stroked her hair.

Lily stroked the tip of his nipple with her fingernail. He squirmed at the sensation and reached down to cup her breast. She grinned up at him.

“We could spend the day right here,” There was a little hope in his voice. Flying back to work tomorrow with the feeling of her body imprinted on his would make the last week spent with her last just that little bit extra special.

A look of frustration spread across Lily’s face.

“I would very much love that,” she said, avoiding his gaze


“Well Christopher is coming back from his Dad’s tonight and I have to get everything ready for the week.”

Guilt took over and Howard berated himself for being such a selfish arse. All this time he was feeling sorry for himself because he had this job that required him to live in such a weird, disjointed way. He had forgotten about women like Lily, single mothers whose lives were just as difficult. For the last week he had slept, eaten, fucked and sat naked on her couch without any thought of her life except nagging her to have a day off work so that she could be with him. Resolve took over.

“Right then!” he swung himself out of bed. “Let’s get started.”

Hurriedly Lily scrambled out of bed and began pulling on clothing, “It’s OK. I don’t need you to help me. You can stay here. I will make you a coffee.”

He grabbed her shoulders, “I am a grown up and a mechanic, I know how to work a washing machine and a vacuum.”

“But it isn’t your place and it isn’t your job.” She protested. Clearly uncomfortable at the thought of someone helping her with such mundane things.

“And it isn’t your job to feed me and clean up after me either.” Howard gestured around him, “but here you have been doing exactly that for the whole time I have been here. I am not one of those neanderthal types who expects the woman to do all the domestics while they sit on their arse.”

Lily wormed out of his grasp clearly not coping with this conversation. Howard was confused. His ex-wife had been very outspoken about this kind of thing and she would not have tolerated some of the things Lily had quite happily accommodated during this week. In fact, as he reflected, she had been so accommodating it wasn’t until right now he realised how much he had taken advantage of her this week. He thought about their earlier conversation about sex between herself and her ex-husband, Christopher’s dad. He realised that Lily’s ex-husband had very much kept her under his thumb. No wonder she was such a meek little thing.

“Well I am going to help you whether you like it or not.” Howard began to dress, “If two of us get into this stuff then it will be done early and then we can have some fun before Christopher gets back.”

Lily sighed, there was no faulting his logic.

The morning passed quickly. They cleaned her flat together and then ventured out to the shopping centre. It was a warm day and Lily was wearing a short summer dress that showed off her fantastic legs. Howard could not keep his hands off her. It seemed that the soft fabric was whispering to him, encouraging him to touch and try to lift the hem of her dress. They passed a lingerie shop,

“Let’s go in here,” Howard took her hand and walked towards the door.

Lily was flustered by his attention and hesitated. Some of the mannequins in the window were wearing outfits that looked a bit like the outfits that she had seen on the dancers at Jenna’s show night. Memories of that night filled Lily’s mind. Since then she had avoided Jenna at work and tried to forget the feelings that had been aroused. Standing outside this shop looking at the clothing it all came back. Her desire for women was as strong as before.

“We have to get groceries,” she protested half-heartedly.

An exasperated look crossed Howard’s face. “Are you serious? That will take 40 minutes tops. We have heaps of time. Plus, I want you to have something that I can fantasise about when I am at camp.”

The wicked glint in his eye convinced Lily. She allowed herself to be pulled into the store.

“So… What do you like?” They were standing at the entrance. In front of them seemed an endless choice of knickers, bras, slips and other satiny things. They moved forward together each of them caught up in their own thoughts for a moment.

Howard was torn, he had avoided stores like this since he had split with his ex – wife. Once he couldn’t keep out of them. The feel of shiny, silky fabric against his skin, had been like a compulsion for him. He had spent a large part of his marriage conflicted about his attraction to these garments. Hiding his fetish from everyone he worked with and bringing it out for a select few. The fear of being discovered caused him a great deal of stress.

Jenna couldn’t stop noticing garments she had seen other women wearing. The fabric of her own panties was damp and not from thoughts of Howard seeing her wearing them but from memories of women’s bodies; in particular one.

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