TMI is Back!!!!

After a hiatus of a couple of weeks TMI Tuesday is Back. I am very happy about this and I am sure there are others who will be equally as happy. This week’s theme is food and drink .

1. Name a food or drink you could never live without.

I never used to be a fan of tea but in the last year I have become a regular tea drinker. It has become an intrinsic part of my morning routine and I have even started having a second cup when I get to school (work) even though it is often only half drunk before I have to rush off somewhere to do something. Maybe it is the caffeine, maybe it is old age kicking in.

Just for the record I am not ever going to become a coffee drinker… ever!

2. Name a food or drink that you think should never have graced this Earth.

I recently taught a unit about fermented foods. It has always fascinated me how someone looked at some food that had spoiled and smelled weird and then decided it would be good to eat. Most fermented foods in their natural state taste pretty awful eg, Kimchi and very young cheese. People must have been desperate for nourishment to go there with fermented vegetables. And yet here we are.

Cheese is the result of that weird process and an example of human ingenuity, persistence and probably some serious illness along the way. From it we got some of the most delectable things to grace a table.

Then someone decided to liquify it, colour it orange and put it in a can. Like What The Actual…. Cheese in a can is all kinds of wrong.

3. If you had to choose between licking chocolate from your partner’s genitals or taking tequila shots from their navel, which would you choose and why?

Mr Jones has a very nice cock. It is one of the reasons I married him. I would like chocolate from it any time he asked.

In fact I would lick chocolate from any nice cock if the owner asked nicely. What is not to like about that combination?

4. If you had to choose between having to eat one Brussels sprout every day or never having coffee again, which would you choose? Of course elaborate.

Referring to the above statement. I don’t drink coffee so this is a no-brainer for me. I don’t care if coffee never graces my palate ever. I don’t even like Tiramisu. Interestingly I discussed this question with my vegetarian friend and she rolled off a few brussels sprout cooking ideas that make eating brussels sprouts SOUND appealing. I am not convinced though.

5. Give us the recipe or at least the name of your favourite cocktail

I was never a cocktail drinker until recently. Then I met this man who is passionate about creating the perfect recipe for as many cocktails as possible. For a non-barman he is VERY knowledgeable and passionate. I have yet to sample all of his wares but I will highly recommend his Cosmopolitans

Bonus: Tell us about your current food fantasy, sexual or otherwise.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to live this fantasy in a bar at our regular swing club. I would very much like to do it again. I was hoping to arrange it soon but unfortunately… Covid…. If I had enough friends and didn’t have eleventy million other people living at my house maybe I could organise a private event. Sadly I will have to wait until an opportunity presents itself in the future.

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2 thoughts on “TMI is Back!!!!”

  1. 2. Yes, cheese-making is an weird thing. Ugh…cheese in can is just so wrong. lol lol

    3. Ohh Gemma *big grin*

    4. Caramelized Brussels sprouts with onions…yum! Do it.

    5. “…I have yet to sample all of his wares..” *giggle*

    Really nice photo. Your candles are hot. 😉

    – H

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