My Awesome Husband

When you have small children it can feel like you have no privacy. Your children permeate every part of your life. Sometimes it feels as if you have no time to yourself, even to have a shower or go to the toilet. Sex feels as if it will never be the same. Even after the children are in bed you always have an ear out listening for signs of issues. It becomes subconscious.

I used to think that once my children were adults my sex life would be my own again. That I would be able to walk around my house naked when it suited me and have sex when and how I wanted.

How wrong was I?

Mr Jones and I have been swinging for over ten years. When we first started swinging our children were small. For the most part they went to bed early and 99% of the time they stayed there. Occasionally they didn’t. We would sometimes entertain guests. When they arrived we would have dinner and everything would be very vanilla. Until the children went to bed.

99% of the time things were very sexy. Very occasionally we would be interrupted by a child but those occasions were very rare. As is the case most of the time they didn’t really understand what they saw and there was no harm. As the years went by things changed. The kids didn’t go to bed so early, they were more aware of what was going on. Things became more complicated. For several years we became less active. Not because of the way the children were changing. Or perhaps it was part of it.

These days we live with a 20 year old and an 18 year old and two 85 year olds. Sex is definitely something everyone is aware of. There is definitely no sex on the couch, or the kitchen bench or anywhere outside of the bedroom. Nudity is limited and having play visits is pretty much out of the question. When Pet and I were dating we solved the problem by hiring hotel rooms for the night. But this becomes expensive and a little awkward.

Mr Jones is an ingenious person. He has come up with a solution to this situation that does not involve regular visits to hotels. In the loft of a building that we own he has build a hideaway. We are fortunate in two ways. Firstly that we own a building that has some spare space. The bulk of the building is taken up by a tenant for his business. But at the back on a mezzanine floor is a space that used to be used to store his and our junk.

A couple of weekends of dirty hot work and some trips to the tip later and there was some sense of reasonableness happening. Then my husband worked his magic. Now there are walls, a door and furniture. All of it courtesy of Mr Jones! It truly is extraordinary! What is even more extraordinary is that it is mostly for my benefit. While Mr Jones is part of some of the sessions I have these days he is less active than me. To date he has only visited with me once.

So now I have a secret sex lair. Let the fun times begin!

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Wife, swinger, blogger. An ordinary woman living life one day at a time dealing with the complications of moonlighting as a sex goddess.

5 thoughts on “My Awesome Husband”

  1. This is awesome! You know, it’s good you made the best of those small children years. Those are the toughest… Too many people competing for too little time and energy. Particularly for wives. We are alone now and have the whole house to ourselves along with a hot tub we bought in April. Miss the kids being little, having a while lot more fun these days… As always, great post and love the new room!


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