TMI Tuesday – All about the Ride

1. What car do you remember your parents owning when you were a child? Do you have any special memories attached to it?

I only vaguely remember this but my parents owned a Leyland P76. It was bone couloured like this one.

I don’t really know if they bought it because they thought they needed a big car or if it was my father’s last hurrah before descending into sensible cars. I was very young but I do remember the seats being vinyl and burning your arse on a hot day.

2. How important are cars to you? Could you live without one?

Currently parked in various garages, sheds and driveways of our house are no less than six cars. Most of them get driven regularly. To be fair there are currently six people with open driver’s licences, soon to be seven, so that many cars is not unreasonable. The plan is to reduce this number to five in the medium term but in all honesty the only way it will be reduced is when some people move out – adult children; or die – parents in law.

Could I live without my own car? Probably not. We live in the outer suburbs. It is a long way to anywhere and public transport is sketchy. We do try to carpool as much as we can but ultimately not having access to a vehicle will result in an inability to do everyday things like go to work and visit the doctor (a regular thing here because… old people.)

3. In April 2019, Elon Musk predicted that owners of autonomous cars acting as taxis would be able to earn up to $30 000 from their vehicle while they weren’t using it. What do you think?. The link for the source article is here

This article has tickled Mr Jones’ fancy. He LOVES the idea of ALL of his assets earning him an income. His dream car is also a Tesla. Personally I don’t think it will happen in our lifetime. But then I didn’t think I would be seeing a plague in the twenty first century either.

4. Tell us about your dream car.

Despite being the author of these questions cars have never really been super important to me other than a means of transport. I have developed a bit of a thing for muscle cars as I get older. There is something so fucking sexy about a V8. Maybe it is the frequency of the sound the engine makes.

5. Tell us about the worst car you ever owned. What made it so bad?

I have never owned a car that could be fully described as a lemon. I guess I have been lucky. Currently Mr Jones is driving an Isuzu DMax ute. It is probably my least favourite car. The list of reasons why I don’t like it is not massive but it includes being low on power, uncomfortable back seats and a centre console that makes giving Mr Jones head while he is driving awkward. A problem I didn’t have in the predecessor of the DMax.

Bonus: Tell us about your most memorable sexual experience in a car.

When I was a young thing I dated a slightly older man who educated me in a lot of things sexual. He didn’t earn the badge of taking my virginity but in all honesty he was probably the man who set me on the trajectory of being the sexually open and goddess like creature you are witnessing today.

One of the things he explained to me was how he liked to receive a head job. I put into practice his teachings with my first ever head job in the back of his car at a Dusk to Dawn event at a Drive in cinema. Apparently I was a natural. The relationship was not destined to last. His loss I guess.

This post is part of this week’s TMI Tuesday. Please click here to check out some other inciteful and sexy people.

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